Plus-size yoga: Check out the amazing abilities of a human body

Plus-Size Yoga. How to start? How to lose weight with pleasure? Top tips for people over 100kg. You’ll find all the instructions and examples here right now!

Plus-size people

Plus-size people who have an overweight, often have to give up sports because it is very difficult. This is due to the fact that during sporting loads the heartbeat quickens and blood pressure is increased. Also exercises exert considerable stress on the joints.

But you shouldn’t despair on this matter. For those who cannot afford to engage in physical activity, there are other ways to solve the problem of excess weight. One such way is yoga for obese people or plus-size yoga - it allows you to strengthen your muscles and lose weight (in combination with other methods).

Yoga for plus-size people

Yoga for plus-size

Yoga is different from the exercises, first of all, because it allows to burn fat without increased heart rate and a large load on the respiratory and cardiovascular system. However, implementation of such a position of the body in yoga like asana requires a certain amount of energy. If you perform the exercises in yoga properly, you can feel a burning sensation in the muscles.

When the performance of asanas begins you should focus on the possibilities of your body. If any asana brings discomfort or other pain, it should not be implemented right now. It can be left for another time when you are more prepared. During the execution of asanas you need to control your body consciously; this awareness will come with time, after a certain amount of training.

Yoga for fat

Yoga for fat people provides certain features while performing asanas. Outwardly, their implementation seems easy enough, but not so simple. To perform even the simplest asana, you need to work hard. Therefore, it is not really recommended to start training on your own; better if an experienced coach helps you - so you can quickly learn how to perform the asanas. In addition, the improperly performed asanas can damage joints and spine - in fact, they get a large part of the load.

In addition, not all of the asanas can be performed by fat people, there are those that are prohibited at all, such as ‘plow pose’. The fact is that during the execution of this asana   large enough weight can pin down thyroid. Yoga classes are focused on the sensations. This concentration gives the best effect. Do not be afraid to start doing yoga! Very soon you will see results that will delight you.

Plus size yoga example

Plus size yoga example

An Instagram star Valerie Shogun loves yoga. And hundred kilograms does not interfere her.

She is 28. She lives in San Jose (USA) and has been practicing yoga for four years. Photos and videos from the trainings are regularly put in her social networks, and as it turned out, people are crazy about her magnificent forms, smart stretch, vitality and... funny plus size yoga pants!

With no fear to be discussed she puts enough frankly Instagram photos showing a several layers of fat, hanging on the sides.

Valerie Shogun

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Valerie became a yoga fan four years ago. She says:

‘With my classes I want to inspire people like me - lush, chubby, huge - the ‘plus size’ ones to try yoga – she says on her page on the Internet. - Through training, I fell in love with my body, get rid of doubts and learned to enjoy life.

She does not want to torture herself with diets, however she eats two bowls of cereal for breakfast every day, a huge sandwich with pork for dinner, two servings of pasta with meat cutlets for dinner and a dessert is often chocolate.

youga teacher

‘With my classes I want to inspire people like me to go to yoga classes’, - she says.

Now Valerie has more than 80 thousand subscribers. They are happy to see her in the pictures showing sexy yoga. People are interested in how she manages to ‘stand’ in such challenging poses with the big weight, so they ask her for advice. She is even thinking to become a trainer of yoga, to help all who wish to find harmony with the body and soul.

However, sports experts doubt that the American was able to learn all of the exercises, having a weight per hundredweight. Most likely that when she was a child, she was involved in gymnastics, and then gained weight. Either by nature she is unique in the flexibility of the joints and ligaments.

yoga girl

‘The girl, of course, can have the same excess weight and continue to train in the same spirit, but after a while she can get the health problems’ - says a leading fitness trainer. – ‘For example, an average sumo wrestlers’ weigh is 120 kilograms (and there happens more than 200 kg), they are very popular and respected in Japan, of course, trained well. But live only 40-50 years. The overweight bodies ruins much faster.

As for yoga, if a person is not prepared, many poses can be fatal to the spine, tendons and ligaments. So Valerie must not become an example for other people who do not have a genetic (or gained in childhood) flexibility. If any woman with her weight tries something similar to portray, then even after six months of training it will not work! But she can get the trauma easily.

But what if you want to go in for sports. You dream to create your own blog and show that overweight is not a problem to you – than this information will be priceless for you.

