What are bitter kola nut benefits and side effects?

What do you know of the advantages of eating bitter kola nut and how can it help improve your health conditions? Let’s see what specialists say about it.

bitter kola nut

The best medicine ever known is the one we have “au naturel”. What I mean by this is that there are numerous foods in nature that when eaten on regular basis can improve your health state and make you feel much better.

Among such fruits are those that you can grow in your garden if you live in a house or on a window ceiling in your apartment. This food is affordable and 100% natural. Therefore, changing your diet by adding more healthy food in it can influence your overall health.

The same truth refers to the bitter kola nut. Sure, you cannot grow it on your window ceiling, but you can easily get some and improve your health conditions with it. What is a bitter kola nut? It is a small nut, usually  4 cm in length. This nut has the same shape as a regular peanut. However, it is way more beneficial to your health. It can be found in the rain forests in the west of the African continent.

bitter kola nut tree

Its use has been already known for a long time. Even long time ago witch doctors used kola nuts to treat numerous diseases. And still specialists claim that these nuts are essential to certain people in Nigeria. However, doctors emphasize that one should not be eating bitter kola nut without previous consultation with one’s doctor despite its numerous benefits, as it can also have side effects.

In case want to conduct a research on your own about a bitter kola nut, you can also search for “Garcinia kola” as this is its scientific name. There are also different names for the nut given to it by different groups in Nigeria: Orogbo in Yoruba, Miji-goro by Hausas and Akiilu by Igbos.

The benefits of the bitter kola nut are many. The first one is that it improves lung function. Even the witch doctors knew that. It is not known how they came to using it in cases of colds and coughs, but it is known that such a decision turned out to be a great one that saved many lives.

The further study on the matter showed that this nut, namely its extract, has an amazing antioxidant effect which helps a person conquer the disease. Even the tests on mice proved that approximately four weeks treatment helped mice with respiratory problems.

bitter kola nut benefits

Moreover, the second benefit of using bitter kola nut is that it reduces chances of glaucoma. When a person experiences eye pressure, specialists recommend him/her special eye drops with 0.5 per cent of kola nut extract in them.

The results of the tests on usage of these eye drops in the laboratory of Lagos University Teaching Hospital showed that even less than one per cent of kola nut extract can be enough to help reduce person’s eye pressure which, in its turn, if not treated timely can result in glaucoma.

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The third benefit of the bitter kola nut is that it can be helpful in treating malaria. When researchers found out that traditional medicine used bitter kola nuts when treating malaria, they got interested in the choice of the nut. However, as the experiments showed, traditional doctors knew what they were doing as such a treatment really helped.

bitter kola nut side effects

As a more detailed study showed there is a special chemical in the bitter kola nut that prevents malaria cells from dividing and spreading.

The fourth known benefit of consuming bitter kola nuts might be of great interest to men. As specialists claim, those of them that experience difficulties in their sexual activity,in other words have impotence, can improve the situation by eating bitter kola nuts on regular basis.

The benefit of eating bitter kola nuts number 5 is that it can help healing the arthritis. Arthritis being a very painful experience can be prevented and even healed if a person eats enough bitter kola nuts. Arthritis is characterized by inflammation and pain in joints which leads to limited ability to move as well as early aging and obesity.

However, it can be prevented by eating enough bitter kola nuts that can stop inflammation as well as pain in the joints.

bitter kola nut side effects pregnancy

Finally, the last known benefit of consuming bitter kola nuts is that it can be useful to people having HIV and AIDS. Since bitter kola nut is rich in antibiotic components as well anti-inflammatory ones, it can be useful to those who have HIV and AIDS.

However, despite numerous benefits of using the bitter kola nuts, there is a number of it side affects you should know about. If you consider starting consuming bitter kola nut, beware that it is very rich in caffeine which can lead to insomnia and restlessness.

Moreover, people that eat too much kola nuts are likely to have mouth or gastric cancer. Increased amount of kola nut consumed can lead to anxiety, nervousness, irregular heartbeats, etc. If you experience any of these side effects make sure to cut on bitter kola nut consumption. However, do it step by step in order to avoid dramatic changes that can also be unsafe to your body.

If speaking about bitter kola nuts eaten during pregnancy, doctors believe that it is safe unless eaten in excessive amount. For instance, a pregnant woman can consume not more than 200 mg of coffee per day. Therefore, she should be very careful when eating bitter kola nuts in order to stay within the limits. Moreover, too much caffeine in the blood can result in miscarriage or early delivery. So be careful with the bitter kola nuts!

bitter kola nut side effects diabetes

The same concerns breast-feeding women. Since caffeine they consume is passed into her breast milk, she should be very careful when eating kola nuts, as it can lead to baby’s insomnia, irritability and increased bowel activity. So please consult your doctor before starting eating bitter kola nuts during the period of breast0feeding.

Another thing worth mentioning about bitter kola nut is that it can be unsafe to consume kola nuts for people with diabetes. It is known that caffeine influences the way sugar is processed in our blood. Therefore, doctors recommend those who have diabetes being very careful with caffeine-consuming beverages as well as nuts like bitter kola ones in order not to worsen the situation.

Therefore, if you have diabetes of any kind, please make sure to consult your doctor before eating bitter kola nuts.

bitter kola nut side effects ebola

The other fact that should be noted about the bitter kola nuts is that it can cure Ebola virus. Professor Maurice Iwu in one of his speeches at 16th International Botanical Congress in St Louis mentioned that there are studies conducted to find out whether bitter kola nuts can really be helpful in treatment of Ebola fever which has been deadly condition.

Such his statement was based on numerous studies of the nut and the effect it has on infections. This might be of great interest in the view of the fact that Ebola virus originated from the same rain forest where the bitter kola nut tree grows. Therefore, the cure for the deadly infection might come from the same place as the infection itself.

Meanwhile, the properties and benefits of bitter kola nut are still studied, consider those already known and use the nut in considerate amount after a consultation of your physician. And stay healthy!


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