What are the benefits of sleeping naked?

Have you thought about sleeping naked? The article reveals some arguments in favour of such type of sleeping. Just follow this tip to be healthy and happy.

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Everyone knows what the feelings will be if you do not have a good quality sleep. In addition to physiological ailments, scientists have found that lack of a good sleep leads to the quarrels which often arise out of the blue.

When you fall asleep, your body temperature decreases. Specialists of the Medical Academy of Sleep Study point out that if you sleep naked, the possibilities of a good sleep and rest are increased by several times because clothes do not disturb the natural ability of the body to chill. People sleeping in pyjamas, further still under the covers, deprive the body of this possibility, thereby making it more susceptible to insomnia.

Underwear shops offer a varied range of clothes: pyjamas, nightgowns, peignoir, shirts – «everything for a good and comfortable sleep». But as the scientists have found that it is better to sleep naked, just follow this useful piece of advice not only to save the family’s budget but also your health.

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Now let’s discuss certain points separately, both for women and men.

First of all, Ladies:

  • Dr. Jennifer Landa, the author of her own technique of increasing sexual activity for women and numerous materials for the conservation of their intimate health, notes that sleeping naked is beneficial to the female genital organs, since the presence of underwear or sleepwear also does not make it possible to cool, which increases the accumulation of bacteria to them and prevents the elimination of the natural secretions of the female body, which, thanks to the correct "ventilation" by sleeping without clothes, "evaporate" more quickly. Scientists believe that when a person is sleeping naked there is a risk reduction of fungal infections. The truth is that wearing underwear stimulates the accumulation of moisture.



  • They are especially recommended to sleep naked, as the men’s scrotum in tight underwear is in a choked state, so there is stagnation in the dorsal vein and artery, which runs inside the penis. As a result - there are a lot of complaints about the «Irish rise». In order not to disrupt the blood supply to the genital organs, improve sperm quality and fertility, doctors recommend that men at night should strip off their underwear.

Without any doubts, there is much more pros and cons of sleeping naked. Suffice it to recall, as we wait for the end of the working day, finally to throw off the burden of all clothes. The fact is that the clothes, which would be even of natural fabrics, prevent blood circulation. As a result, there is a headache, insomnia, and emotional tension increases.


Extraneous items of clothing during the light sleep phase abruptly awaken the body, and if it occurs during the period from two to six in the morning, when the body is "preparing" to the perception of the light period of the day, then the next day is triggered by excessive appetite, negative impact on the figure and leads to more rapid skin aging. Sleep naked reduces the amount of the hormone cortisol in the blood. This is a stress hormone, which promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Go to sleep without clothes and you will get rid of excess centimeters at the waist. The thing is that sleep naked reduces the number of nighttime awakenings, during which there is a sharp release of cortisol in the blood.

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Choosing sleep without clothes, you get an extra dose of the hormone oxytocin. This reduces the level of stress hormone, prevents cancer and slows inflammatory processes in the body. Thanks to oxytocin you will be calmer, you will have no chance to sink into a depression.

naked girl

The next morning you will feel much cleaner. You can simply wash in the morning as the effect after the evening shower will remain its purity until the morning. Sleeping naked is so naturally! You will sleep better when the clothes will cease to paralyze you. Try to dream without limits, and you will no longer want to get voluntarily into the prisoner pajamas. 

In addition, when we sleep, our body continues to operate. If we sleep naked, we improve air ventilation and regeneration processes are accelerated. Ventilated and refreshed skin produces collagen and open pores. Undress for the beautiful and healthy skin!

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Sleep naked also raise your self-confidence and sexuality to a new level. Couples who sleep together naked, enjoy an active sex life, and it is logical. And if you do not sleep alone but with a partner in such a way, hugging each other, oxytocin is produced on the surface of your skin - a natural element that makes you feel happier.

All in all, it is necessary because sleeping in the coolness is a cornerstone for being strong and restoring your power. Pyjamas, especially if it is soft and comfortable, like a teddy bear, affect the natural order of the things. You can’t properly cool to sleep soundly and efficiently.

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