Skip breakfast: why you should never do it?

7 reasons not to skip breakfast. Number 5 is amazing!


Some people are in such a hurry in the mornings that they do not take the time to eat their first meal of the day. These reasons will convince you why you do badly when you skip breakfast.

Why skipping breakfast is bad for your body?

These ideas teach us that the first meal of the day is important, indeed. These will help you to stay healthy.

1. Keep your heart healthy

You can actually cut the risks of developing various heart conditions by 27 percent if you just eat breakfasts daily! It’s much cheaper than buying medicines and paying doctors to fix you!
 heart healthy

2. Keep the weight down

Skipping breakfast is much easier than skipping a dinner. That’s why people think it’s a smart way to lose weight. But it’s not. It works just the other way around. You slow down your metabolism if you do not provide food in the morning. And thus you burn fewer calories during the day. Plus, you turn the starvation mode in your body, and it starts saving and accumulating any calorie it can get. So, instead of shedding pounds, you start gaining them.

3. Prevent diabetes

Scientists have discovered a link between developing this deadly disease and the habit of skipping breakfast. If you have that first meal, it becomes easier for your body to control the food intake during the day and you stop overrating. You also naturally reduce your sweets’ craving. So, eat your breakfast and help your body to stay well.
Prevent diabetes

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4. Stop eating junk

If you eat some meat in the morning, you easily stop consuming junk food during the day. Science has proved it. So, if you are fighting to reduce all those sweet or fatty snacks, stop fighting and stop skipping your breakfast.

5. Stay energized

Feel fatigue? Get quickly tired? Do not skip the breakfast. Eat some slow crabs and meat to sustain your energy supply during the whole day.
 Stay energized

6. Be smarter

Mental alertness is one of the consequences of eating a healthy breakfast. Include some seeds and nuts, as well as some black chocolate into your diets and outsmart them all.

7. Stay active

 Unless you fuel up your body, you cannot stay very active during the day. Overeating is bad, but eating not enough is not good either.
 Stay active

These 7 reasons prove: you should never skip breakfast and eat healthy from the start till the end of the day!

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