What are Nigerian herbs that boost fertility?

Want to know how to boost the fertility? Find out in the article.


The number of women under the age of 34 years, who find it difficult to conceive and bear a child, has doubled in recent years.

Not every sexual act can lead to fertilisation. Many couples face failures in the conception of the child. Then they turn to different ways of increasing the birth rate, for example, medicines, herbs for fertility or invasive procedures. In any case, careful adherence to the rules of their use is based on the use of drugs only before conception, and not at the time of fertilisation. An important rule is also unmixing various means of herbs because it is dangerous.

Women and men fertility is not a topic for reflection to the moment when the couple begins to try to conceive a child, and systematic sexual relations do not bring the expected result. Then they look for natural methods that can have a positive impact on increasing the birth rate. One such method is to use a proper diet rich in vitamins E, A and B, and mineral components like zinc. Therefore, in the diet of the future mother and father have to be leafy vegetables, whole grains, almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, a lot of fish and seafood, as well as red meat.

What herbs to choose for fertility?

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Phytohormones can exercise properties of oestrogen, androgen, progesterone or corticosteroids.Among well-known herbs which contain phytoestrogens are hops, liquorice, oregano, linden flowers, mistletoe, and many others.

Herbs with androgenic activity are cow parsnip, lovage, celery and others.

Commonly used herbs with progestogenic activity. These include vitex sacred, bloodroot goose, lady's mantle, raspberry and others. Vitex is particularly useful for women who have a shortened second part of the cycle, and women with high levels of prolactin.

Thus, vitex restores hormonal balance, normalising the levels of sex hormones, and performs the following functions:

What is it designed for?

-Regulates cycle;

-Restores cycle of women who suffer from amenorrhea;

-Decreases menstrual bleeding;

-It increases the ratio of progesterone oestrogen, eliminating excess oestrogen.

They are helpful I wonder

If you are unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant within three to six months, and have sex at least once a day during ovulation, slow down. Yes, it seems counter-intuitive, but experts believe that excessive efforts sometimes give the opposite result. Sometimes conception does not take place because the sperm just does not have time to properly develop. If you want to get pregnant, have sex every other day, even during the period of peak fertility.


cool.. It took us years of different fertility treatments and medication before something finally worked, pregnancytips..

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