What are bitter melon tea benefits?

Do you know what benefits the bitter melon tea can bring? How can you use it to improve your health condition? When is it useful? You can find the answer here.

bitter melon tea benefits

Bitter melon is a real treasure for all of us. It contains a massive amount of beneficial ingredients that can boost your immune system, prevent various unfortunate medical conditions and make you resistible to winter colds.

What are the benefits of bitter melon tea?

  • Bitter melon tea and diabetes

Drinking this kind of tea is beneficial to your health especially if you have diabetes. The scholars state that this tea can lower the sugar in one’s blood. And not just lower it. The statistics show that people that have it even in small portions on a daily basis can reduce the sugar level by 30 percent. However, considering this effect on human’s body, doctors also warn people to careful when having this tea. The low levels of sugar in the blood can be as bad as the high ones. So, you need to stay within limits, and therefore, consult your physician before you start using this tea as a home remedy.

  • Bitter melon tea and winter colds

Among the rest of the benefits of the bitter melon is its ability to fight off infections especially during seasons when colds are waiting for you on every corner. It helps you boost your immune system and can prevent you from catching colds when everyone else around you are sneezing and coughing.

bitter melon leaf tea benefits

  • Bitter melon tea and acne

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, this kind of tea can help you overcome acne. For it, people say that you can either drink it and let it work from the inside or wash your face with it to increase the positive effect it has on your skin. You should investigate this statement first, and see whether no side effects of such procedures ca be. But from what we know this tea is helpful in cases of acne.

  • Bitter melon tea benefits and cancer prevention

Being packed with beneficial ingredients, bitter melon is often used for cancer prevention. The study has shown that the extract of this plant killed many cells of cancer. It stimulates the death of cells with cancerogenic potential on the earliest stages and prevents them from developing into something bigger and more dangerous.

bitter melon tea recipe

  • Bitter melon tea helps lose weight

Official data has shown that this kind of tea can help you lose weight. It is especially effective when combined with regular physical exercise. These two things help release a particular enzyme that transports sugar to the cells. That is why have some tea and do sports to get rid of the fat you are very fond of.

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  • Bitter melon tea is beneficial to your liver functioning

Another perfect thing about bitter melon is that it helps to stabilize or improve your liver functioning. In fact, it cleanses it thanks to its antioxidant properties. As a result, your liver will function properly.

Now, as you know how important it is for you to have some bitter melon tea once in a while, let’s see what recipes you can use to prepare it.

bitter melon health benefits blood pressure

Recipes of bitter melon tea

  • Take some dried slices of bitter melon. Put at least six of these slices in a cup and pour hot water. Let it infuse for a couple of minutes, and then enjoy your tea. However, remember that before drinking it, you need to consult your physician about the portions.
  • You can do the same as described above but add other spices to your cup for a better effect. When searching for additional components remember that this tea has nutty, rich flavor, so opt for something light and not too strong.

You can always get a bitter melon tea in bags in the nearest market. This tea is grown in Asia in significant quantities. So, you will have no problems spotting it. If you would like to experience any of its benefits, try having a small cup of this tea on a daily basis. Stay healthy!

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