What are remedies for nausea?

Do you dream to get rid of disgusting nausea? What tips are the best? What home remedies for nausea should you know? You’ll find out all the answers in this article right now!

home remedies

Nausea is an uncomfortable feeling experienced of each person during the life time. The worst thing is that nausea foretells vomiting, which can appear at any time and in any place. Eliminating nausea requires more effort than preventing it. However, everyone should know home remedies for nausea feeling.

In order not to let nausea catch you in the wrong place, it is advisable to know how to get rid of nausea at home. First of all, consider the reasons for which it may appear, because getting rid of unpleasant feelings without the certain cause, is more difficult.

Remedies for nausea

Remedies for nausea

During the course of various diseases getting rid of nausea does not mean the recovery in general, so before it is better to eliminate the cause of the disease. Then nausea disappears independently. If nausea is accompanied by other symptoms (fever), you should not use self-medicate. It is better to call an ambulance and, if nausea, vomiting is over, show the vomit to the doctor.

But if nausea is not associated with serious diseases, it is possible to learn a set of rules about what to do for nausea and vomiting.

The first self-help for nausea

first self-help for nausea

1. Sometimes nausea is progressing with huge activity. Sometimes it is enough to sit or lie down in order to relieve the uncomfortable feeling. Supine position does not always help, and sometimes only enhances the unpleasant feeling. A sitting position is always harmless. Be sure to lie down when you feel seasickness. The best way to get rid of nausea is sleeping. By the time of awakening nausea can pass.

2. The fresh air can significantly improve the condition. Go to the balcony, sit in the courtyard or direct the flow of air of the fan. It will improve air flow to the stomach.

3. If nausea raises body temperature, you need to make a cold compress to the head and upper neck to normalize it.

self-help for nausea

4. Often nausea becomes stronger, if you think about its causes, consequences, etc. A leisurely activity, listening to good music, watching favorite TV shows and a distraction from thoughts gradually reduces the problem to a minimum. You cannot strain both mentally and physically, try to ignore all the sources of stress.

5. It is advisable to withdraw from any odors, as even the favorite smell can provoke increased vomiting.

Acupressure can deal with nausea

Acupressure can deal with nausea

The remedy for nausea does not immediately come to mind. Massaging certain point in the wrist areas crops unpleasant sensation.

It is conducted in two ways:

1. Find a point located, on the width not exceeding three fingers, folded beneath the folds between the palm and wrist. Having flexed wrist feel the place between the tendons on the middle line of the forearm and massage using vibrating pressing for a minute - two. Relief comes immediately.

2. The advantage of the second method is the freedom of the second hand by using a special bracelet (wristband is suitable for sea sickness) button, when you click it, it massages this point.

Stretching the body and neck

Stretching the body and neck

The unpleasant feeling arises when the area of ​​the back and neck are stretched. Stretching the problem areas improves mood. You have to lie on your stomach and stretch out for a while on the straight hands as if holding push-ups to make an extension to the body. The legs and pelvis should be retained in the initial position. Head must be pulled back.

Several times in a minute change the head position from the maximum tilt forward until the chin lock in the chest, and then move the head to the left until it stops. It is recommended to make 4 stops in a circle during one minute.

Accept and follow the rules of good nutrition

follow the rules of good nutrition

In order to ease nausea you should not eat in large quantities. But it is necessary to eat only a small portion. This rule also applies to drinking. Hunger and water shortages only reinforce the feeling of nausea in the body.

Aggravation of irritation of the stomach cannot stand oily, sweet and hard to digest food. Therefore, you should think what you can eat. Forget about fast food, sausages, chips and other ‘harmful goodies’ for a while. In order to eliminate possible nausea you can use unsaturated broth, toast, jelly, sweet and sour cream (but only in a small amount). You can eat boiled lean meat, chicken and fish having mild nausea.

mild nausea

If you decide to have snack with tea and toasted bread, do not eat ice cream before that. The temperature difference in the stomach will act as a predisposing factor in the amplification of nausea.

