Signs of stress in Nigeria: what are they?

What are the unusual signs of stress and why you should pay attention? Learn the answers now.

Signs of stress in Nigerian

There are lots of things to be stressed out about in Nigeria. The naira ups and downs, the economic state of the country and all those kidnappings and killings, as well political instability makes people depressed and anxious. What are the odd signs of stress most Nigerians miss?

Stress signs Nigerian miss:

Stress is not manifested in hysterics or nervousness only. It has many symptoms and people rarely related them to stress or depression. That’s why they are not getting the adequate help for them. If you have these, pay attention and get a medical checkup:


  • Jaw pain
    Can it possibly be related to stress or caused by it? Well, it can. If you are constantly stressed out, you tend to press your jaws too tight together and even grind your teeth. That’s where the pain comes from. Your muscles are constantly strained. Most people never related the jaw pain with stress. If you have it, pay attention.
  • The loss of hair
    If you take proper care of your hair and you are not old, you might be losing it due to stress.
  • Eating sugar
    Feeling an urge to eat something sweet? Again, that might be one of the signs of stress. Your body may find it as a way to relive stress or get more energy for coping with it.

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    Signs of stress
  • Itching or rashes on the skin
    If you got them, they may not be necessarily caused by infection. Redness or itchy skin is one of the signs of stress. Skin is your largest organ and that’s how it reacts.
  • Nightmares
    Your body and your mind need a way of getting out the negative emotions. If you do not let yourself to live them down in the real life, the brain does it in the virtual reality of your dreams.

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