What are natural headache remedies?

Headache is one of the most common symptoms which appears in a variety of diseases.

It occurs due to the irritation of nerve endings of the head vessels or cerebral cover.

When you have strong headache it is necessary to establish its reasons. Quite often it is due to the inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses. Headache with vomiting and dizziness on the background of high temperature happens when the person has an inflammation of the brain and its membranes.

Also, the cause of the headache can be physical or mental fatigue, nervous overstrain, disease of internal organs, cervical osteochondrosis. If you have a headache because of fatigue, you just need to have a rest and to revise your working day. Sleep in a ventilated room and do exercises in the morning and it’ll reduce the pain. 

If the cause of the headaches is disease of internal organs, you must first treat these diseases. Sometimes it hurts in half the head. If these pains become regular and permanent, this disease is called migraine

If the headache is caused by diseases of the digestive system, you should eat less, especially spices, and exclude alcoholic drinks, don't eat sour. However, an excessive restriction in food is as harmful as enhanced nutrition. You should also refrain from sexual intercourse and avoid mental fatigue.  

Among the strongest remedies against headache are rubbing your legs or taking hot foot baths. The headache caused of insomnia firstly requires sleeping. The throbbing headache sometimes accompanies the tumors

Patients should be protected from worries and don’t give them to look often at shiny objects.

Permanent worry suppresses the immune system. A healthy life can only be guaranteed if there are conditions of moderation and calm.

There are some effective treatments of headache:

  1. A powerful folk remedy for the effective treatment of headaches is the tincture of Eleutherococcus, which you can buy at the nearest chemist. Start the consumption with one drop: one in the morning, 2 drops in the evening, then increase up to 14 drops. Keep consuming 14 drops during 7-10 days.
  2.  Mint is a herbal remedy that relieves a headache. Do the simply green (or black) tea and throw a bit of mint. Drink it always instead of tea, coffee, etc.  The headache goes away after 15-20 minutes.
  3. Lemon. To get rid of headaches, you need to take the peel of one lemon, and then purify it from white pellicle and apply to the temples. Keep it as long as possible. Tie your head with a soft woolen cloth. And, besides all this, drink daily half of cup of blackcurrant juice.
  4. The propolis. To cure a headache take 20 grams of propolis, mash it and pour it with 100 ml of alcohol. Take 40 drops of this mixture.
  5. Copper coin. Copper is a metal that has the property to involve pain. So it will be easy to take the copper coin and attach to the source of pain. During 15-20 minutes the pain goes away.

The herbal remedies against headache:

To deal with the headache help tinctures, decoctions, infusions and ointments, which include chamomile, tutsan, mint, calendula and other medicinal plants.

  • Prepare an infusion of the tutsan (a tablespoon of tutsan in one cup of boiling water). Drink one third of a cup before each meal.

  • After eating it is healthy to drink one third of a glass of the decoction prepared from chamomile flowers. To prepare a daily allowance you need one tablespoon of chamomile, then pour it in a glass of water, boil 5 minutes, infuse for approximately 20 minutes and then filter.

  • Before each meal drink 1 teaspoon of alcohol tincture of the roots of the peony. The proportion of components: 1 part of crushed root and10 parts of vodka.

  • Prepare a mixture of dried clover (4 portions) and flowers of white lilac (2 portions). Two tablespoons of the mixture brew in boiling water (500 ml), then after half an hour of infusion, strain it. Drink a half a cup 5-6 times a day.

  • Make an infusion of a mixture of dried flowers of pink cornflower and lilac with thyme. Mix all the ingredients in equal parts, pour of boiling water the one tablespoon of raw and leave for 60 minutes. This infusion is recommended to drink in two steps with an interval of 30 minutes or 1 hour.

That was my advice about how to overcome the headache. If you know about other recipes, please, write them in comments. It will be usefull for everyone. 

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