What are signs of infection after surgery?

What are the signs of infection? Can you prevent infection from happening? Read the article to find out!

after surgery

If you recover after surgery, you may need to be concerned about possible infections which can occur in your blood or incision. It`s gravely important to take all necessary steps to prevent infection in your blood and incision. Even so, it may not guarantee you 100% infection free situation, but chances to get it will be decreased.

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You would need to inspect your incision daily for two fortnights after incision. You would also need to measure your temperature daily at the same time to inspect if there are any deviations. High temperature may be a sign of infection.

It`s quite possible to catch an infection, not in the place of the incision. The urinary tract infections are most common for patients after surgery. The patients who had a urinary catheter during and after the surgery are extremely vulnerable to infections.

vulnerable to infections

If you think that you have an infection in the place of the incision or the blood, then you need some knowledge to identify it. Therefore, your surgeon can provide you antibiotics and other necessary therapy to prevent infection from spreading. Do not try to play with infection and treat it by yourself. You have a huge risk to have surgery again.

Signs and Symptoms of Infection

Signs and Symptoms of Infection


One of the greatest signs of infections. The fever is also accompanied with chill feeling. It can surely decrease your appetite which will lead to dehydration and headaches. A fewer of 37 degrees of cesium can be pretty common sign after surgeon but in the case of higher temperatures you should immediately call a surgeon.  



The most common symptom of infection that runs through your body. You may feel tired and lack of energy during Malaise. It feels that everything goes out of hands and you need more time to rest or sleep. This prevents you from making any activities during workdays. Nevertheless, this can also be considered as a common symptom for patients who just recover from the surgery. They may not have any kind of infection at all. Still, there is a difference in recovery after a surgery and suffering from an infection. People who recover from surgery will feel better every day when people are having an infection will feel lethargic and exhausted every day.

Infected Surgical Incision Symptoms

Infected Surgical Incision Symptoms

Hot incisions. It may feel very hot to touch. This happens when a body sends cells to fight infection in the place of incision. Therefore, you may feel like it`s boiling in the place of incision. It only gives a piece of advice that you need take precautions measures to prevent hot incision from happening.

Hardening/Swelling of the incision. An infected area may become harder outside, but inflammation process may start underneath. The place of infection may become swelling.

Redness. If you see red color in the place of an incision, you would need to be alarm as it can be a 50% sure symptom of infection. It can surround the skin around the place of the incision and start radiating and swelling. There are also other probabilities which may include redness of the skin, but if you see that redness area only becomes bigger, you will need to report your surgeon.

Hardening/Swelling of the incision

Incision Drainage. The infected are may have foul-smelling drainage or pus. It can be ranged from many colors, like yellow, white, green or red. There is also the probability that it can be thick and chunky.

Pain. It can be a normal situation for recovery from surgery, but if you feel constant pain which becomes stronger, you would need to call a doctor. Nevertheless, after surgery, you should demolish all activities for few weeks and rest.

Urination Pain. It`s a common problem for patients after surgery. Nevertheless, if you feel a constant pain in the bladder, urination urgency, lower abdominal pain. Therefore, you may have a problem with urination tract.

Infection can`t be ignored

Infection can`t be ignored

Infection may become a serious and even life-threatening problem for you. Small infections may not be your problem for some time, but it will be increased and become a tremendous issue for you. A small wound on the skin can be a certain way to the grave. A urinary tract infection may certainly become sepsis. And sepsis will be spread in the blood and may become a catastrophe for inner organs. It may be increased to a septic shock which leads to failure of inner organs.

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