What are bitter kola health benefits?

Did it come to your mind that bitter kola has lots of positive effects for your body and health? Read the article and inquire about bitter kola extract – its influence for the diabetes and weight loss.

Kola nuts

Kola nut homeland is a tropical country, mainly West Africa, which now grows on the island of Sri Lanka and in other regions with a hot and humid climate. Wood, giving the unique nuts, grows up to 20 meters high.

The recommended daily amount of kola nut is consumption of 2-3 nuts.

Useful properties of kola nuts were discovered lots of centuries ago. Drinking kola crushed powder allowed the French military men to move through the mountains without interruption and fatigue for more than 10 hours.


Nutritional composition of these nuts is represented with a small amount of healthy fats, fiber and protein. Tonic effect cola fruits have achieved by the content of caffeine and theobromine. The combination of these substances is a source of additional energy efficiency and enhancing of brain activity. Due to this, the crushed kola nut is often an ingredient in a variety of energy bars and drinks intended for people exposed to intense physical stress - athletes, hikers, climbers.

The main peculiarity is that the plant fruits contain 3 times more caffeine than coffee beans do. They have a star shape. Each of them contains about a dozen of rose smelling seeds - these are the cola nuts. Initially, the seeds seem to be bitter, but gradually you get used to the taste. In addition, they can refresh the breath.

Modern man consumes the products that contain the extract of such nut. These are mainly non-alcoholic beverages. At the beginning of the XIX century pharmacist John Pemberton mixed the extract of coca cola and sugar, then added sparkling water and some other ingredients. Thus was born the famous drink "Coca-Cola". But in 1904 in the US it was forbidden to add to the soft drink extracts of Peruvian coca leaves, so the original recipe is no longer used.

Tasty and healthy

The nutritional value of kola nuts

The chemical composition of the kola seeds are like guarana, coffee beans and tea leaves. They contain 2-3.5% of caffeine, as well as two other well-known stimulators - theobromine (1.0-2.5%) and theophylline.

The nuts also have carcinogen N-nitroso.That is why in Nigeria, where chewing kola is a part of many rituals, was recorded an abnormally high incidence of cancer of the mouth and gastrointestinal tract.

Traditional medicine of tropical countries have long used a nut to suppress appetite, as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant, as well as for the treatment of disorders of the stomach, to combat morning sickness, migraine headaches and a feeling of intoxication.

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However, the standard Western medicine still has a big doubt relating to some useful properties of cola nut and confirmed only some of them.

Scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of the product containing caffeine to reduce the pressure, rheumatism and hepatitis, congestive heart failure (typical for the elderly), sexually transmitted diseases, urinary system infections.

Bitter kola

Walnut extract is a natural diuretic and bronchodilator (relieves spasms during an asthma attack). The crushed seeds or powder of cola can also be used for making homemade liqueurs. For therapeutic purposes, you should take an infusion of 2 ml, 3 times a day.

The walnut extract, as well as its powder and drinks based on it accelerated the production of acid in the stomach, thus contributing to the rapid digestion of food.

Recent studies have shown that the kola nut is useful in the treatment of functional diarrhea. In some African tribes, for more than a thousand years they chew a piece of the nut before each meal to improve digestion.

Losing weight

Caffeine as a part of kola nut helps to curb appetite and improves digestion, which ultimately leads to weight loss. It speeds up the metabolism, the body is charged with energy for the longer term. Overeating is excluded.

Great powder

Research on animals, the results of which were published in the first issue of the "Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences" (2009), showed a reduction of appetite and body weight in rats which were regulary fed with the extract of kola nuts.

Studies have shown that this nut extract is effective in treating migraine. Because caffeine is a product able to relieve even such severe pain, which a woman experiences during childbirth.

The antimicrobial properties of walnut extract inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause dangerous diseases, including tuberculosis and meningitis.

In order to cure Prostate Cancer cola nuts contain plant compounds that cause the death of cancer cells of the prostate gland.

The stimulation of the nervous system

Just one tablespoon of crushed walnut cola added to a cup of black coffee, starts the process of saving the nervous and muscular energy. This is a good herbal antidepressant, not highly addictive. Walnut extract is also used in combination with low doses of ephedrine for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The damage from the kola nut and possible side effects:

  • dyspepsia: heartburn, nausea and vomiting due to excessive production of stomach acids;
  • insomnia due to stimulation of the nervous system;
  • elevated blood pressure, including hypertensive patients who are sensitive to products containing caffeine;
  • shaking hands with regular consumption - another sign of an unstable nervous system.

Make use of them

Like many other nuts, cola can cause allergic reactions. Common symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nasal congestion and runny nose, itching and irritation in the mouth, difficulty of breathing and heart palpitations, in severe cases, anaphylactic shock.

People with heart disease, stroke survivors suffering from increased anxiety and insomnia, should not eat kola nut and other products with caffeine. The ban also applies to pregnant women and patients taking antidepressants.

Kola nut is widely used in the confectionery sphere, it is involved in many kinds of pastries, chocolates, and they are used both fresh and dried.

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