What are natural and home remedies for tinnitus?

What are the best natural ways to get rid of unpleasant noise in ears? What is the recipe with onions to make your ears healthier? Read the information below to learn all the secrets.

Home remedy for tinnitus

Home remedies for tinnitus

Noises in ears and in the head are not independent diseases. Usually this is due to some failure in an organism. And this failure can be insignificant as, for example, overwork, and quite dangerous – an otitis or a tumor. In medicine for designation of a constant ring in ears and the head, the term ‘tinnitus’ is used. The ring and hum are subjective, that is they are heard only by the patient. Sounds can be different: whistle, ring, a hum of waves. Along with these sounds gradual or paroxysmal depression of hearing can become perceptible. Hum in the head usually is followed by parallel symptoms: giddiness, a headache, nausea, vomiting, and hearing depression, which helps to define the reason for its emergence. The ring reasons in an ear can be divided into several groups:

  • Nervous breakdowns, the condition of a stress.
  • Mechanical injury of the head, violation of a relief.
  • Inflammatory processes of an acoustical nerve or inner ear: otosclerosis (change of acoustical ossicles of a middle ear), injury of an inner ear, otitis.
  • Neurinoma of an acoustical nerve.
  • Pathologies of cerebral blood vessels, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, narrowing of vessels.
  • Barotrauma.
  • Anemia.
  • Taking of meds.

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homemade remedies for tinnitus

Home remedy for tinnitus

Temporary noise as, for example, after loud sounds, don't demand treatment. Constants need it. Treatment depends on the made diagnosis. Remember that prophylaxis is the best treatment for any cure. At a ring in ears, there are no special warning methods. It is enough to follow certain rules: to be checked at doctors, to eat, get rid regularly of addictions. But if you already get this unpleasant disease, use homemade remedies for tinnitus:

  • Onions. Stuff a bulb with a caraway seed and bake. After preparation, squeeze out the juice. Dig in 2-3 drops few times a day. Don't stop treatment after noise disappearance. Drop it some more days.
  • Fennel. Crush stalks and seeds. Make boiled water. Use several teaspoons on 0.5 l. Left it for 1 hour. Drink 0.5 glasses three times a day before food. A course is 2 months. It is possible to use fresh or dry fennel.
  • Guelder rose. Bring berries to boiling and cool them. After that knead and mix it with honey in proportions 1:1. Mix halves, place each half in a gauze and stick a small knot. Place these earplugs in each ear for the night. Repeat before noise disappearance.
  • Dandelion. Use 2-3 kg of flowers of a dandelion. Lay in a 3-liter jar, alternating a layer of dandelions to a sugar layer. The can needs to be filled. On 1 kg of a dandelion, about 2 kg of sugar will be required. After each new layer, it is necessary to stamp the weight that juice appeared. Draw a couple of days. Accept the syrup inside 3 times day stirred in water (1 tsp of syrup on a quarter of a glass of water).
  • Beet. Mix small grated beet (100 g) with 200 g of water in the enameled ware, add 1 tablespoon of honey and boil 15 minutes. Use it outwardly: impose beet weight on a wadded tampon, and a tampon – on a sore ear. It gives especially good effect at catarrhal complications.
  • Potatoes. Add honey (the mass is individual) to the crude potatoes cut into small pieces, half, and turn in a gauze. Put in both ears for the night. Repeat until recovery.
  • Remember that folk remedies it is possible to get rid of noise, but the disease, which caused it, all the same, needs medical care.

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