What are the benefits of raw onions for our health?

Do you want to find out why onions are good for our health? Read about the components contained in this vegetable and learn why it’s necessary to eat it!

raw onions health

Onion is the product loved by people all around the world. There are a lot of raw onions health benefits. And it’s very useful to know that it doesn’t only make your dish tastier but also improves your health.

The nutritionists agree that this vegetable is one of the best you can eat. It contains a lot of vitamins such as A and C. And sulphur, phytochemicals and flavonoids answer the question why are raw onions good for you.

Most of these components are contained in a few other vegetables and fruits. They are responsible for improving your immune system.

It basically means that if you consume enough of such products you will become more resistible for all kinds of inflammations.

According to several studies, onions also lower your chances to get Parkinson's disease and heart sicknesses. Moreover, raw onions contain quercetin that is responsible for preventing cancer.

Of course no doctor will give you a guarantee that you will never get this disease if you consume particular products. However, you are just less likely to get sick if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Bladder infections can also be prevented by onions and they can also help treat them. And if you have problems with blood pressure, consuming some raw onions might be a great idea too.

All in all, there are a lot of other components that can be found in onions that will make your health condition better.

One of the raw onions benefits is that they are also a perfect source of antioxidants that our body really needs. That’s why every person needs to consume this product at least from time to time.

raw onions health

It is especially good for older people with heart problems. The doctors advise to add onions to most of the foods simply because they have natural salty flour. And as we know, salt isn’t the best thing for our health.

What is more, it’s perfect for those striving to lose weight as it’s not rich in calories and it doesn’t contain any fat at all. Vitamin B that can be found in the raw onion is very important for our bodies too.

It makes sure that all out organs are functioning right and that the new cells are substituting the old ones on a regular basis. In general, you can consume any kind of onions – cooked or raw – it’s not that important.

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But there is no doubt that raw onions have more sulphur than the cooked ones. Moreover, raw onions are good for you because they have a lot of flavonoids.

Health benefits of raw onions

If you have heart problems

There are a lot of ways how raw onions make us healthier. According to the researches, people who consume raw onions at least from time to time are less likely to have problems with heart and blood pressure.

It happens because sulphur that is found in onions thins the blood and prevents it from working in a wrong way. Moreover, old people who tend to have heart problems are more likely to avoid the stroke.

Some other studies also state that all the vegetables and fruits that contain sulphur are necessary for every human being because it makes sure everything in our body works the right way.

What is more, similar studies were also done on animals and they actually proved that sulphur works exactly the same way with their bodies.

Even though the whole process hasn’t been studied properly yet, all the scientists agree that this vegetable will help people to forget about the heart issues and the problems with high or low blood pressure.

raw onions health

The quercetin, that also can be found in raw onions, is also a very important factor that keeps your body healthy.

Unfortunately, there is no exact explanation how it interacts with our bodies because all the experiments were done on animals, we are certainly sure that it helps.

Inflammation? Forget it!

Most studies show that sulphur and other components that are found in onions can help you fight all kinds of inflammations. It is also a good idea to consume onions if you have asthma because it helps fight the symptoms.

All in all, eating raw onions will improve the condition of your immunity no matter what age you are.

More about immunity

Another component that is contained in onions is called polyphenols. It’s also very important for our health and if we speak in scientific terms, it makes our bodies get rid of free radicals.

How good are raw onions for health of a human? Well, most of the doctors encourage their patients to eat this product as much as possible in order to become healthy.

If you keep on doing it, after a while you will notice that your health condition has improved. Moreover, you will notice that you won’t get sick that often anymore!

raw onions health

Protection against cancer

The element that lowers your chances to get cancer is called quercetin. It is advised to consume it in order to remain healthy as long as possible!

Of course it’s not going to cure this disease but prevention with such an easy method is the best thing we can do.

Blood pressure and sugar

Another good reason to eat onions is chromium. It cooperates with sulphur and controls the production of insulin, important hormone in our bodies.

And as we know, the disease that implies the problems with blood sugar is called diabetes. Here we can make a conclusion that those people who suffer from both types of this sickness can also eat onions.

It will control the level of sugar in their blood.

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