Weak erection: what are the best methods to boost it?

Can you always have strong erection and do something about the weak one? Learn the 5 top remedies.

Weak erection

Many men face with this unpleasant problem. It shatters their self-esteem and may even lead to the full inability to perform in bed. So, what causes weak erection and what can you do about it?

Weak erection causes:

The causes are many, let’s list a few of them.

  • Too much masturbationman weak erection
    When men use porn or their fantasies to get the erection when masturbating, they may have a hard time getting it with a real woman.
  • Heart problem
    Heart’s health directly relates to the quality of the erection you get. It is the pump that supplies the blood into your manhood. Keep your heart healthy and avoid erection problems! It’s that easy.
  • Obesity
    Gaining extra pounds, you add work for your heart. It has to supply all these additional fat tissues (quite useless) with the blood. Consequently, it gets “lesser attention” to your most vital organ.
  • Bad habits
    Smoking or drinking kills your erection. Many men do not believe it, as it does not happen overnight. But the adverse effects build up in your body and eventually turn you into a loser in bed.

There are many other conditions that lead to the weak erection, but they all require serious diagnosing and medical help. But you can do something about the lifestyle causes of weak erection.

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Best remedies for weak erection:

  1. Healthy eating erection
    Remember, keep your heart healthy. Eat sea fish, lean meat, tons of veggies and fruit along with nuts and seeds. Most of these foods are deemed to be “female”. Those are the ladies’ foods from the male point of view. But that is not true. A healthy diet is what your penis needs to have a strong erection!
  2. Do not use the porn
    Porn quickly causes addiction. After a while, you become so focused on it that you have problems having sex with real women.
  3. Reduce the amount of stress
    When you get stressed out, your body produces much of cortisol, the stress hormone. It narrows down your blood vessels, and less blood is coming into your penis.
  4. Exercise
    Staying fit and active keeps all of your organs healthy and well-functioning, including the manhood.
  5. Pelvic muscles
    Train your pelvic muscles by doing Kegel exercises. These muscles directly impact your ability to perform well in bed.

These five tips would help you to preserve and maintain sexual health and strong erection.

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