What are the best insomnia remedies?

The searches of insomnia cure remind the searches of the source of eternal youth. But we find few remedies which may help you. Read the article to find out everything about it.

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Those who suffer from insomnia are ready for everything to finish this terrible race with sleep. Believing in commercials, they spend an enormous of money on expensive pills but get a too weak result. Still, there exist a lot of natural ways to fight insomnia. Let's take a look at the most compelling of them.

Be very careful with caffeine

If you have to look for insomnia remedies, try to review your daily lifestyle. First of all, forget about caffeine after noon. It doesn't mean that you have to say no only to coffee. It also includes all drinks with additional supplements: coke, energy drinks, other fizzy waters. The caffeine has a long effect on your organism. Besides, brain-fag to which insomnia leads makes you more susceptible to the stimulants ridding you from sleeping at night.

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Alcohol won't relax you

The other extreme of sleepless people has an alcohol before going to bed. They believe it makes them relaxed when instead alcohol strains the nervous system keeping them awake. Or even if they fall asleep, the brain doesn't have a necessary rest after drinks. Glass of wine or couple of beers may only take away the symptoms of insomnia for some time not helping to solve the whole problem.

Be more active

Yes, it's hard when after few hours sleep you barely even walk. But a lot of researches find active exercises very useful for healthy nightdreaming. When one says that it's better to do your sports in the morning, the others are sure about its benefits in the evening. But in fact, it doesn't matter when you do it. The main thing is that your organism will be tired enough at the end of the day. Sometimes it takes not one or two workouts, but it worse it. A good beginning is half of battle.

Give yourself some fresh air

People who sleep in the small, stuffy rooms more often have the problems with sleeping. When our brain doesn't get enough of oxygen, it starts to fail. It sounds funny that a breath of fresh air may be an insomnia cure but in the fact, that's the truth. A good airing at your sleeping area may change not only a duration of your rest but also its quality. Also, the perfect temperature for your sleep is +18 +20. So this evening just open your window.

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You can try as well an evening walking. It will be a good mix of soft exercise and fresh air. Spend at least half of hour at some quiet green place and your nerves will thank you.

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Watching TV isn't the useful entertainment in the evening

If your favorite hobby is watching the news, shows or football after the hard day, try to change your habits. Even though you don’t take serious the things that are going on on your screen, your brain still passes through excitement. You can’t stop yourself from analyzing some small details of seeing, so instead of sleeping your mind works on more complicated processes. 

We can tell the same about reading. Don’t think that reading of the really dull book will make you fall asleep faster. In fact, even so, you’ll be still operating while sleeping and next morning you’ll get up with fatigue. So it won’t give an insomnia relief.

Try to listen to some soft, quiet music. The good lounge will not only relax your nerves, but it also will give the feeling of somnolence which is important if you have to fight insomnia.  

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And, please believe, you don’t need to know the reasons for the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at 3 am. So turn your phone off and you’ll see that fall asleep isn’t that hard.

Relax, take it easy! 

It’s a quiet obvious tip, but can you follow it? The stress is the main reason of almost all the disorders we’ve got. And insomnia isn’t an exception. If you don’t control your emotions, they start to control you. So choose your side. 

Begin with easy exercise: during your stressful day find three-four minutes each hour just to breathe out. These small breaks will not only relax you, but they will let you be more productive and concentrated. It doesn’t take you to quit your job or change your profession, just use your time to move over for few minutes. 

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Find the source of your stress. It’s not always the thing which lies on the surface (your job, your relationships or something else). The reason why you hate your neighbors with a baby may be not about the noise this baby makes. You may be subconsciously afraid of parental feelings or on the contrary; you feel the need to have your children. If it looks too complicated, then ask a help of the specialist. Few sessions of psychotherapy will make you feel much better and calmer. All our problems seem to be scary until we start to talk about them. 

Choose a good herbal tea and drink it before bed. It will calm you down and clear your mind from today’s problems. But be careful as not all the herbals are sedative. Some of them may have the energizing effect. 

Stop loading up

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At least, stop doing it in the late evening. We all know this amazing feeling of relaxation after an excellent dinner, but it’s won’t get you to sleep at night. Your stomach has to operate digesting your dinner what also includes sending the signals which in its turn guess what? Right, the brain has to accept the signals resting in combat readiness. 

Furthermore, the reasons of your sleep disorder can lie in problems with digestion. So a light diet won’t harm you anyway. Add here exercises, getting rid of stress, stop using of alcohol and caffeine and you will see how much not only your sleep but whole your life will be changed. 

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