What are remedies for fatty liver?

Do you know how to treat fatty liver using natural home remedies? What is the best treatment for this disease? You can find the answer here.

remedies for fatty liver

What is the fatty liver disease?

There are two types of fatty disease. The first one is alcoholic, while the another one has nothing to do with alcohol. As you can understand from the name of the disease, it is tightly connected to the amount of fat in your liver. Doctors state that having fat in the liver is normal and you have no reason to worry unless it makes up for ten percent of the weight of your liver. Then you need to consult a doctor to prevent possible fatty liver disease complications.

What causes fatty liver disease?

There are several causes of this condition. First of all, if you are a heavy drinker, then alcohol might be one of the leading causes of this situation. It might even occur that you have had alcohol for a long time, but if you used to drink a lot, the consequences of this bad habit could hit you years later.

Among other causes is the fatty liver disease that your parents transmitted to you with genes you were born with. Also, this might be a result of having hepatitis C or having too much iron in your body. Apart from that, you should know that being overweight can also lead to developing this complicated medical condition.

Bear in mind that viral hepatitis can lead to fatty liver disease as well as issues with autoimmune liver illnesses. Check out whether the fatty liver disease is not among the side effects of the medications you are taking at the time being.

And finally, the last but equally important cause of the fatty liver disease can be the dramatic loss weight to the improper diet that does not give you enough nutrients vital to your body or on the contrary overdoses you with other ones.

remedies for fatty liver disease

Now as you know what can cause fatty liver disease, let’s see what are the best home remedies for treating it.

Natural remedies for fatty liver disease

We have found tons of information that cover this issue, but we have chosen the best tips to help you overcome this condition.

You definitely know that no alcohol is acceptable to you in this condition that is why staying away from anything that contains alcohol would be step one.

However, among the other remedies for fatty liver disease is lemon juice. You should add it to your daily diet. Try not to overdose your body with the acid, but consider drinking a few glasses of water with half a lemon squeezed into it for a couple of weeks to see the results. Drink it on a regular basis to prevent fatty liver disease after you overcome this condition. The nutrients found in the lemon, vitamin C in particular, can promote glutathione production. Thanks to this your liver will get detoxification it needs.

treatment for fatty liver the natural way

You should also add green tea to your daily consumption. Keep in mind that this is a perfect remedy for those who want to treat a non-alcoholic type of the disease. Professionals state that one should drink at least four cups of this tea on a daily basis to ensure proper functioning of his or her liver. They say that it is better to drink tea, and not its supplements. However, this is very personal, so you should get the instructions from your doctor to be on the safe side.

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The fourth thing that can stimulate the treatment of the fatty liver disease at home is sufficient consumption of apple cider vinegar. The thing is that this remedy is focused on getting rid of the extra weight as a result of killing the fat stored in your liver. The recipe is quite simple even though far from delicious. Just take one tablespoon of this liquid and add it to a cup of warm water. You can also mix some honey into this drink to make it less disgusting. So drink it several times a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening as a remedy and treatment against the fatty liver disease.

treatment for fatty liver pain

You should also know that you can use turmeric to help you here. It also has antioxidant properties that can be of much help to those suffering from this condition. That is why doctor recommends adding to your daily ration. Here is what you need to do with it to treat fatty liver disease at home. Take a quarter of a teaspoon of this powder and a cup of drinking water. Then put it all in a pan and let it boil. Then drink it as tea several times a day for at least a month. However, the amount of turmeric powder you should take should be negotiated with your doctor, as he knows your particular condition better than anyone else.

The next home remedy is more pleasant. It involves eating papaya, and who would love it? Dieticians say that this fruit is helpful when someone wants to lose some fat which is the main thing about extra weight. That is why nutrients that are found in papaya and it seeds should be on the menu of a person suffering from the fatty liver disease of any type. You can either just eat it in slices or add its seeds mixed with lemon juice several times a day for at least a month. You will find the effect absolutely jaw-dropping, so don’t hesitate to get papayas to treat the disease and enjoy your meals.

best remedies for fatty liver

Amla is another yummy berry to treat your sickness. It is perfect for people that need to make their liver function the right way. That is why you should eat at least several berries a day to help your body work week or get it in powder to drink with water.

The last two remedies to treat the fatty liver disease are self-explanatory. First of all, you should stick to healthy eating habits. Here is what the professionals say about it:

•    Eat healthy to get rid of extra weight, as it might be the cause of fatty liver disease; however, mind to lose weight gradually not too dramatically not to put too much stress on your liver;

•    Eat more products that contain fiber and are not packed with fats, especially saturated ones

•    Eat fewer sweets and cut out the sugary drinks out of your diet;

•    Do not drink alcohol whatsoever;

•    Control the level of cholesterol in your body;

•    Eat more plants, like fruit and vegetables instead of processed foods;

•    Add more fish, flaxseed, tofu, and whole grains to your diet for general health condition improvement;

•    Do not eat foods made out of white flour;

•    Try to cut down on hot food with lots of spices in it.

natural remedies for fatty liver disease

Apart from this, you should also do more physical exercises. Join a local gym, or try jogging every morning as a part pf your fatty liver disease treatment. Specialists conclude that at least thirty minutes of active exercising a day can save the situation and solve the problems you are experiencing at the moment.

Finally, sports like aerobics, fitness, or regular walking ca be of great help. So, keep that in mind when looking for natural remedies to treat fatty liver disease and its consequences. Stay healthy and share this material with your friends if you find it useful!

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