What are benefits of coconut milk?

What do you know about coconut milk benefits? Do you use it in everyday life? Read the article to add coconut milk in your life.


We often talk about gifts of nature. Benefits which we obtain from original products are widely spoken about.

Some vegetable oils have a beneficial effect as for external and for internal use. Today we touch upon coconut milk benefits.

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Coconut milk benefits

Coconut milk is a product with versatile and unique properties.

Let's find out what are coconut milk benefits for the human health. How is it better to use and how to cook at home.


Coconut milk: interesting facts, history, and composition

Coconut milk is native to foreign countries of the East.

"Santana" is referred to as beverage in Indonesia and Malaysia, coconut milk is also called "Gata."

How does coconut milk look like?

In fact, coconut milk represents a milky white sweet liquid.

It is produced from the ripe fruit flesh of the coconut.

To cook coconut milk coconut flesh is mixed with water.

Do not mix coconut milk with coconut juice/water which is the natural liquid extracted from the nut itself.

Coconut milk is of various degrees of density: less dense has a watery consistency and like regular milk and milk with high-fat content is very reminiscent of cream.


 Coconut milk structure

The composition of coconut milk is rich in vitamins A, B, D and C. 6% milk contains carbohydrates, 4% protein and a whopping 27% from fats.

That's why it is delicious, but also is quite nutritious. So it is not recommended to drink pure.

Coconut milk caloric content.

The energy value of coconut milk is 230 calories per 100 g.

Coconut milk is often compared to cow's milk, people with lactose intolerance are suggested to replace it with coconut milk.

And this is for good reason because despite its fatness the coconut milk is fully absorbed, and oils in its composition hardly contribute to weight gain.

Instead of the presence of cholesterol which is characteristic of animal milk, coconut contains fiber – vegetable fibers for natural cleansing of the body.

coconut milk

Coconut milk and benefits.

Unlike the primary nutrient in cow's milk – calcium, coconut milk combines a vitamin-mineral complex.

There is copper, necessary for the proper biochemical reactions in the organism systems, and a powerful fighter against various viruses, lauric acid, and even antibiotic substances that contribute to intestinal health.

Also, coconut milk is recommended in the complex treatment of gastritis, chronic fatigue and lowered immunity.

Coconut milk benefits in cooking.

Coconut milk is extremely popular in Asian cuisine.

Eastern cuisine abounds with recipes for this exotic product. It is actual that coconut milk is actively used not only in desserts and sweet beverages to impart a pleasant velvety taste and creamy flavor but also in soups and other dishes.

Coconut milk has become a real hallmark of bright Thai cuisine.

Here it is added to the basis of most national dishes, in particular, Asian curry and rice. Why not mention fantastic coconut milk healthy drinks?

It is interesting, at high temperature the coconut milk retains its texture and does not clot. It can be added to stewing vegetables, meat, and poultry. It also goes well with seafood.

Vegetarians and raw foodists also estimate all the wonderful properties of coconut milk and successfully use it in their particular dishes.

To enrich their diet with a lot of nutrients, you can also use low-fat coconut milk in almost all recipes that require cows or other animal milk.

coconut milk

Coconut milk benefits for hair and skin.

In folk recipes, beauty coconut milk is the elixir for dry aging skin. It is added in small quantities to creams and lotions.  Thus, coconut milk can moisturize and tone the skin of any age.

Due to the presence of the product preservatives, coconut milk is good to cleanse oily and problematic skin (this milk can be applied on a cotton pad and apply as a toner after cleansing, or as a means for removing makeup).

It is also worth noting the coconut milk therapeutic benefits for hair: used in place of a balm/conditioner, it moisturizes the scalp and the hair gives ease and incredible flavor.

Coconut milk homemade.

In fact, to prepare coconut milk at home is very easy.

For this, you will need one fresh coconut (dry coconut flakes), a half cup of hot boiled water, blender or grater and a piece of cheesecloth for squeezing.

In a large bowl crush the peeled flesh of the coconut, fill it with water and leave for about 40 minutes.

After this time, take the cheesecloth and squeeze the coconut shavings. Coconut milk is ready!

Store it is not more than five days at a temperature of 5-8 degrees.

You can always buy for these purposes, real organic coconut chips

coconut milk

Coconut milk healthy or bad?

Of the main arguments against this lovely drink is to provide the following:

Coconut milk can cause the allergic reaction when fructose intolerance is present. So, sensitive to this substance people need to be careful with using coconut milk as food.

Being quite an exotic product, coconut milk is rare; it 's hard to buy fresh and save all useful properties of the drink.

In our supermarkets are mainly canned coconut milk, the composition of which may be toxic. So try to choose only fresh and quality product with little shelf life.

So we took apart a primary what you should know about this wonderful gift of nature – coconut milk. And you are already familiar with it in practice? Do you know what coconut milk are benefits?

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