Vagina yeast infection: what are the causes and cures?

What is vagina yeast infection and how it can be treated? Find out now.

Many a time ladies suffer from various sensitive problems in their private parts. Such problems as itching, pain or bad smell can be caused by vagina yeast infection. Let’s find out more about its causes and cures.

vagina yeast infection

What is genital yeast infection?

This type of infection is also called candidiasis as it is caused by the Candida yeast. It is a type of fungus that can live in the female private parts. Some yeast there is ok, but not too much. You get the infection, when fungus boosts its growth tempo.

Vagina yeast infection symptoms

vagina yeast infection symptoms

It is not hard to detect vagina yeast infection. You may experience such things in your private parts as:

  • Rash
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Excessive discharge
  • Burning
  • Pain during the sexual intercourse

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Vagina yeast infection treatment

vagina yeast infection treatment

The good news is that this infection is treatable. However, you need to pay a visit for your pelvic check up and let the doctor diagnose the problem. Usually it is treated with antibiotics, as the yeast is a tiny living thing, a microorganism in your body.

At times one intake of such drug as Diflucan is enough to get rid of the problem. In other cases a three day course is needed to deal away with it and other drugs are used for curing it.

How to prevent vagina yeast infection?

Our body is a complicated eco system. So, keeping it healthy as a whole helps to keep your private parts healthy, too. Here is what you do to prevent the infection in vagina:

vagina yeast infection prevention

  • Do not overuse soap
    Ideally you should never wash your private parts with regular soap. It breaks down the balance and kills some good bacteria. This leads to the excessive growth of yeast.
  • Use only special genital soap
    This soap helps to maintain the balance and keeps your vagina healthy.
  • Eat well
    You should have a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Do not overuse antibiotics
    Improper use of these drugs lead to creating insensibility to them in the fungus and it grows with nothing to stop it.
  • Do not wear tight underwear
    It hurts your vagina and promotes the growth of yeast.

Untreated vagina yeast infection can cause much trouble for your health and life. So, diagnose and treat it timely and do everything you can to avoid developing it.


almost all women have encountered yeast infection — look at any women's forum. Often ask about the symptoms of thrush, you want to see photos of yeast infection in women want to know the causes of yeast infection in women, are interested in drugs for the treatment of thrush and treatment folk remedies how to treat yeast infection at home. The most important question — how to put an end to the dairy maids in women.

note — yeast is not a sexually transmitted disease, although the possible transmission of a sexually transmitted infection, its name it received because of the cheesy discharge. The medical name for thrush is candidiasis because it is caused by a fungus candida. It is always present in the body — on the skin, definitely in the intestine, but frequently in women's vagina. The development of thrush contribute to a change in the balance of hormones during pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives, if the vaginal environment from moderately acidic to alkaline change in which the fungus grows rapidly. This contributes to diabetes. The cause of yeast infection in women can be a weakened immune system, sexual transmission, some antibiotics. It turned out that women with retsedivy of yeast infection there is also a tendency to allergies to candida. And if thrush is not treated by the usual method, retidiviruet, then in addition to the gynecologist need an allergist — perhaps the cause of yeast infection is allergic reaction and need to use antihistamines.

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