Why you should avoid tight underwear?

Do you know that testes function at a very lower temperature compared to that of the entire body? After this, check your testes and see if this condition is maintained. If not, help yourself before it is too late. Wait , I know that you are trying to imitate that hip-up artiste who normally appears on your TV set exposing a tummy to reveal a tight undie behind his saggy pants. But the truth is that he appears so only during the making of his musical video. Listen stop killing yourself because you want to imitate others. See: Between 36-370c sperm production stops. This can lead too low sperm count. When men sleep or rest without underwear, the genital receive enough air and disperse its temperature. When this is achieved the circulatory system functions with ease. Nobody says you shouldn’t put your underwear, but research says you should avoid tight ones, wear boxer. Now answer this. Why is it that your genital hangs loosely and outside your body? Why suffocating it with tight underwear? As a man, your underwear increases the temperature around your genital. This leads to sweating. The sweat in turn is restricted from evaporating, resulting to low sperm production. So it is advised that you remove even your boxer before going to bed. Avoid tight underwear.

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