What are the benefits of a coconut oil hair mask?

How to use coconut oil in a right way? Find out the best recipes to make your hair look stunning in this article! It works better than professional cosmetics! Don’t miss it!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is obtained from the dried flesh of the coconut palm nuts. Homeland of the plant is tropical America, however, some scholars do not agree with this, believing that it first began to grow in the Indo-Pacific lands. Even in ancient times people have appreciated the benefit of coconut oil, so palm began to be cultivated in tropical countries. The abundance of these plants can be found on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, the Philippines, the Malay Peninsula, the island of Sri Lanka and India.

virgin Coconut oil

The main producer of coconut oil is considered to be India. Coconut oil in its composition and consistency is significantly different from the other oils: it is solid, has a white color, pleasant odor. It has its useful properties due to linoleic, stearic, caprylic, palmitic and other acids. They prevent reaction with air, so the oil can be stored in any environment for several years.

Coconut oil is used in cosmetics for the face and body, but primarily for the hair care. With the help of this wonderful product, you can get rid of damaged, dull and brittle hair, to protect it from adverse external influences and to get rid of dandruff and hair loss. After several applications hair will respond to such care, it will become shiny and strong, the volume will appear and at the same time you will see the reduced impact of external adverse mechanical, chemical and thermal factors.

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Coconut oil mask

Why should you use coconut oil so good for hair? The secret lies in its dense structure that opens each hair and it is evenly distributed over the entire length. Thus there is no loss of the proteins that we have in the hair structure and which are responsible for their brilliance, beauty and health. Coconut oil is used in pure form, in other cases it must be diluted. Before use or cooking any recipe with this oil, it must be heated in a water bath to make it liquid. If you choose to use coconut oil, it is necessary to find out in advance about the contraindications. You may have an allergy to this product or personal intolerance.

hair mask

The easiest and most popular way to use coconut oil is the application its pure form before washing the head. Beforehand preheated oil can be easily applied to the hair, spreading over the entire length, leaving for 40 minutes. Do not forget that it is also necessary to rub it into the scalp. To get the maximum effect, you can wear a hat for warming. In this case, you can be sure that your hair gets all the useful properties. Another way - first wash your hair with shampoo, and then instead of balsam apply coconut oil for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm, but not hot water. Both methods are used twice a week. If the hair is of mixed type, it means the scalp is oily, and the hair is dry and brittle and split ends constantly appear, then lubricate them with oil for all night and then rinse with warm water in the morning. After 3-4 applications, you will notice that the hair structure has changed, it has become strong and brilliant, and the ends are not weak anymore. And, of course, at all times, it is popular to make coconut oil hair mask. As coconut oil hair mask before and after pictures are very popular in web and they often impress the ladies.

Mask to strengthen and nutrition

coconut oil hair mask before and after

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This coconut oil hair mask recipe is very popular nowadays. For its preparation you will need 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 5 drops of essential oil of ylang ylang, 1 tsp of honey. First, melt the butter in a water bath as soon as it becomes liquid, immediately mix it with honey and ylang ylang. All you need is carefully to stir until the mixture is smooth. Then apply the mask first on the scalp and hair roots, then spread over the entire length, leave for 30 minutes, wash with shampoo. This method must be used at least 1 time per week.

Fruit mask for normal or dry hair

coconut oil hair mask result

Ingredients for this mask are the following: 1 avocado or banana and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Fruit is grinned as long as it turns into a puree and cocoa butter is melt in a water bath, mix all and apply the resulting mixture on the scalp and hair. Then put on the head the warming hat and leave for 1 hour, then wash hair with shampoo and balm.

Mask to moisturize the hair.

coconut oil hair mask results

To get rid of dry and brittle hair, to give them a healthy appearance and glitter, you must prepare a mask. You will need 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of mayonnaise, 1 egg yolk, 5 drops of oil of myrrh, blue chamomile and sandalwood. Coconut oil is melted, add the first egg yolk, mix well, and then mayonnaise, at the end of cooking, when it turns to homogeneous mass, drip essential oils.

