What are home remedies for baldness in males?

Causes of baldness in males can be quite different. Hair loss is not something unusual, it is a process of the human body, before the formation of pathology.


In addition to the medical means, you must know how to treat baldness using traditional methods. They are not only used in the beginning of the disease, but also for the prevention of its occurrence. It is important to remember that these tools are not the main source of treatment, and are used only in conjunction with basic as its complement.

Head massage

Shampooing is recommended to be done with a light massage, which is a great way to increase the speed of hair growth, in connection with the enrichment of hair follicles with nutrients. The massage is performed with the fingertips for 2 minutes, thus the head must be under running cool water.

Head massage

A lotion made from nettle

In order to prepare this wonderful remedy, you need to stock up the fresh nettle leaves and apple cider vinegar. The technology of preparation is very simple. You should chop finely leaves to get approximately 5 tablespoons of nettle porridge, which should be poured with 250ml of water. Then add 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar. From the moment of boiling the mixture, simmer another half an hour on low heat. For infusion, it is recommended to cover with a lid until cool. The resulting broth is filtered and rubbed into the head for the night. Such action can be carried out 2 or 3 times per a week for 2 months.

lotion made from nettle

Onion against baldness

A folk remedy for baldness in males can be very effective. One of such means includes the treatment of onions or rather its gruel, which is used for rubbing into the scalp. The only drawback to this method is the strong smell that lasts long on the hair, even after repeated washing. Onion small size should be grated and added 2 teaspoons of honey. Mix well and rub it into the scalp, leaving the medium for 1 hour. After this procedure wash your hair with shampoo.

Onion against baldness

From baldness calendula can help

To prepare it you will need 2 tablespoons of dried calendula blossoms and a glass of vodka, which need to be filled with flowers and leave for 1 week to ensure that the solution is steeped. The prepared infusion should strain and dilute with water 1:2. If it is not possible to prepare a tincture, it is always possible to buy it at the pharmacy, dilute with water pharmacy medication must be 1:3. The procedure is performed by wetting and applying the napkin to the place, prone to baldness. You need to keep no more than 1 hour, apply 1 time in 2 days.

baldness calendula

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The mask from oil

Since ancient times people have been treated with different oils. To prepare the mask you will need burdock or castor oil in the amount of 2 tablespoons, which must be mixed with a tablespoon of mustard powder. This mixture should be left for 30 minutes before use to heat up a little and gently rub into the scalp. The duration of this procedure is 20 minutes. Application is recommended 2 times a week. This recipe uses approximate dosages that need to be adjusted during use, depending on the individual effects on the skin. We must note that when applying the mask you should feel a mild burning, otherwise, the dosage of the mustard should be reduced. Wash off the mask by double soaping using shampoo.

The mask from oil

Recipes for natural conditioners after washing the hair

These chemicals, made from natural raw materials must be used immediately after shampooing, rinse accompanied by a light massage. The decoction before consumption should be cooled and strained.

  • In a cup of boiling water pour 1 tablespoon of hop cones and boil for a half hour.
  • Fruits, buds and leaves of nasturtium in the amount of 2 tablespoons pour in half a liter of boiling water. The capacity you need to cover and to infuse before full cooling.
  • Dry calendula flowers and foalfoot, 1 tablespoon, pour 0.5 liters of hot water and boil for 20 minutes.

Decoctions and masks for massaging the scalp

mask from oil

Drugs such as masks and decoctions are recommended on a weekly basis to be rubbed into the scalp. These drugs must pass through stages of cooling.

  1. A mixture prepared from crushed roots of burdock and calamus should be added into a glass of hot water and boiled for 20 minutes.
  2. Pulverize the bark of oak and willow, add the chopped thyme. Take 1 tablespoon of each ingredient and pour a glass of boiling water. The resulting solution should be boiled on for 25 minutes. The procedure of rubbing into the scalp is recommended to be done before sleeping.
  3. Rubbing the scalp with soaked in boiling water black bread promotes healthy growth of hair.

Treatment of baldness in males with folk remedies is a well-proven method in practice which is successfully used by many people, besides it is quite affordable, natural and safe.

Be healthy!

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