What are makeup tips for Nigerian women?

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The beauty industry is often less concerned about women with dark skin, but let's check up makeup tips exactly for them. Learn how to highlight all that nature has given you, with the help of several techniques and styles. For many women applying makeup is like to draw a picture on paper. For black women applying make-up, however, may become problematic. It may seem that some of the tricks that makeup artists use in their practice you cannot follow, but do not give up, continue to explore the art, and you will find something that can emphasize your individuality. Every girl should know how to use makeup properly and it will become your main weapon.

Black women often have full lips, smooth skin tone and piercing eyes, so that there are a million ways to emphasize such beauty. There are plenty of makeup tutorials. In addition, make-up is a kind of a game, self-expression, so do not be afraid to experiment, choose a bright color, risk!

The basis

foundation for makeup

Since black women is very important to get a smooth, monochromatic color, perhaps the most important and serious step is to choose a base under make-up. Find foundation that will look natural, even if you have to mix several colors. Make-up artists with a worldwide reputation recommend choosing concealer, a shade which is slightly lighter than your skin.

Try to apply foundation smoothly. You may need a brush or sponge for makeup, though some girls are much more convenient to apply foundation with their fingers. Under make-up base should be light, barely perceptible. You shouldn’t have thick layer of cosmetic product on your face, like wearing a mask.


beautiful face

Black women often have oily skin. Yes, it is an unpleasant fact, but there are plenty of tools that can cope with this problem, or at least reduce it. When you need to remedy the situation quickly, take advantage of the good old friend - powder. It instantly gives your skin a fresh and well-groomed appearance. Choose translucent powder, without yellow or any other colors. Do not rush with the choice. Sometimes good, high-quality powder can even replace the foundation.


makeup blush

Do you feel that the effect of blush on black women is sometimes exaggerated? All due to the fact that women with fair skin are prone to redness. But when the dark-skinned use blush, it looks very stylish and elegant. The colors that suit this type of girls, of course, the darker shades of red or orange.

The method that you use applying blush, will show in the end, which part of your beautiful face you want to emphasize. For example, if you have high cheekbones, apply blush directly on them, but if you have slightly chubby cheeks and a round face, retract the cheeks and apply blush on the zone between the cheekbones and jaw.


lips makeup

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Although contrasting colors and shades - it's funny and cool, but black women are shouldn’t use light shades of lipsticks. Try not to make a strong emphasis on the lips. It is best for you to use wine, brown, purple shades and, of course, the classic - red lipstick. Regardless of the color, transparent lip gloss will make the look sensual, as the owners of dark skin are fortunate to have full lips.


eyes make up

Do not be afraid to focus on the eyes! The eyes are exactly what you can experiment with. Your dark skin - it's like a playground for different shades of shadows. While light-skinned girls with the bright shade may look vulgar, you can afford to experiment with vibrant colors.

You can easily create a bronze makeup, using shadows of flickering pumpkin, pink or gold shades. Use brilliant eyeliner, for example, or silver color, it is perfectly for your eyes and make the look even more alluring. Also, the black shadows or smoky eyes will be good for the girls with dark skin.

smoky eyes

Choose appropriate makeup remover, makeup cosmetics, makeup set or even makeup box to create a stylish look. Also you can watch a makeup video with the best tips.

As you can see, there are special difficulties in the art of makeup for beautiful women with dark skin. Many Hollywood singer and actress could serve as a good example. If you prefer a more natural look, pay attention to the make-up of Beyoncé, but if you prefer the bright make-up, then check up Nicki Minaj’s one.

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