Sexy belly: 5 best tips to get it

Wish to be sexy? Learn how to keep your belly sexy and what to do to stay hot.

Women always try to do their best to look hot and attractive. They wish to please men and keep their attention. And having a sexy belly is one of the things on the check list. Nowadays, most men consider flat tummy to be sexy. In the Western culture ladies try to work out much to make their tummies look like those of guys. It is not the beauty standard for Nigeria. Surely, you do not want the flabby belly, but you do not also want a man-like one.

Sexy belly

How to get sexy belly

Well, it is not only or so much about the belly exercises aimed to shed some belly fat. There are other things you can do to keep your belly sexy and hot. Here is a list of top 5 tips for sexy tummy.

  1. Eat well
    Belly fat is a harmful one. Usually it is not gotten just on the outside of your belly forming that flabby bump. It accumulates on your inner organs, too. And the amount of it is greatly determined by what you eat. If you eat too much of highly processed fat (margarine in particular) or carbs, you belly starts growing fast.
    To shed some of the belly fat you need to balance up your diet. You do not have not starve yourself to death or limit the amounts of food. Just eat more veggies and fruit instead of baked things and fatty dishes.
    Sexy belly for nigerian

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  2. Exercise your hips
    Doing belly exercises would not help you lose much of the belly fat and get a flat tummy. You actively lose belly fat and get sexy tummy when you work out your big muscles, such as thighs. They burn more calories and produce better results in losing weight even on your belly.
    Sexy belly: 5 best tips to get it  
  3. Use belly creams
    Sexy belly is not just about its shape. The color and quality of your skin matters much. You need to keep it young looking, smooth and stretch mark free. How do you do that? By using some moisturizing and nourishing cream on regular bases. Face is not the only part of your body that requires constant care.
    Belly care can be cheap. You may use some of the palm oil or coconut oil (or butter) to treat your skin there. Apply it regularly to your belly to keep away the stretch marks and wrinkles.
    Sexy belly: 5 best tips
  4. Sexy belly button rings
    These are not very popular in Nigeria for now, but they surely are sexy and hot. You should not consider inserting them on your own. Contact a specialist who can do it professionally. A button ring looks sexy in feminine and flat belly.
    Sexy belly best tips to get it
  5. Belly dance
    This type of oriental dance is not only sexy, but it can keep your female organs healthy. You can just find few lessons of the free belly dance on YouTube and do them at home. This way you can learn to use your belly during intercourse in a hot manner and train it to look hot at all times.
    Sexy belly how to get it

As you can see, there are some fun and simple solutions for having flat and hot tummy in Nigeria. Follow them and enjoy yourself. 


Anyway, if you want to lose weight and keep that body form permanently, you should focus on fat burning not just on losing weight. Weight isn't the main problem. I suggest to visit this site, it gave me some good tips.


Answered 1 year ago.

What I try to do a sexy belly with the press, a beautiful form, but nothing happens. It seems to be constantly engaged in sports, I eat right, but it still does not come out. Probably try to go for the belly dancing courses can then things go better. Soon the summer, and on the beach want to look decent, or even be the most attractive of all the others girls. I will work hard and will achieve the desired result. By the way, a good idea to work out in the gym with a trainer, he has to plan everything properly.

Answered 1 year ago.
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