The mask is applied to the hair for 1 hour, and then the hair is washed with warm water and shampoo. If your hair is severely weakened and damaged, coconut oil masks must be made regularly, 2 times a week. You should have it on your head for 40 to 60 minutes. To enhance the effect, use the special warming hat for hair, it can be replaced with cling film and a towel.


coconut oil hair care

Since coconut oil is very popular, its use and methods of application, of course, overgrown with myths that are well-known all over the world

1. People who have not used it yet, think that it can clog pores and hair will fall out;

2. Coconut oil is mineral, and so it makes huge harm to health;

3. There is no need to heat the oil;

4. The hotter oil is, the more effectively it acts.

In fact, all these are myths and nothing more.


coconut oil hair treatment

A lot of people, who use coconut oil for heavily damaged and dull hair, were very satisfied with the results. Among the most important advantages: it does not dye the hair, so it can be used for the blonde women, while delivering a high level of fat, which enables it to easily spread on the hair, even if they are very long. A lot of women say about pleasant smell and not every oil has it. Of course, it has its drawbacks, but they do not apply to the use of coconut oil. The main drawback is the difficulty washing it off if it is applied for all night long. In addition, such use can clog the pores on your face. It must be applied not only accurately, but also in the right quantity. Coconut oil is the perfect remedy for hair, which may be even better than most of professional ones. If you stop to dry the hair with your dryer, do not use irons and straighteners, then after a few months they will look shiny and well-groomed without salon procedures.

But there are a lot of other uses of coconut oil. Regular use of coconut oil helps to extend youth and health of your skin and hair.

Coconut oil has a number of miraculous effects:

two coconuts

- Slows down the formation of wrinkles;

- Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin;

- Anti-inflammatory effect;

- Reduces protein loss during washing;

- Protects the skin from damaging of different environmental factors (ultraviolet tight, bacteria, viruses, air pollution, dust, etc.);

ready coconut oil

- Nourishes and moisturizes the skin after hair removal;

- A layer of oil on the hair protects it from swelling and damage during brushing and wiping with a towel;

- It creates a stable protective layer, which contributes to a smooth and beautiful tan;

- Keeps nails healthy and solid;

- Has beneficial effects on health - relieves stress and mental fatigue.

Coconut oil may be applied in its pure form. On this basis, you can make a mask for the skin, face and hair. Also, coconut oil can be used in conjunction with other moisturizing and nourishing agents for better absorption of nutrients.

 Pure coconut oil can be used:

coconut mask

- As an alternative to lotion. Apply to damp skin immediately after showering.

- As an alternative to cream - for nutrition and moisturizing the skin.

- As a means for the Sun – helps to get even tan, while prevents dehydration and skin dryness.

- Works as emollient and soothing agent after depilation, manicure, pedicure and shaving. It makes the skin smooth and even. It has anti-inflammatory effect.

- As a hair mask - nourishes, moisturizes and restores hair. It minimizes protein loss during washing.

The use of coconut oil with other oils and cosmetics:

coconut oil bowl

If you for some reason do not prefer the use of coconut oil in its pure form, it is possible to mix it with other natural plant oils, or with finished cosmetic creams. To choose the most suitable for your skin oil mixture, first read the description of each of them. The proportions of the mixtures can be unlimited, but usually use 1 part coconut oil into 2-3 pieces of other used oils. In order to stir them you must first melt coconut oil in a water bath to a liquid state, and after add other oil. The mixture should immediately be stirred, and poured in some previously prepared jar.

coconuts on table

Such home-cooked oily agent may also be used as a cream for the face and skin around the eyes, massage of the face and neck, or just in the form of masks (oil composition is put on the face for 20-30 minutes). With regard to the addition of coconut oil in already prepared cosmetic creams, or, for example, skin cleansing products (milks, lotions, tonics) then you should better mix such amount of oil that you use at once. For this it is necessary to melt the piece of oil in the fingers, hand, or just in contact with the face, lubricate the skin with it, apply some dots of cream on top then smear it with ready oil.

The same is with lotions and tonics - first put oil on the skin, then wipe face with a cotton swab dipped in a cleaning agent.

What should I do if the oil has thickened?

Coconuts and oil

If your oil has thickened, this fact only confirms its naturalness (melting point is25 degrees Celsius). If you want to melt oil, put the jar under a stream of warm water or keep it in a warm place, such as the bathroom, for example. If you are more comfortable and more enjoyable to use thickened coconut oil, then pour it into a container of any cream. Keep it in a cool place (below 20 degrees) or in the refrigerator, so you can use oil as a moisturizer.

As you see coconut oil is very usefully thing in your bathroom! Stay beautiful and healthy using ingredients, which were presented us by nature!

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