What are pregnancy signs within two weeks?

It is commonly known that women want to know whether they are pregnant or not within the first few weeks of possible pregnancy. Learn how to understand that you are pregnant within the first two weeks.

signs of pregnancy

You will be absolutely right if you say that even the most common symptoms of pregnancy might not come out for some women at all. It is all relative; however, we highly recommend you to know them beforehand to be prepared and acquainted with them when the time comes. So let’s see what early signs of pregnancy are.

The first early sign of pregnancy is the change in energy level. As you have probably noticed, pregnant women get tired easier than other people. This symptom comes out on the early stage of pregnancy. That is why once you feel that you get tired easily, see if you have other symptoms too – and it might be the time for you to get a pregnancy test. The reason behind this symptom is that your body uses the energy to help the embryo grow and develop, so you will need to save up energy and take breaks now and then.

However, the good news is that it won’t always be this way: you will soon be back on track!

early signs of pregnancy

The second early symptom of pregnancy you should be aware of is a distinct taste in your mouth. Some women claim that they realized that everything they ate before tastes different than it used to within the first two weeks of pregnancy. Moreover, just like good old jokes about pregnant ladies state, they get to the point when out of a sudden they start eating foods they never liked before and saying no to meals they could live without.

The next early symptom of pregnancy is spotting. This sign starts within the first weeks of pregnancy, and some women being unaware of their condition believe that this is how their period starts. However, as the doctors state, spotting should be considered as an early symptom of pregnancy. It happens because the embryo is in the process of implantation and spotting is what it takes for it to implant properly.

Tender breasts are among the other pregnancy signs that come out early. You might feel different in that area: some girls complain that they can no longer wear their old bras, as, for some reason, they seem to be too small now. Others note that they notice that nipple-areola zone gets more brown and soft. These are all the symptoms of pregnancy you should take into account.

pregnancy signs and symptoms

Furthermore, you should also be careful once you get nausea. It is one of the most common signs of pregnancy within the first two weeks. Do not think that the only way to see whether you are pregnant or not is by defining whether you have morning sickness. It is not a problem for a lot of people. However, a lot of women experience nausea periodically especially when it comes to eating particular kinds of foods (that are different to each woman) or smelling certain fragrances.

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And another early sign of pregnancy that is tightly connected to the nausea effect is what the doctors call “heightened sense of smell.” Some women get to a point where they can detect those smells that no one else in the room can sense. Then it might be a definite symptom of pregnancy.

One more pregnancy sign at two weeks is your missed period. Sure thing, you will hear a lot of women saying that they had their periods even though they were pregnant at the time, this is still rather an exception than a rule.

pregnancy signs week 2

A pregnant woman can also experience difficulties with digestion system once she gets pregnant. Therefore, we highly recommend you first consulting your doctor if you experience discomfort as well as taking a pregnancy test.

You have probably heard a lot of men making fun of how fast the mood of a woman changes once she gets pregnant. It is not her fault but rather a result of hormones changes in her body. That is why if you are a stable personality but have been recently suffering from frequent mood changes, you might be willing to take a test.

Other women claim that they either started eating more or on the contrary, have to make themselves eat as they have no appetite whatsoever. This might be a result of implantation of an embryo in your body. While still on this topic, lack of appetite can lead to feeling dizzy as well as losing weight. So watch out if you find any of these early pregnancy symptoms!

pregnancy signs at two weeks

Another factor you should pay attention to is how often you need to go to the bathroom. If you notice that you have to go to pee more frequently than you used to, it might be either a sign of pregnancy on its early stages or a symptom of an infection in your bladder. In both cases we highly recommend you consulting your doctor.

Doctors state that these are the symptoms you might have within the first two weeks of your pregnancy. This is the time when you might not even know that you might be pregnant, and yet you can examine and consult a doctor earlier. If you have at least two of these symptoms at the same time, chances are you are pregnant.


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