What are best tips on how to remove dark spots on face?

Do you have skin problems but you are not sure how to deal with it? This article will help you learn how to make your skin beautiful again!

dark spots

Nowadays barely anybody has a perfect skin. The problem of dark spots on face isn’t very uncommon. And while others are struggling, you’d better learn how to fight with it without extra stress.

Dark spots on skin

As you become older your skin becomes harder to control. The annoying skin problems including wrinkles and darks spots can make you look like a totally different person.

Moreover, young people have to deal with this problem too. There is no doubt that you should try to overcome it and there are certainly ways to do it.

Some women don’t pay enough attention to it. They think that if they put some makeup on, they will conceal all the dark spots and wrinkles. It is partially true, but concealing won’t make them disappear forever.

What is more, this way of fighting with a problem is not suitable for men, who also suffer from dark spots. That’s why it’s necessary to learn how to fight the problem itself, not its consequences.

Why do we get dark spots?

It’s really important that we realize where the problem comes from in order to treat in right. First of all, think about your skin type. If you feel it hard to stay under the sun for a long time, you are more exposed than the others.

That’s why you should always protect your skin.

dark spots

If you don’t, you are more likely to have your face skin damaged. You may not see the results of it right away. It might take years before the dark spots become obvious.

Moreover, older women are more likely to have this problem even though the younger generation is familiar with it too.

We all know that it’s impossible to hide from the sun in Nigeria but what we can do is use the creams and foundations to protect ourselves.

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However, if you already have dark spots, you can get rid of them without buying expensive medicines!

Dark spots treatment

Every person needs to take care of themselves. That’s why as soon as you notice the appearance of dark spots or other skin defects, you should act immediately.

Even though we live in the 21st century when you can find anything in the pharmacies and beauty salons, you can still use dark spots home remedy.

How to remove dark spots

dark spots

1. The first and the best - Lemon Juice

This method is very easy and therefore, suitable for absolutely everyone. You don’t need to buy any special foods and spend money on expensive medicines. Everyone can afford to buy a lemon.

It is a very natural way to fight with your dark spots because of the vitamin C that can be found in this fruit.  Moreover, the procedure is not time-consuming at all.

All you have to do is drip a little bit of juice on the wadding and spread it on all affected areas. Wait for a few minutes until the skin is absolutely dry. After that you can wash it off.

If you want to get a better result and get rid of the dark spots forever, you’d better repeat the procedure daily. It will take you 5 minutes a day and the result will be totally worth it.

If your skin is too sensitive, there is always an option to mix the juice with water so that the lemon concentration is not that high. What is more, lime can be used as an alternative way to fight dark spots on your face.

Watch out for your eyes though!

2. Buttermilk is a great option too!

If you didn’t like the lemon juice method, this one might be perfect for you. Using buttermilk to treat the dark spots is absolutely painless and it doesn’t require that much time.

You have to make a special mix for the treatment of your skin defects. The main ingredients are obviously buttermilk and tomato juice in proportion 2:1. After you put this mixture on your face, wait for about fifteen minutes and wash it off.

If you don’t feel like buying buttermilk specially for those purposes, you can use normal milk. It has almost the same effect. After the mixture with tomato juice is ready, you have to put it on your face and wait.

dark spots

This method is a kind of a mask that will moisturize your skin too. Try to do this procedure as often as possible – at least two times a day. If you do it that often, you will see the results in one month.

Moreover, honey can be an alternative for tomato juice.

3. Oatmeal – not only healthy breakfast

If you are trying to eat healthy there will always be a pack of oatmeal in your drawer. Therefore, you can use some of it to make a special mask that will make all the dark spots go away.

There is special pasta that you have to make. What you have to do is take ½ cup of oats and mix it with lemon juice. It won’t take you that much time as you only have to wait for a few minutes until the skin is totally dry.

If you don’t want to wash it off with your hands, use something else as it’s not that important.

The good side of this method is that it saves your time. However, make sure that you don’t forget to do it at least several times a week.

4. Potato is your best friend here too!

There are different ways you can use this resourceful vegetable. Mix it with honey and put a mask on your face. If you are too lazy to do it, use a plain potato. Place the slices on the affected areas.

All those methods surely work but you have to be dedicated to get rid of all dark spots!

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