What are hemorrhoids causes?

What is hemorrhoids? What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? What are the types of hemorrhoids? What are hemorrhoids causes? What is the differences between "feminine" and "masculine" reasons? Read below


Hemorrhoids - a varicose hemorrhoidal veins of the rectum, accompanied by symptoms such as discomfort and pain, bleeding, prolapsed hemorrhoid and others. Hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases of all civilized countries.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • discharge of blood from the rectum after a bowel movement;
  • streaks of blood in the stool;
  • loss of hemorrhoids from the anal canal;
  • pain and irritation of the anus.

Types of hemorrhoids

The shape of the flow of hemorrhoids is chronic and acute. And depending on the situation of hemorrhoids hemorrhoid nodes is divided into three types: external (nodes located outside), internal (nodes are inside) and combined (nodes located both inside and outside).


Hemorrhoids anus causes

1.Genetic predisposition. Hemorrhoids is not inherited. But predisposition may be innate, children inherit from their parents disruption of the blood vessels, which greatly increases the probability of occurrence of hemorrhoids - vascular lesions, which accumulate blood clots.

2. Sedentary lifestyle and a sedentary job. If the person does not move enough and is in a fixed position (sitting, lying), its vascular congestion occurs - this leads to thrombosis (form clots), and disturbance of blood circulation, as a consequence, to hemorrhoids. To protect yourself from the unpleasant development of the disease is possible by means of sport exercises. Especially effective are jogging, walking, as well as the usual warm-up.

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3. Poor nutrition (hemorrhoids causes food). One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids. In order that our body function without any problems and abuses, body should receive a sufficient amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vegetarian food, rich in fiber and water. Water, according to doctors, can not replace no tea, no coffee, no juice - they do not thin the contents of the intestine as effectively as water. Poor nutrition leads to the formation of dense stool (internal hemorrhoids causes constipation), and their retention in the intestines. Do not get the output excrement put pressure on the rectal wall, there are occluded blood vessels and thus violate the circulation of the blood. In addition, during the "squeezing" of dense feces during a hike in the toilet there is injury to the mucous membrane –it is fraught with the development of inflammatory processes and, in turn, also contributes to the disease.

hemorrhoids causes

4. Physical activity. Heavy physical work, along with any other activity associated with weight lifting, can also be a cause of hemorrhoids. Therefore, the rod enthusiasts and trainers, especially those for whom the main thing - new records and achievements, increase probability of occurrence of an unpleasant illness at times. What does happen when a person lifts something very heavy and massive? At this point, the pressure at the vessels increases and their walls in the intestinal region lose their elasticity, wear, increase in size. The expansion of veins in the anus leads to hemorrhoids.

5.Psychological reasons. Many physicians associated the development of hemorrhoids with a number of psychological reasons. Booming rhythm of life, typical for modern man, is associated with stress and emotional strain. This negatively affects the organism as a whole, significantly reducing its capacity for self-defense (immunity) and the ability to resist a variety of ailments, including the formation of hemorrhoids.

pain in the ass

The differences between "feminine" and "masculine" reasons

Despite the fact that women and men hemorrhoids occurs with the same frequency, several causes of this disease have difference. Causes of hemorrhoids for men mainly related to lifestyle and bad habits.

Hemorrhoids causes alcohol. Alcohol abuse, heavy smoking, unbalanced menu with a predominance of spicy food - it all contributes to the emergence and development of disease. Because of alcohol may appear clots, nicotine reduces the permeability of blood vessels, and the spicy food causes intense blood flow to them (at the effects on the circulatory system is similar to weight lifting!). Furthermore, such food irritate the intestinal wall, thereby decreasing their ability to fight with infections.

Hemorrhoids causes pregnancy. One of the causes of hemorrhoids in women are pregnancy and childbirth. "An interesting situation" causes significant changes at the female organism, in particular, at this time there is an active development of the hormone progesterone, which is why the walls of blood vessels lose their elasticity and, as a result, may appear hemorrhoids. Add to this a sedentary lifestyle of expectant mothers and the pressure that a child, especially in the last trimester, has on the tissue and blood vessels located in the pelvic region.

What can we say about childbirth! Mum voltage during vain attempts - huge! It is identical to the lifting of such loads, with which not every man will cope. Blood flow to the ass intensifies, vessels dilate, which is the cause of hemorrhoids.

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