What are malaria symptoms?

What do you know about Malaria? How to treat this disease? Is there a vaccine for this lethal disease? Find more in this article.

Malaria Symptoms

How malaria affects your body and what can you do prevent the lethal result of this disease? Malaria is a lethal disease typically located in the tropical and subtropical areas of our planet. The transmitters of the disease are Anopheles mosquito. These insects give people the plasmodium parasite through the bites. After delivering the parasite it goes to the liver where the plasmodium becomes mature. A few days later, it enters the bloodstream where the parasite starts infecting blood cells. It would need 48-72 hours for the parasites multiplication within the blood cells and burst them open. The parasite continues to infect the cells for two-three days’ malaria cycle. According to World Health Organization, more than 3 billion people may have a risk to be infected by this lethal disease.

Malaria how it happens?

  • The infected mosquito can transfer the disease
  • A child can get it from infected mother
  • Through shared needles
  • Blood or organ transplantation

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Back to the Symptoms


The malaria symptoms develop within one or two fortnights after the infection. Some people can see no symptoms during the month but they still have this burden. The common symptoms of malaria are next:

  • Nausea
  • High fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Coma
  • Convulsions
  • Muscle pain
  • Shaking
  • Chills
  • Anemia

What is a diagnosis?


If you have any of these symptoms described above, you should visit a doctor immediately. He/she must go through a physical exam and review your health history. If there`s symptoms of malaria, your doctor gives you prescription to get through additional blood tests, that will show:

  • If you have malaria
  • Type of malaria
  • Resistance to drugs of the malaria parasite you may have
  • If there is anemia
  • If vital organs functions are in normal

How lethal is it?


Well, if people dying from it, so the malaria is not a thing to trifle. Malaria has quite a variations of death tools in its pocket. You may suffer from low sugar in your blood, failure of vital organs like kidney or liver. The fluid accumulation in the lungs infected by the disease creates pulmonary edema. If it infects the whole body, the brain also suffers from it and cerebral malaria may cause instant death.

How doctors treat malaria?


The treatment is provided in hospitals by medical personal. The infected has a prescription of drugs according to the malaria parasite type. Parasites keep developing and become resistant to the certain drugs but medicine doesn`t stop and also provides new methods of treating the disease. If infected continue to consume pills and receive proper medicine treatment the outcome for them may be witnessed in long-life living. In any case of complications, the patients should visit doctors for dealing with the arouse symptoms.

Tips for Malaria


Preferably, to visit the doctors before malaria occurs. There is no vaccine for preventing malaria, at the same time you need to follow precaution methods like sleeping under a mosquito net and covering your body with bug sprays. Also, visiting doctor regularly is a wise choice whether you have the disease or not.

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