What are green tea side effects?

You need to know limits in drinking green tea because a very frequent use of it will «benefit» even the healthiest person.

 green tea is good

The overwhelming majority of researchers suggest that green tea is good. However, this is a true thing only when a person does not exceed more than 3 cups per day. If you increase the proportion the harm of it outweighs the advantages!

The first reason - CAFFEINE

50 grams of this tasty drink contains as much caffeine as in 100 grams of coffee. Thus, you can drink coffee in larger quantities than green tea. But many people have sensitivities to caffeine, without knowing it. And you can be referred to such people, if after a cup of green tea you have any of the following symptoms: anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping, hand tremors, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, upset stomach, nausea, frequent urination, "goosebumps" or rash.

The second reason. The overdose of minerals and polyphenols

a cup of tea

In tea leaves there is a concentration of minerals such as aluminium, manganese and fluoride from soil and water. These minerals are in need for the body in micro-doses, and their large number is very harmful and cause intoxication of the organism. They are accumulated in the body by drinking more than three cups of tea a day for many years.

In 2005, Dr. Michael Whyte from Washington University raised the question of dangerous levels of fluoride in tea. He diagnosed middle-aged woman a rare disease — fluorosis (high fluoride content in the bones of women). It turned out that the woman every day was drinking about 17 cups of strong green tea per day!

The third reason. Side effects of green tea

For more than 2000 years the Chinese used to drink green tea. However, until about 600 AD green tea in this country was used primarily as a remedy, not a daily drink.

The treatment with the help of herbs should be approached with caution. And green tea, which refers to medicinal plants, is no exception! You need to use it in moderation and not abuse this drink.

green tea leaves

Green tea can easy cause indigestion, especially in people with the sensitive mucous membrane of the stomach. Do not drink green tea on an empty stomach! You should also not drink this drink is strong brewed. The concentration of tea should not be high, so either brew initially weak tea, or dilute it with clean water.

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As with any medication, which in overdoses can turn into poison, and green tea with excessive consumption harms the human body. In too large quantities the drink excites the nervous system, causing not the most pleasant consequences:

  • The growth of pressure;
  • Headache;
  • Lack of energy;
  • Tea "drunk" - dizziness and nausea;

If suddenly it happened – sweet water and fruits can help reduce the negative effects.

 Too strong green tea can have the same effect as its excessive consumption. So it is very careful to drink green tea, especially pregnant women, people suffering from nervous exhaustion and anemia. If you have a serious chronic disease, it is best to consult with your doctor.

green tea

In any case, you shouldn’t drink green tea with alcohol. In the process of mixing them toxic substances are produced which are harmful to many organs, but primarily the kidneys.

 It is not recommended to drink green tea on an empty stomach or even just before eating. There is an irritation of the gastric mucosa that can lead to serious consequences like gastritis and ulcers. You will have less digestible protein process and thickens the saliva that makes the food tasteless and less useful.

 A separate paragraph is, of course, the quality of green tea. As with all the other products of not high-quality green tea at least not useful. And often it is harmful because it contains impurities. The same applies to the expired and spoiled tea. So it is the best way to buy it in specialized stores or organizations that keep their brand and who value their business reputation.

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