What are homemade diet shakes for weight loss that work?

Do you want to lose weight without putting too much stress to it? Here you go! This article will tell you the delicious way to say goodbye to your extra kilograms!

diet shakes

There is no surprise that a lot of ladies want to lose weight right now as it’s the time to go to the sea! That’s why a lot of them want to know the diet shakes recipe that would help them get skinnier!

Even if you’re not going to the seaside losing weight might be a good idea even for your health. Diet shakes can help you do that without any harm. Moreover, you will see the result quite fast.

The diet and healthy nutrition will make it possible for you to achieve your goals!

Do diet shakes work?

Diet shakes for weight loss are a great option because it is affordable for everyone and easy to make. There are a lot of diet shakes that work fast and are delicious at the same time.

Think about your favourite fruit and berries and imagine them all together in one cocktail with a little bit of protein that will give you energy for the day.

You might think that getting rid of those extra kilograms is too difficult for you. However, if you try these diet shakes you will realize that it’s easier than it seems.

You can cook it for any meal – breakfast or dinner. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying it!

Mango Diet Shake that Works

Recipe for 1 portion

You need to take the quarter of mango cubes, mashed ripe avocado and combine it with 0.5 juice and fat-free yogurt. You can also add lime juice if you like it sour. But try to void sugar!

Mix the components and use a blender! That’s basically all you have to do. You can drink with other fruit if you feel like it! It is quite enjoyable and tasty!

If you want to add more protein, you can use a special powder that can be found in any shop.

The amount of calories per one portion – 298 cal

Blueberry Diet Shake

Recipe for 1 portion

diet shakes

Put the frozen unsweetened blueberries in a cup. Pour milk into another cup. Use the fat-free milk! If you are going to use oil too, make sure it’s organic one.

This diet shake to lose weight will be ready in just 1 minute with the help of your blender! Pour the liquid into the glass and enjoy it!

The amount of calories per one portion - 273 cal

Peanut Butter and Banana Diet Shake

Recipe for 1 portion

Make sure that all your ingredients are always fat-free or otherwise you won’t see the difference! Take 0.5 milk, 0.5 yoghurt and unsalted peanut butter. Don’t forget about 1 banana.

If you want your shake to be sweet, use honey instead of sugar. Put ice if you want it cold.

Your old friend blender will help you prepare this smoothie! After you are done blending pour it into the cup or glass and drink!

The amount of calories per one portion  –366 cal

Vanilla Yogurt and Blueberry Diet Shake

Recipe for one portion

To make this wonderful shake you will need one cup of fat-free milk, vanilla yogurt and one cup fresh blueberries. You can use oil too but only if it’s organic.

diet shakes

Mix all the ingredients and put them inside your blender. It will take you about 60 seconds and after that you can just relax and enjoy your delicious drink!

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The amount of calories per one portion  - 443 cal

Chocolate Raspberry Diet Shake

Recipe for one portion

Your ingredients for this tasty drink would be 0.5 skim milk, vanilla yogurt and just a little bit of chocolate chips. You can also use fresh raspberries if you like. However, you can just put ice instead.

Put all the components in a blender and blend for about 60 seconds. This time will be enough to make the taste unforgettable. After that you can use a spoon to eat it.

The amount of calories per one portion -462 cal

Peach Diet Shake

Recipe for one portion

Like for any other diet smoothie you will need fat-free milk (1 cup) and also one cup of frozen unsweetened peaches. Organic oil can be used in this recipe too.

You have to put milk and unsweetened peaches to the blender. It takes 1 minute to get it ready!

The amount of calories per one portion -213 cal

diet shakes

Lemon-Orange Citrus Diet Shake

Recipe for one portion

You will need one cup fat-free milk (or you can also use soy milk), lemon yogurt and one orange cut in slices. Don’t forget about ice to make it cold!

The benefit of this drink is that it takes only one minute to make it. Mix all the components, get them inside the blender and enjoy!

The amount of calories per one portion – 420 cal

You might think that this amount of calories is too big but you should remember that those are protein cocktails that keep you moving throughout a day. You can’t gain weight drinking them.

Apple Smoothie (Apple Diet Shake)

Recipe for one portion

The components of every shake are quite similar. Here you also have to use ½ c skim or soy milk and vanilla yogurt. But the fruit for the smoothie will obviously be apple slices divided into sections.

And, of course, ice. It makes everything better!

Your blender will help you get the drink ready! It will take 60 seconds of your time. And you are supposed to eat it with a spoon!

The amount of calories per one portion –482 cal

Pineapple Diet Shake

Recipe for one portion

Ingredients: 0.5 cup soy milk, canned pineapple tidbits in juice and as much ice as you want. And you will also need organic oil.

Combine the components and use your blender to blend them all together. Only one minute and your healthy lunch is ready!

The amount of calories per one portion – 271 cal

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