Pain killers can kill your sex drive

Can pain killers really lead to low sex drive and infertility? Find out now.

Why pain killers kill your sex

Is this true? Can taking too many pain killers or antidepressant drugs kill your sex drive and lessen your sperm count? Find out the truth now!

Why pain killers kill your sex?

Scientists discovered a negative effect of pain killers on sexual desire and power of men. Such statement was made by Dr. Arikawe Adeolu from Abuja Federal Medical Center. Excessive intake of these drugs can cause your body to produce more of prolactin.

pain killers kill your sex

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This is a hormone produced by women when they lactate, and breast feeds their kids. It is generated by the brain pituitary gland. The highest levels of prolactin are found in the bodies of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

On one hand it boosts milk production and on the other hand, it suppresses sexual drive. What is more, it can lead to low sperm count in men. Eventually, too much of the painkiller intake kills your sexuality and leads to infertility!

 pain killers

A similar effect is caused by various antidepressants, which boost the serotonin hormone level in the body. Yes, serotonin is the happiness hormone, but it also lowers the sexual drive in men.

Men who use these drugs may become unable to attain a good erection or ejaculation. While women may not be able to come and may experience excessive dryness in their lady parts.

So, when you think of taking a pain killer the next time, think twice!

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