What are the best bad breath remedies?

If a person suffers from bad breath from the mouth, it is a disturbing signal. Read in this article, what bad smell from the mouth means, how it threatens your health and how to get rid of it =) The best bad breath remedies for you!

the best bad breath remedies

The personal success in our world is determined not only by the mind and quick thinking, dedication, charisma, and performance. A significant role is played in this self-confidence, charisma, and vigor. We are ashamed of bad breath in the morning or at the dentist. We are concerned about bad breath at the time of meaningful negotiations or the romantic date, distracting from work or not letting the right moment express your thoughts. Halitosis is the medical definition of the problem. Bad breath is a psychological challenge for some people and solves it is not only possible, but it is necessary.

Bad breath is the cause of the discomfort of others and the emergence of complexes in humans who suffer from bad breath. What are the causes of bad breath? How to get rid of bad breath disease? These questions arise in many people who suffer from halitosis, - the term which experts use for the definition of bad (not fresh) breathing.

You should find out the causes of bad breath

the best bad breath remedies

Do not hurry to rush in search of the miraculous treatments that quickly remove this unpleasant problem. At first, you need to find out the causes of bad breath, reducing the possible causes to a minimum. And best of all, if you will visit a competent and qualified dentist. Modern dental offices are equipped with equipment that allows efficiently diagnosing halitosis and identifying the causes of this disease.

How do you know that you have halitosis?

How do you know that you have halitosis?

Many people are not even aware that their breathing is the stench because they do not feel it. If you suspect that you have not fresh breath, you can ask a close person to answer frankly: does he feel an unpleasant odor when communicating with you? If you hesitate to do it, you can consult your dentist and undergo an examination or try to identify the signs of halitosis on your own. Bear in mind that trying to detect bad breath at home better to do it in the middle or at the end of the day. Many kinds of toothpaste or chewing gums mask bad smell and breath, so the test is best done in 3-5 hours after use.

  • Breathe in gently bent palm and held it to his nose. Do you feel bad breath? So, it is time to begin to treat halitosis.

Breathe in gently bent palm and held it to his nose.

  • Take dental floss, insert it between the teeth in the interdental space, slightly pull back and forth. If after that it has a bad smell, so bad breath problem exists, but is not far-fetched.
  • You can also use a cotton pad: you need using it to wipe your tongue and the inner surface of the cheeks. Do it easily without pressure. If the disk has an unpleasant smell, it is necessary to start the treatment of halitosis.

What reason can cause the appearance of bad breath?

What reason can cause the appearance of bad breath?

There are several causes of bad breath (halitosis) which are known to medicine:

  • The use of inferior hygiene products. The toothbrush should be maximally maneuverable and has a high rigidity and adjustable head, which can penetrate into hard to reach places, sweeping the remnants of food and accumulated microbial plaque.
  • Irregular cleaning of teeth. All people know that care oral and oral hygiene should be at least two times a day. But many people forget to brush your teeth at night and per night cariogenic bacteria produce malodorous hydrogen sulfide that causes the appearance of bad breath and other extremely unpleasant problems.
  • Smoking. Almost all smokers have a strong smell from the mouth, which occurs on a background of prolonged tobacco use and chronic diseases of the teeth.
  • Caries. During the reproduction of bacteria residing on the tooth surface, is produced hydrogen sulfide - it is a gas with an appalling smell. And overrotten fragments of food, stuck in the carious cavities, only increase the manifestations of bad breath.
  • Some diseases. Often a stench appears due to digestive diseases (such as gastritis).
  • The wrong diet. Sometimes gastronomic cravings become the cause of bad breath: the eating of a large amount of fast food and foods rich in simple carbohydrates, fizzy drinks. The diet of the majority of people does not have enough fruit and vegetables, which is a primary reason digestive disorder.
  • Other causes.

Who is at risk?

Who is at risk halitosis?

Also, the risks of halitosis have people who have these symptoms:

  1. endocrine disorders;
  2. overweight;
  3. hormonal disorders;
  4. problems in the functioning of the salivary glands;
  5. a tendency to gas (flatulence);
  6. immunodeficiency diseases;
  7. infectious-inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  8. disorders of intestinal microflora.

How to get tested for halitosis?

How to get tested for halitosis?

Sometimes it's hard to know what causes bad breath without using the methods of instrumental and laboratory diagnostics. Therefore, if you suffer from halitosis, whose symptoms are not reduced by the background of increasing of sanitary measures, should pass a comprehensive examination, visit a gastroenterologist, nutritionist, dental hygienist, and get blood tests and urine tests. At the dentist's office, you should give diagnostics of a exhaled air and assess the degree of development of halitosis.

Specialist accurately determines whether you have this disease. The air that you breathe using your nose has a smell that comes from the tonsils and nasal cavity. There is no smell emanating from the mouth. Sometimes it an unpleasant factor is precisely a nasal breathing (sinusitis, adenoids, polyps). Therefore, to determine the precise localization of the source of the stench, a specialist will evaluate the nasal, pulmonary and oral air separately.

lick your wrist (spoon, napkin), allow to dry and smell;

Well, there are several solutions to test level of your bad breath:

  • ask someone from relatives of people evaluate the breath;
  • lick your wrist (spoon, napkin), allow to dry and smell;
  • odorless flossing clean spaces between teeth, give to dry, evaluate the odor;
  • use a handheld device (halimeter) for measuring the hydrogen sulfide concentration in the exhaled air. Evaluation is done on a scale from 0 to 4 points;
  • if you want to know exactly the degree of breathing can be screened  in a special ultra-sensitive equipment by specialist

Remedies and Prevention of a bad breath

Remedies and Prevention of a bad breath

You definitely get rid of bad breath (halitosis), when you change your approach to daily hygiene. You need to create a comprehensive care, including regular use of a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and rinse.

