The cranberry myth, or how not to prevent urinary tract infection?

Can you really cure urinary tract infection by eating cranberries or drinking the juice? Learn the answer now

The cranberry myth

UTI is a very unpleasant disorder that manifests itself by frequent and painful urination, fever and bloody or deem urine. What is worse – urinary tract infection can happen almost with everyone when their immunity is down. And if you get UTI, it is not so easy to recover.

For a long time it has been supposed that cranberries help to avoid UTI and cure it. But the official medicine still doesn’t advice its patients to use cranberries as a medication. There are at least 3 reasons to keep this up. And the first and the most important is that…

The real facts about cranberry and UTI

1. All the investigations show different results

Some of the scientists are sure in cranberries’ efficiency. They say: yes, if you drink cranberry juice every day, you have less of a shot getting urinary tract infection. Others assure that just women that already are at risk of getting UTI can make it lower with cranberry juice, capsules or berries. Still many scientists do not believe in cranberries at all, because the experiment with cranberry capsules and placebo showed: there is no difference between using any of these things. And that is not the only fact to get skeptical about UTI and cranberries’ connection.

 prevent urinary tract infection

2. If cranberries cure urinary tract infection, how do they work?

The first theory was that when you eat many cranberries, your urine becomes more acidic and the infection cannot live in such an environment. But then this hypothesis took second place and some other theories appeared. One of them says, for example, that if you consume cranberries, your urinary tract gets a protective covering that prevents the infection, and the other suggests that certain agents change the bacteria, and it cannot get into the urinary tract anymore.

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3. Risks

On the other hand, there are also problems that appear when you eat cranberries regularly in vast numbers. A great acidity of cranberries can bring about diarrhea, upset stomach etc. The oxalates in berries’ composition can cause oxalate stones. Also do not consume cranberries with blood-thinning medicines, as you can just start bleeding.

 urinary tract infection

The last reason to take the idea of curing by cranberries away is money. When doctor gives you a recipe, it is supposed that medicines he advised, even if they are expensive, should work, but no one guarantees that time and money you leverage into the cranberry will be pay off later.

Although there is no hard evidence that cranberries can cure urinary tract infection, there still is sense to eat them if you like the taste (or because they are useful in other ways). But do not believe them to be the best cure of UTI. If you notice any symptoms of UTI, visit your doctor at first. He will make a right diagnosis and advice what medicine should be taken to get you well.

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