It is better to prefer cool drinks, without gas and a moderate amount of sugar. The best drink is water, but light sour juices stand on the second place. If nausea had not been eliminated in time and vomiting occurred, the minerals will be restored due to the sports drinks. Too hot or cold drink plays a negative role in the prevention of vomiting. A large quantity of any liquid will not do any benefit to the stomach.

6 folk medicine recommendations for nausea

folk medicine

Choosing folk remedies for nausea (if you are at home) is not difficult. Folk medicine has several ways, one of which will be certainly available.

1. If there is autumn, eat the quince fruit, which has antiemetic properties. Previously it should be better rubbed. In the worst case, it may have jam made of quince, where the fruit retain therapeutic effect.

2. Squeeze the juice from the potato, there is enough use half of a large spoon to remove the sickness. You need to eat juice before meals, in addition to antiemetic effect, it also eliminates the problem of loss of appetite.

3. A warm decoction of fennel has long been used as a folk remedy for nausea. The main thing is to stock it for the full year.

therapeutic effect

4. The peel of citrus fruits, which are insisted on vodka (1 bottle) for a week. You should put the infusion in a cool place after its straining. Before meal it is necessary to add a few drops of the tincture used as an antiemetic.

5. A decoction of the leaves of peppermint is prepared on the basis of the two-day portions, dividing it into two times before eating. To prepare the broth, you need to take 2 tablespoons of mint and 2 cups of boiling water. Insist broth per day and you should drink half a cup.

6. Leaf green tea must not be brew, it is enough just to chew it to get rid of the urge to vomit.

get rid of the urge to vomit

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7. Menthol is dissolved in alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5. It has antiemetic properties. The proper application of the agent (a few drops, dissolved in water) provides a therapeutic effect.

6. Herbs fight against nausea and vomiting. There are several variants. One of them includes valerian rhizome and Calamus flowers, cumin, coriander and rose hips, oregano grass. The second option includes mint and cudweed grass, the rhizome of valerian, chamomile flowers. A big spoon of one of the herbs is poured with hot boiling water and insisted. The half a glass of a prepared broth is drunk before meals three times a day.

7. One of the quickest remedies is starch solution (a teaspoon per glass of water). The mixture relieves pain in the stomach very quickly.

nausea after drinking

8. 1 tablespoon of powder of dried chicory is put in boiling water. People insist it per the whole night in a thermos. They drink a decoction of a quarter cup 4 times a day. Chicory is recognized as an excellent remedy for food poisoning.

9. Sprigs of blackberries with leaves help in acute poisoning. 1 tablespoon of blackberry is brewed with a glass of water, boiled for a few minutes over low heat and infused for 40 minutes. You can drink this decoction within an hour.

10. Squeezed juice of celery (root) cope with nausea well. To do this, you need 2 tbsp. of chopped celery, a glass of boiling water. You should leave it for a couple of hours. Drink the infusion (100-200 ml) three times a day.

nausea remedies

11. A quick method to overcome the nausea is connected with three eggs. It is necessary to separate the whites from the yolks, then stir whites well and drink it.

12. Having the severe retching you can grind ivy leaves with honey and swallow it quickly.

13. Radiograms pink works well for any poisoning. You should drink it several times a day (however, the latter drinking should be up to 7pm): 7 drops and water with a spoon of honey.

Pharmacology and antiemetic

Pharmacology and antiemetic

Traditional remedy for nausea is easy to pick up at home, but it is important to find a source of unpleasant sensations. Partly nausea persists due to inhaling the smell of ginger. This is one of the few fragrances that are permitted to antiemetic treatment.

When there is a gastric origin of sickness you should choose activated carbon, which must always be in the home medicine cabinet.

Remedies for nausea after drinking

Remedies for nausea after drinking

After a stormy feast there is a number of symptoms that are associated with nausea caused by intoxication. Dizziness and general well-being cannot suggest how to alleviate the condition and get rid of nausea after taken alcohol. This problem occurs more frequently with men.

In order to resolve this problem, the toxic products in the stomach can be eliminated with yogurt, mineral water, aspirin, ascorbic acid, activated charcoal. In a pinch, you can stock up some mint candies. In the morning after drinking you would love using them.

women's nausea

Learn all these remedies for nausea and you will be able to get rid of nausea very fast and with no special effort!


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