Weight loss tips: What are the most delicious diet food and drinks?

What to eat to lose weight? What are the most delicious diet food and drinks? Read this article and make your body slim!

Dreaming about losing some pounds? Our top 15 of the most delicious, healthy and what is more important diet foods and drinks will certainly help you! Believe us, it is possible to eat healthy and tasty at the same time!

1.    Leafy greens

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Leafy greens include kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards and some others. These products are perfect for a weight loss diet. They are loaded with fiber, but low in calories and carbohydrates.

Eating leafy greens is the best way to increase the volume of your meals, without increasing the calories. It is known that food with a low energy density make people eat fewer calories overall.

Leafy greens are also high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They include a lot of calcium which helps to burn fat!

2.    Salmon and seafood

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Salmon will keep you full for a long time with little calories. Oily fish like salmon is incredibly healthy.

Salmon is loaded with high-quality protein, healthy fats and also contains all sorts of important nutrients. Fish and seafood in general supplies a significant amount of iodine. This nutrient is important to keep the metabolism running optimally.

Salmon is also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. It reduces inflammation. Mackerel, trout, sardines, herring and other types of oily fish are also excellent.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

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Almost all vegetables can help you to lose weight.  They are high in fiber and tend to be incredibly fulfilling. However, we talk about cruciferous vegetables since these types of veggies also tend to contain decent amounts of protein. They include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

A combination of protein, fiber, and low energy density makes cruciferous vegetables the perfect foods to include in your meals if you need to lose weight.

They are also highly nutritious and contain cancer-fighting substances.

4. Beans and Legumes

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Such products as lentils, black beans, kidney beans and some others are beneficial for weight loss. They are high in protein and fiber. In addition, they contain some resistant starch.

Remember that you need to prepare beans and legumes properly.

5. Avocados

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In comparison to other fruits, avocados are loaded with healthy fats. It makes them a unique type of fruit. They are particularly high in monounsaturated oleic acid, the same type of fat found in olive oil. They also contain many fiber and potassium.

Despite being mostly fat, they also contain a lot of water, so they aren’t as energy dense as you may think.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is incredibly popular in the natural health community. Talking about weight loss, then it is studied that vinegar is for people who are trying to lose weight.

Taking vinegar at the same time as a high-carb meal can increase feelings of fullness and make people eat 200-275fewer calories for the rest of the day. Vinegar has also been shown to reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, which may lead to all sorts of beneficial effects on health in the long term.

7. Nuts

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Nuts are an excellent snack, containing balanced amounts of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Eating nuts can improve metabolic health and even cause weight loss. Population studies have also shown that people who eat nuts tend to be healthier, and leaner, than the people who don’t.

Just make sure not to go overboard, as they are still pretty high in calories. If you tend to binge and eat massive amounts of nuts, then it may be best to avoid them.

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 8.Some Whole Grains

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There are some type of grains that are definitely healthy. This includes some non-gluten, whole grains that are loaded with fiber and contain a decent amount of protein as well. The best examples include oats, brown rice and quinoa.

Oats are loaded with beta-glucans, soluble fibers,  that have been shown to increase satiety and improve metabolic health. Rice, both brown and white, can also contain significant amounts of resistant starch, especially if cooked and then allowed to cool afterward.

Keep in mind that refined grains are a disaster, and sometimes foods that have “whole grains” on the label are highly processed junk foods that are both harmful and fattening.

9. Fruit

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Of course, fruit is the best food for your healthy diet.  Studies have proven that people who eat many fruits and vegetables are healthier that those who don’t. Even though they contain sugar, they have a low energy density and take a while to chew. Plus, the fiber helps prevent the sugar from being released too quickly into the bloodstream.

Overall, fruits can be an effective and tasty  addition to a weight loss diet.

10. Grapefruit

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One fruit that deserves to be highlighted is grapefruit. There were many studies about its effects on weight control. For example, in one of them 91 obese individuals took part. They ate half a fresh grapefruit before meals. As a result, it caused weight loss of 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) over a period of 12 weeks.

The grapefruit group also had reductions in insulin resistance, a metabolic abnormality that is implicated in various chronic diseases.

11. Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds thought to be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Chia seeds a low-carb food, and one of the best sources of fiber in the world.

It is proven that chia seeds can help reduce appetite. It is obvious that chia seeds could be a useful part of a weight loss diet.

12. Water

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Water is the best drink to help you loose extra pounds! Just drink at least 2-3 liters of pure water every day. It may seem hard, but if you do that, you will see the result immediately. Also, you should eat foods that contain a lot of water, like fruits and veggies. Make the strategy work for you by adding more of these in-season fruits and veggies—each is at least 90% water—to your meals.

13.Dark chocolate

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We have good news for chocolate lovers!A nibble of dark chocolate will slow digestion, so you can feel full longer and eat less.

Dark chocolate contains many healthy fats, which burn calories faster.

14. Cheese

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Fresh goat cheese and feta contain a fatty acid that helps you feel full and burn more fat. Look for cheeses labeled "grass-fed," as those will have the highest content of this healthy fat.

15. Spinach

This green is rich in iron, folic acid, and vitamin K. It also contains disease-fighting antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C. Also it is full on such element as phytochemical lutein. It protects eyes against age-related macular degeneration. You can cook salads and smoothies with spinach.

If you know any other foods which help to lose weight, share in comments!


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