What are home remedies for white tongue?

In the morning many people often notice the easy white scurf on tongue. It occurs due to bacteria that accumulate in the mouth, and due to decrease of the activity of the salivary glands. After the procedure of cleaning teeth it completely removes scurf. If it still remains and it is accompanied by a foul odor, it is necessary to check the health.

When the scurf is normal?

If the organism condition is good, the thickness of the white membrane on the tongue will be minimal and it will be able to notice a pinkish surface of tongue. In addition, the unpleasant smell is very weak, and the scurf is easy to remove in the cleaning process of the teeth.

The color of the scurf can vary. So, in the summer it becomes yellowish.

Often there are cases when the scurf on the tongue appears after eating. Such patients don’t need to worry, because the remaining pieces of food remove through time.

When there is a reason for anxiety?

Thick intense white scurf it is a sign of pathology. The presence of these deposits leads to bad breath, which disappears after brushing your teeth only for 1-2 hours.

Of course, you should treat the disease that leads to the formation of the scurf. It should be remembered that cleaning procedures can’t be called therapeutic.

When there is significant thickness of scurf tongue it is necessary to consult a doctor and pass some tests. In some cases, you should visit to the dentist, nephrologist, gastroenterologist and infectiologist. When treatment begins, the amount of scurf and its thickness will significantly reduce.

Why does white scurf appear on the tongue of the child?

The tongue of the newborn has a pink shade. The scurf which is formed in the oral cavity of the child in the morning disappears very quickly. However, you must remember that children constantly pull different objects in their mouths. Accordingly, it is possible to deal with the infection.

Most often, the formation of white scurf on the tongue causes candidiasis, which is provoked by active reproduction of conditionally pathogenic microflora. With time this scurf appears on the cheeks and lips. The membrane has an inhomogeneous structure. In addition, in oral cavity can form small ulcers. In this case, you must immediately contact the pediatrician. To alleviate the condition of the baby is possible, just treat the tongue with a cotton pad moistened in a weak soda solution.

White scurf may accompany many infectious diseases. For example, when the patient suffers scarlet fever the membrane persists for 3-4 days and then it becomes pink.

If during the day the tongue of children is covered in white deposits, it is necessary to pay attention to these symptoms:

1) lack of appetite, and the child is constantly wants sweets;

2) disturbance of the stool, including indugestion and constipation;

3) nausea and vomiting;

4) pain in the abdomen;

5) frequent colds;

6) the slowdown in growth or underweight.

These signs indicate in serious problem. This may be disturbance of the respiratory and digestive systems.

There are causes of white scurf in adults:

Many patients are interested in why do white deposits appear in adult tongue. Most often they are caused by such factors:

1) incorrect cleaning of teeth;

2) poor circulation in tongue;

3) problems with salivation;

4) different periodontal diseases.

If after careful care of the oral cavity the membrane doesn’t remove, it indicates in the development of pathology of the internal organs. To determine the exact cause, you must consider the location, thickness and shape of the deposits.

The white scurf and the diseases which can cause it. How to determine the cause of the white tongue?

To determine where the disturbance of organism is, you must consider the place where the deposits are located:

  1. When the tip and front part of the tongue are covered in white scurf, then it signifies the diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  2. The middle part: the scurf on the left side indicates a problem with the liver, on the right – with the pancreas, in the Central part – with the stomach.
  3. The basis of tongue: disturbance in functioning of the kidneys and intestines. It can also be a sign of ulcers, or beginning of gastritis.

In general the formation of white scurf speaks about the weakening of the immune system. The thicker is the membrane of scurf, the greater the probability that the disease passes into a chronic form. This transition is often accompanied by a change of tone of the membrane from white to grayish.

The common cause of deposit in tongue is dysbiosis. It can also be intoxication caused by infectious disease, also the temperature rises to 38-40º C.

If the shade of the scurf is irregular and on the tongue there are small spots, this indicates that the patient suffers from fungal infection. Sometimes, with careful examination it is possible to notice the formation of a spotty membrane, which looks like a geographic map. It is believed that such spots are not dangerous, because they will pass by themselves.

The diagnosis

When you notice the white scurf in the child or adult you must first go to the dentist. The doctor will examine your mouth and touch the lymph nodes that will help to establish the cause of deposits on tongue. In some cases it requires additional consultation with infectious disease specialist, gastroenterologist, and endocrinologist. In addition, it is recommended to take a blood test and urine tests and bacterial analysis.

You can help the doctor determine the cause of the formation of the white scurf, you must prepare answers to a few questions:

1) Is there any pain in the oral cavity?

2) What diseases were troubling lately?

3) Have taste changed?

4) Do you smoke?

5) When did you notice white scurf on the tongue first?

6) The list of medications and biologically active additive you take.

7) The change the appearance of a tongue, including its swelling and the formation of ulcers.

Remove the white scurf from the tongue

To clean the oral cavity from the accumulated bacteria and remove scurf, you need to use a brush designed specifically for tongue. You can also use a regular toothbrush with the special knobs. Immediately after brushing, put a minimal amount of toothpaste and gently rub the tongue, moving from the root to the tip. For convenience, stick slightly the tongue. After that you need to begin cleansing using fingertips. Don’t use ordinary teaspoon for cleaning, because it can cause pain.

 The deposits on tongue in most cases are caused by improper functioning of the digestive system. To organize its work, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

1) From time to time it is recommended to clean the intestines by using laxatives. You can also take activated charcoal.

2) It is necessary to minimize the consumption of fatty food.

3) In the diet should prevail only boiled food.

If these tips lead to the disappearance of the scurf, it indicates that its appearance was caused exclusively by improper nutrition.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies against a white tongue

When you rinse the mouth and swallow food the part of the white scurf is peeled off. If that is not enough, you need to resort to folk remedies. We are talking about antibacterial rinse. For this purpose you can use the following herbs: chamomile, mint, calendula and sage.

To get rid of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity will help vitamin drinks, namely tea from barberry and hibiscus, and rosehip tea.

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To prevent the development of diseases of the oral cavity and the white scurf you should use any vegetable oil. Maintain the small amount of oil in the mouth for at least 5 minutes, and then spit out.

The white scurf on the tongue in the adult often becomes a cause of bad breath. For this reason, it is impossible not to pay attention to the presence of a white membrane on the tongue in adult or child. To eliminate this scurf, you need to follow the rules of hygiene and visit the dentist regularly. Take care of your health!

There are some examples of white scurf:

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