So how to play sports with weight more than 100 kilograms:

yoga couple

1. Consult a dietitian.

To begin the exercise, it is better to lose some weight before, because obesity leads to heart, joint and spine problems. People with obesity may get sudden bleeding, back shoots, heart attacks – and the only way is to call ‘ambulance’.

2. Consult with a competent gymnastics coach

3. Start the workout sessions in the water.

Nigerian Railway Corporation

The pool can reduce stress on the joints. For example, try aqua aerobics.

But what if you choose yoga? What tips should you follow to get the best result and not to get trauma?  You want to practice yoga, but shy of excess weight? Breathe deeply, relax and follow 6 simple rules yoga for fat ones, which will help you feel comfortable.

Yoga for plus-size people. 6 Tips not to feel uncomfortable.

yoga lesson

1. Get into a small group.

If there will be 20 people on the lesson, the teacher will hardly be able to pay you enough attention. Before you sign up for a lesson, be sure to specify the number of participants. The optimal number of practitioners is up to 7-8 people. In this case, the teacher will be able to keep track of each student, and you will not find that you are abandoned to your fate. And at the same time find out how the exercise is built up. If the whole group of the team at the same time performs a specific set of asanas - it is not too great. You will feel much more comfortable if the teacher gives each participant individual recommendations. This is important not only to yoga for fat people, but for all beginners.

2. Choose wisely School of Yoga.

School of Yoga

There are many areas of yoga, thanks to this the eastern practices have so many fans: among the different styles one can choose something for himself. Ashtanga and Iyengar are usually more dynamic practice - on these lessons, you will spend more energy, but they can be difficult. The representatives of Kundalini more often work with energy, and the classical hatha yoga provides a set of simple asanas, which nevertheless perfectly normalize metabolism and help get rid of complex because of shape imperfections.

3. Before the lesson talk to the teacher.

Right yogi is calm and friendly. Just tell the teacher that you feel uncomfortable and not sure you can master the program. Ask the suitability of these yoga classes to fat people. A good teacher will probably calm you down and the lesson will have lightweight versions of asanas, which certainly will be suitable for any newcomer. Also, ask to recommend the daily program for home occupations. Yoga is a regular practice, and if you have at least a half hour practice at home every day, you will soon outstrip all those who practice only in the group. If, however, the teacher is not very attentive and treats you not too tactfully, look for another group. The personality of the teacher is one of the key moments in yoga, and if you do not like the person, you are unlikely to attend classes often.

4. Get comfortable plus-size clothes.

plus-size sport

What does it mean ‘comfortable clothes for yoga’? Firstly, it should not constrain any motion. Secondly, it hides (or at least does not emphasize) the problem areas, because of which you are most concerned about. Thirdly, it fits your size best. During the class you will perform inverted postures, lift the legs, stand on your head, lean over. Try to move around the house freely and see how your clothes behave. If when you tilt the singlet rises and bares sides, look for a different style.

5. Exhale and relax.

practising yoga

Yoga is the perfect way to build a reasonable relationship with your own appearance, to normalize metabolism and clear the mind. Treat yoga not just as a physical activity, but learn to look at a variety of events more relaxed. Worries about how you look in the class - it's just a manifestation of the ego, which certainly complicates your life. Make a conscious effort and discard the alarm at least during the lesson time, concentrate on the lesson, live ‘here and now’. If you are lucky, you will learn how to deal with the different events outside the yoga studio. You will not have to get stressed, you will learn how to move smoothly and confidently, normal weight will come by itself.

6. Pay Attention To The Advantages.

sit asanas

‘What advantages can I get?’ - You ask. And here they are. Firstly, the weight does not play any role in yoga. This is not a marathon, and not sport dancing. Even if you are physically difficult to deal with it, a competent teacher will always select the simple basic asanas for you, to get you started. In yoga there are exercises which are suitable for fat people. Second, fat people are often more flexible than thin. Why? It is the mystery of nature. Thirdly, performing difficult asanas, you spend more energy than the slender yoga, and therefore lose weight faster. Yoga as a means for weight loss is often recommended for obese women. Finally, you are much more convenient to perform ‘sit’ asanas, because you have a beautiful soft ass.

Try starting with these simple yoga exercises for obese women - video will help you to understand details.

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