Phone addiction: how to stop it

Can phone addiction ruin your life? Find out how to get rid of it.

These days people just fall in love with their smart gadgets. And this love often leads to phone addiction. Like any other addiction, it ruins people’s lives. So, how does one get rid of it?

How to get rid of phone addiction

How to get rid of phone addiction?

People do ridiculous things. They eat with their gadgets in hands, study and work with them and even use them while having sex in bed! It is unbelievable how phones get power over their people. If the phone owns you instead of you owning it, learn these methods to combat the addiction.

phone addiction?

  1. Humans only zone and time
    There should be a space in your house, where no phones are allowed. For instance, keep your bedroom clean of the gadgets. Once you enter there, you leave your phone outside. And create the phone free time, too. There should be an hour or more during your day when you turn off the phone and stay alone or with your family and friends. Ask them to do the same and create humans only space and time.
  2. The start of the day
    As soon as you wake up, do not take up the phone. At least the first half an hour of your day should be free from this device. Spend this time focused on your thoughts, your emotions, and your body. Do not let the phone to rub you of a great start of the day

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    How to get rid phone addiction
  3. Talk to people
    Just talk to people instead of chatting with them or doing phone conversations. No social media connection can stand in the place of real life friendship. So, when you talk to people or date someone, put away your phone. Do not let it block your real life conversations.

As you see, phone addiction is real, but it can be gotten under control. It may sound funny, but in reality, this addiction can ruin your life as alcoholism or others do. So, take it seriously and find help.


Good evening everyone on this web-site! Very interesting and very relevant issue today, especially for young people! It is necessary to think over phone addiction! Today it is compared to the drug, since a large part of the population, especially the youth, not even for a moment imagine life without a mobile phone and the internet! It is necessary to think about the negative consequences that will follow over time in society !!!!So take care of yourself and your health !!!! Telephone addiction - a disease of the 21st century!

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