What are burning eye causes and methods of treatment?

Do your eyes burn? Do you know how you can treat it? Read this article to find out what can cause the discomfort in your eyes and how to solve this problem.

burning eye

You might have your eyes burning for several reasons. Sometimes the burning eye cause is just some dust that got in your eye but it can get more serious than that.

Moreover, the pain you feel might also vary from light to really heavy. That’s why it’s very important to know why my eyes burn.

Most of the times it’s something going on in the environment that might make you feel discomfort. Sometimes the weather conditions such as heavy winds or drought will also make your eyes hurt.

But if you don’t know for sure, you need to consider talking to your doctor who will examine you.

It’s also important that you are aware of the burning eye treatment in case there are no doctors around to help you.

Causes of Burning Eyes

Not all the situations when you have your eye burning mean that you are in danger. Sometimes it’s very easy to understand where the source of pain is coming from.

For instance, if the shampoo or shower gel got in your eye, it’s obviously the reason why it’s burning. Other common reasons for this problem can be your makeup or other products for skin.

burning eye

Causes of burning eyes can be different – that’s why you might want to consult your doctor or just go to the hospital. But in case you don’t feel like it bothers you too much, you can just try to treat it yourself.

If you haven’t taken off your contacts it also might be the reason for discomfort. Moreover, smoke and dust can also make your eyes burn.

The causes of this problem also include allergies – so try to avoid the source of irritancy. You might also feel pain if it’s just too cold or too dry outside.

So the fact that something that is stuck in your eye makes it burn is quite obvious. But what about the other factors that make you suffer? Sometimes it can be a symptom for a serious eye sickness.

For instance, rosacea, dry eyes or blepharitis. If you are having a burning eye, it means there is an inflammation. So in order to solve the problem, the source of infection needs to be removed.

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You might be surprised but your eyes can hurt even if you are having a cold. Uveitis or orbital cellulitis can also be the reason why your eyes are running.

However, those are serious sicknesses that don’t occur that often. If you go through the medical examination, your doctor will let you know why the eyes can burn for sure.

It’s better to talk to the doctor because this way you might be able to start your treatment faster.

How to cure my burning eyes?

If there is something like shampoo in your eye, you should first wash it off with plain water. However, if we are talking about the detergents, it can be different.

You should look at the label and find the instructions what to do if the substance gets in your eye. Sometimes rinsing the eyes might be a solution.

It happens quite often that people get something like that in their eyes. If there is no time to read the label, most of them simply rinse the eyes with plain water and it helps to get rid of pain quite fast.

But if the cause is your allergy, you will need some eye drops or pills that will reduce the effect.

It’s better not to buy anything without the advice of your doctor as some of the medications might not be suitable for you.

burning eye

The least you can do is ask the pharmacist about the particular pills/eye drops to see which one will work for you.

Don’t forget to mention if you are already taking medication. It might turn out that it is actually the reason for your allergy.

Moreover, you need to know if the medication you are going to buy is safe to take along with the one you are already taking.

That’s why your doctor needs to take a closer look at you before there can be any decision made. The other reason why your eyes are burning might be the overuse of the lubricating eye drops.

It’s very unhealthy to use those too often so if you need eye drops that you will use on a daily basis choose the preservative-free.

If the eyes won’t stop burning no matter what you do it means that it’s really the time to call your doctor. They will most likely point out what you are doing wrong and tell you what to do next in your treatment.

Do I need to talk to my doctor?

In general there is no need to go to the hospital. However, in case the eyes don’t stop burning and it really bothers you, it’s better to make an appointment.

burning eye

If your eyesight starts getting worse it means that you are probably very sick and need the examination. Moreover, if the eyes hurt too much it’s also the time to talk to the specialist.

Don’t be scared – the medical care will make sure everything is alright with your eyes again.

Sunscreen in my eyes! What do I do?

It’s very important to use sun screen as a protection from sun. Everyone from children to adults is taught how to use it but sometimes it gets in our eyes and it starts to burn really bad. What do we do then?

Well first of all, calm down – it’s not going to do any harm to your eye. It will surely cause inflammation but it’s not that dangerous if you do something about it fast. So if you have contacts, take them off.

After that use the lubricating eye drop. Not all people have it with them but it might be a good idea to buy it and always keep it in your bag.

If you don’t have any eye drops, go to the bathroom or any other place with water and rinse your eyes.

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