South Africa will start trials of vaccine against HIV this year

Have you heard of the latest HIV vaccine news? It looks like African people have a chance to get rid of the epidemic! Find out more about it here!

HIV vaccine

There might be a new hope for the African people. The government of the South Africa finally decided to start the HIV vaccine human trials.

The previous results of a testing proved themselves encouraging so the group of doctors are ready to introduce HIV vaccine that might be able to stop the epidemic.

The whole continent is affected right now so it’s very important to stop it until it gets further. There are few millions of people sick right now which is definitely not the good news. 

The first HIV vaccine trials were held last year, in 2015. Right now a lot of Nigerians are hoping for the vaccine to work so that the catastrophe can finally be stopped.

HIV vaccine trials 2016

It took almost a year to test the medicine for safety. It’s usually a very complicated task because the scientists and doctors have to be sure that it’s not going to do any harm to people.

Last week the results were finally publically announced during the medical conference in South Africa.

HIV vaccine

There were hundreds of people who voluntarily agreed to take part in the trials by joining one of the two experimenting groups. After a while vaccine proved itself not dangerous.

During the conference that took place last week doctors discussed their ideas about the further trials and explained how the previous tests were made. They seemed quite optimistic about it.

In scientific words, they checked the T-cell and the behaviour of the antibody when it entered the organism.

There were also other things that the scientists took a close look at and all of them turned out to be completely safe for the human body. That’s why it’s possible to start testing it on others.

Scientists warn that it will also take time before the vaccine is available for more people. Right now the whole trial is yet to launch.

The vaccine is supposed to work by making your immune system more resistible to the infections.

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The scientists said that there were cases registered when the vaccine actually helped some infected people to recover. Their immune system became stronger and the general condition improved too.

HIV Vaccine news

There are different types of the HIV though. Some types of vaccines are able only to fight against a certain type of virus.

However, scientists think that this vaccine that they are about to test can be helpful for any kind of HIV.

Even though no one can give a hundred percent guarantee people still got a new hope to fight this horrible sickness.

Since the first trials the vaccine has been improved which makes it more possible for the patients to get a proper treatment.

The trials will be first launched in South Africa but later it will be done on the rest of the continent too.

According to the forecasts, the first tests will start not sooner than November. The doctors think that it will probably take at least 3 years before most of the people on the continent are vaccinated.

HIV vaccine

After the first trials in Thailand were done, the vaccine proved itself 60% effective. However, after a few years the level of it decreased to 30%. And even so, it was already a great progress.

With the improved vaccine scientists have opportunity to keep the result on the same level.

In order to make progress in the future scientists obviously need to have a corresponding license and enough financial support including new modern equipment.

So if the trials in November are successful it will give them more opportunities to get deeper in the issue of HIV and AIDS.

Even though the progress is really huge there is still no way to absolutely get rid of such a disease as AIDS. However, the researchers don’t give up. It might take a little bit longer but there is always hope.

But even the vaccine that stimulates the work of your immune system is able to increase the lifetime of an infected person significantly.

According to the annual record, Nigeria is one of the most dangerous countries in the world in terms of HIV infected people. It’s ranked among the most infected countries in Africa too.

HIV vaccine

There are millions of people who have AIDS in Nigeria.

The other very important issue is that not everyone is aware of the existence of such a disease. People don’t use protection and have no idea what consequences they would have to meet afterwards.

Only 50% of the infected know that they have this virus which is pretty scary too.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation

This company is an organization that helps people to diagnose and prevent HIV for free. It doesn’t make any money out of it but they care that the population stays healthy and aware of the dangers.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation works in dozens of countries and helps everyone in need. They have their office in Nigeria too.

It allows people to make free HIV tests and provides them with the necessary information about protection and abstinence. Their purpose is to decrease the amount of sick people in the world.

Their campaign is also supported by the other world-famous organizations that help people recover from serious sicknesses. The Nigerian government fully supports this idea.


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