Qualitative kinds of toothpaste and gels. Do not save on the health of your teeth and use only proven means of well-known manufacturers, which can effectively remove plaque and a microbial colony of cariogenic microorganisms, as well as help to eliminate bad breath.

Toothbrushes. Dentists and hygienists recommend using ultrasonic brushes to remove bad breath because their bristles clean out food debris even from remote locations, and are equipped with a timer that will not allow ceasing hygienic procedure prematurely.

Dental floss. An important role in maintaining fresh breath has a dental floss. Floss is used to cleaning between the teeth of the pieces of food that eat bacteria, creating a not fresh smell in the mouth.

Mouthwashes. In the fight against halitosis can help you special mouthwashes. Their structure includes a compound of essential oils that can remove bad breath, acting directly on the cause of appearance pathogens. They reduce the formation of the microbial plaque on tooth surfaces, kill 99.9% of the bacteria that cause halitosis, and gum disease and tooth decay. Mouthwashes are operational assistance in the treatment of halitosis. When used properly, they can get rid of the bad odor for 24 hours! Efficiency rinses confirmed by scientific testing.

Natural remedies for bad breath

Natural remedies for bad breath

These products provide an inadequate treatment breath from the mouth. In order to combat bad breath by our ancestors actively were using drugs of plant and animal origin - propolis, alfalfa, chamomile, echinacea, myrtle, infusion of fresh dill, decoction tansy with wormwood and yarrow (brewed for 15 minutes). Good, but little deodorizing effect provides freshly brewed strong tea. Essential oils (essential) reduce halitosis at 90-120 minutes (peppermint oil, tea tree, clove, sage, grapefruit seed extract). The use of chewing gum gives, in this case, the result is even shorter by masking the smell, but not eliminating the reason for its occurrence.

In some cases help reduce the unpleasant smell some foods:

  • Apples, carrots and other solid food. It facilitates mechanical removal of plaque that is the leading cause of the bad smell.
  • Broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and other vegetables rich in chlorophyll. This pigment has an antibacterial and deodorizing effect.
  • Carrot juice. Due to its antibacterial properties, this extract reduces the number of microorganisms in the oral cavity and thus slows the formation of bacterial plaque.

Bad breath cures home remedies for adults

Bad breath cures home remedies for adults

Bad breath, so molesting people, can be treated with traditional medicine.  For this, use a variety of teas and infusions of herbs. For example, to oral rinses is used alcohol tincture herbal St. John's wort. About thirty drops of this tool are added to half a glass of water. Also, you can use strawberries for internal. Leaves of strawberries in the amount of one tablespoon boiled in two cups of water or soaked in a few hours. Drink this drug every day for half a cup.

It is also recommended drink the infusion of the grass oxalis. At half-liter of boiled water take three teaspoons of raw materials and allowed to stand for a couple of hours after which the infusion is passed through cheesecloth and rinse their mouths. For rinsing the mouth can use the juice of grass oxalis, spreading it with water.

It is also recommended to rinse your mouth with an infusion of wormwood (1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water, brew for 20 minutes) and take a decoction of the leaves of sorrel. Last prepared as follows: 500 ml of water was added tablespoon leaves and held at heat for 15 minutes. When the drug begins to boil, remove it from the heat and leave for two hours, after which pass through cheesecloth and drink a quarter cup. You need to take decoction four times a day before a meal (within 15 minutes). It is useful and productive. And you can chew the leaves of sorrel.

Also, you can use an infusion of peppermint or alcoholate celery for mouthwash. A couple of teaspoons of plant insist in a glass of vodka for two weeks. Before the procedure, dilute tincture (20 drops) and fifty milliliters of cool boiled water.The oral cavity is also possible to rinse the infusion of the leaves of alder: 20 g of raw material brewed into a pint of boiling water. You need to rinse for at least six times a day.Similarly, use a monthly infusion of tea fungus.

You can also use a collection of oak bark, herb St. John's wort, birch leaves, chamomile, and nettle. The ingredients are taken in equal parts and brew as a tea.

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Bad breath fast remedies at home

Bad breath fast remedies at home

  1. If you need to quickly get rid of the unpleasant smell of onions and garlic breath, you should chew a little bit of sweet flag (calamus) root swamp or parsley. These plants reliably mask the smell.
  2. Also, ordinary roasted seeds save you from embarrassment associated with bad breath.
  3. Eat on an empty stomach slightly aniseed, fennel or nuts - it will help to make your breath fresh throughout the day.
  4. An excellent tool to mask mouth odor is a stud. One head of clove put under the tongue and absorbable. A simple procedure can be repeated three times a day.
  5. Fresh apples have also become an indispensable tool in the fight against bad breath.
  6. The fresh breath will provide you with the daily use of birch and maple sweet juice.
  7. Every morning carry out this procedure: you have to clean your tongue, which accumulates plaque and toxins produced by bacteria, using the wooden spoon. Then dissolve in warm water a little salt and rinse your mouth. If you perform this simple action for a long time, not only can get rid of bad breath but also prevent the development of certain diseases of the teeth.
  8. Remember, bad breath depends on your lifestyle and diet. Refusal of bad habits and have a healthy food will ensure fresh breath.

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