What are health benefits of marijuana?

How can marijuana be used in treating of patients who suffer from cancer? What are health benefits of marijuana oil in treating of glaucoma? Read the article to learn all the details about this plant.

What are the health benefits of marijuana

What are the health benefits of marijuana?

Medicinal properties of hemp were known since ancient times. As medicine, it was used in India, China, the Middle East, East Asia, South Africa and South America. The earliest written certificate of it is the herbalist one 5 thousand years ago in time of legendary Chinese emperor. In it, marijuana is described as the agent helping at malaria, constipations and rheumatic pains. Marijuana is a plant with difficult destiny. In one nations, it is associated with image of addict, in others – with pleasant relaxation helping to remove a stress of crazy temp of life and at the third ones — with hope to get rid of excruciating chronic pain.

Marijuana is the psychotropic drug extracted from a kind of hemp, which contains the great number of psychoactive agents. These are dry leaves, flowers, and hemp stalks. These parts of the plant contain the greatest number of psychoactive substance causing euphoria and easy intoxication. Seeds of hemp don't contain narcotic substances. Modern medicine doesn't deny health benefits of marijuana oil allowing treating patients in case of various diseases and conditions.

health benefits of marijuana oil

Health benefits of marijuana

Already in the XIX century, marijuana was applied as soothing with success as substances paralyzing receptors responsible for pain. Thanks to researches, scientists could prove that agents provide the maximum removal of pain in case of use in minimal doses. It allows patients having cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases with strong pain syndrome not only to remove pain, but also to minimize the use of drugs considerably or to stop their use at all. The main components of the plant, effective during removal of pain, are opium alkaloid, codeine, and several other sedatives in oncology. By means of this opening, the American scientists came to conclusion that creation of new class of sedatives won't keep waiting.

So what health benefits does marijuana have? After careful researches by Institute of medicine in Washington, scientific physicians concluded marijuana is possible to apply to remove or mitigate pain in the list of the following situations:

  • during postoperative period for reduction of nausea and vomiting (in combination with opioids),
  • to the patients who received chemical radiation,
  • to patients with sleeplessness and chronic pain,
  • to HIV-positive patients with pain,
  • and in many other cases when there is a pronounced pain syndrome.

Health benefits of marijuana

Researchers from Britain found out that marijuana in most cases helps where there is no possibility to help even with morphine (one of the main alkaloids of opium). Subsequently this find pushed scientific druggists on development of new anesthetic medicine based on marijuana’s cannabioid.

Health benefits of marijuana for cancer patients and nausea

Marijuana not only helps people having cancer to get rid of unpleasant feeling of slight and moderate sick made by chemotherapy but also considerably increases appetite at patients with AIDS. This effect is one of the most useful. Because of side effects like easing of memory and hallucinations, marijuana is most often used in treatment of young people, as people of more mature age aren't always ready to such side effects.

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Health benefits of medical marijuana on glaucoma

Glaucoma appears because of increase in pressure in the eyeball, in consequence of development of disease there are typical defects of vision finally causing blindness. In the early seventies, scientists found out that eye pressure decreases during marijuana smoking, but how – is unknown. There is a number of assumptions that marijuana influences receptors in the eyeball. Now, development of the drugs allows putting them to eye, not to use orally. In this case, risk of dangerous side effects like dependence decreases.

ealth benefits of marijuana for cancer patients and nausea

Impact of marijuana on multiple sclerosis

After the careful researches, scientists found out marijuana agents are also effective in case of treatment of muscular spasms, trembling, pain in multiple sclerosis, and many other diseases, at which muscular pain develops. Unfortunately, now medicine efficiency of which is scientifically proved for treatment of multiple sclerosis doesn't exist. But there is a probability that on the basis of marijuana, it is possible to develop the effective medicine curing this disease. According to scientists, cannabis will be able to protect nervous system from destructions, characteristic for this disease. But as in parallel with medical effects, there is a great amount of negative ones, and so development of such medicine will drag on for many years.

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