What are the best first sex tips?

Guys and girls indulge in illusions about their first sex. The unknown things always attract. Teens often are interested in what is the best age to have sex for the first time. Sometimes they even compete among themselves who will do it earlier.

first sex

However, this is a big nonsense – to do this not with beloved, but with the first counter person, to prove something to somebody, to boast of this to friends, saying, I have already grown, and I’m not a little girl or a boy.

In today's world to get rid of virginity can become an obsession for many young people.

Someone wants to wait till marriage, and some tend to lose it at any cost and as soon as possible.

But regardless how it will happen, we must remember that if you have never had a sexual relationship, you can at the crucial moment feel the awkwardness of the inexperience, the inadequacy of the current situation, and other fears related to the first sex.

first sex

It happens in our lives once. That is the only time when the longing, fear, lust, curiosity create an explosive mixture. First sexual intercourse can become magical, and can bring only disappointment and disgust.

Unfortunately, the first sex can be not only unpleasant but also really dangerous. You can obtain gonorrhea, syphilis, or HIV, once is enough. Do not be fooled by "decent" view of a young man. In order to carry HIV or hepatitis, it is not necessarily to be a drug addicted person. Even the handsome young man from a good family, may have a questionable one-time experience with the consequences of which he does not even know.

That’s why we have prepared first sex tips for you

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Rule number 1. Do not hurry. Make sure that it is the person with whom you are willing to share the first time. Ideally - you do not mind to bring up children with him and support him in grief and joy.

Rule number 2. Do it in good faith, being of sound mind and memory. Do not start having sex while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, forced and under the influence of blackmail ( "you love me - prove", "if you don’t want me, I will hurt myself"). Such situations should be avoided by refusing to questionable companies and entertainments.

Rule number 3. Move from theory to practice. For a successful sexual debut you should take some time to improve your level of education. Some ideas about human anatomy and physiology can be obtained in high school. Sex education is very important. What problems can occur, it is necessary to know before the start of sexual activity, what you should do to secure yourself.

first sex

Actually, from the first sexual experience, and for many, many years, there will be two problems: genital infections and unwanted pregnancy.

Examine the possible symptoms, it is the right knowledge. Condoms - the only effective way to be sure that you won’t be having a sexual infection, use condoms during each sexual contact from the very beginning to the very end. Follow the rules of putting condoms on bananas, practice and carry condoms with you. This good habit may one day save your life.

Be sure to start to conduct menstrual calendar. This is not a whim of gynecologists, it is a harsh necessity.

Rule number 4. Get rid of illusions. Remember, the issue of protection from unwanted pregnancy, it is only and exclusively a women's issue. Under any circumstances do not trust your life and your future to someone else. Even in the most optimal variant if unwanted pregnancies end marriage and childbirth, this is not a happy ending. Shotgun marriages are rarely happy, unplanned births will change not only your life but the lives of your loved ones. Whatever decision was made, it will affect your life. That is a risk for women to have of infertility, making the abortion. This woman may die, nurturing pregnancy and giving birth to an unwanted child. That woman will be a single mother, if the happy family life does not work out. Coitus interruptus does not protect against pregnancy! The younger the woman, the higher her chances of getting pregnant.

first sex

Rule number 5. Prepare a path of retreat. Take care to advance the search for a physician to whom you can come running on internal reception. Obviously, you may need a gynecologist quite often - infection, pregnancy diagnosis, selection of contraceptive method, bursts of "paranoia" of a doubt. All this starts as soon as the dare "to start sexual life"

Rule number 6. Create conditions. Let your first time to be romantic, delicate and memorable. You should have enough time to take some time. The place should be sufficiently secluded and comfortable, what will help you.

If you feel that you are ready enough to start adult life - there is no objection. But be prepared for adulthood - is the adult problems.

Ready? Welcome!

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