Relaxed hair: How to take care about our locks correctly?

Why it is necessary to choose right shampoo for your hair? What products are the best for health of hair? Read the article to learn the best tips, which will help you to get hair of your dream.

relaxed hair before and after

Actually, it is simple to create a beautiful hair. It is enough only to follow several rules. Hair consists of protein, and if you want to have a relaxed hair, you should eat healthy food and have a healthy lifestyle. However, it is not the only rules. In this article, we will open small secrets which will help you to surprise with relaxed hair before and after.

Relaxed hair products

  • It is necessary to wash hair carefully and use only high-quality shampoo. It is considered that because of frequent washing natural water-in-oil balance of head skin is getting worse, and hair becomes dry. Therefore, try to wash head once in two days. Some people do this procedure only twice a week.
  • Use the shampoo, which don't contain sulfates or parabens. Sulfates are chemical compounds thanks to which shampoo foams, and parabens promote its long-term storage, but at the same time, can cause irritation and become the reason of damage of eyes in case of long-term use. These substances negatively influence your hair. Look for shampoos made of natural components.

Relaxed hair products

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  • It is important to know what type of hair you have and to select shampoo corresponding to it. There is no universal magic remedy, but there is shampoo that will be suitable for your hair.
  • Owners of hard and curly hair definitely will like effect, which mitigating nutritious shampoo has.
  • Those who suffer with high fat, content of hair shampoo, which is specially intended for frequent washing, will become the best option. As a rule, such shampoos are more careful than the others. They clear hair and head skin.
  • For painted, stretched or other hair, which was exposed to chemical processing, the shampoo enriched with amino acids is necessary. Any chemical handling damages structure of hair, and amino acids, in turn, promote its recovery.
  • Shampoos with increased content of glycerin and collagen, promoting effective moistening, will be good option for dry hair.

Relaxed hair health combing

Relaxed hair health combing

Don't comb hair too often. It can seem strange, but distinctive feature of owners of tremendous hair is their certain hostility to hairbrushes. Combing and excessive impact on head skin leads to a number of problems: hair loss and split ends of hairs. If you comb your hair each 5 minutes, hair won't begin grow quicker and even counter wise.

Relaxed hair drying

Give preference to natural drying. Having left a shower, carefully blot hair with a towel. Don't pound them this towel, otherwise hair will become dim and fragile.

Try not to use hair dryer. As a rule, thermal influence negatively effects on health of hair. Heat destroys structure of hair. Especially it concerns influence of hot air from the hair dryer. Therefore, if you use it, try to do it not more often than once a week and at the lowest possible temperature.

Relaxed hair drying

Relaxed hair care

Take the rule always to use conditioner after shampoo, especially if your hair is very damaged or over-dried. Find time for a nutritious mask at least once a week. There are two options: you can buy a mask in shop or drugstore or you can do a few efforts and make it yourself.

Relaxed hairstyles

  • Have hair cut regularly. You can even do it independently! Just take scissors. Remember that it is necessary to cut about 0.5 cm above the place of bifurcation of tips. As a rule, it is necessary to cut hair each 6-8 weeks.
  • Try to set hair naturally. It isn't so harmful to hair. Setting won't cause a strong loss to condition of your hair, but if to do it regularly, hair will really suffer.
  • Avoid chemical influence.
  • Don't use elastic bands for hair. They spoil structure of it.

Relaxed hairstyles

Relaxed hair regimen

  • Eat properly, thereby supplying the hair with necessary vitamins and minerals. As we already know, hair consists of protein. Be convinced that your ration is well balanced and contains enough low-fat meat and fish, grain, fruits and vegetables. Healthy food, undoubtedly, will change your hair for better.
  • Be convinced that your organism receives vitamin C (strengthens hair), zinc (promotes healing and restoration of a human body) and of course fat acids – omega-3 (promotes healthy hair).
  • You shouldn't expect instant effect. Healthy nutrition will hardly strongly change appearance of your hair within days or weeks, but you will be pleasantly surprised in the future.
  • Don't be nervous. Physical and psychological stress doesn't allow your hair to realize their potential. The stress leads to hair loss so don't allow it to destroy your beauty. Find the way of disposal of negative. Try to practice yoga, ride a bike or meditate.

Relaxed hair blogs

Nowadays there is a lot of information in the Internet. For example, there are many beauty blogs in YouTube. If you want to find any additional fact, watch it and enjoy your appearance.

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