What are the best sleeping positions?

There aren't a lot of options for sleeping positions, but even some of them aren't that harmless for us. Read the article to learn how the choice of night pose can make you healthier.

best sleeping positions

We spend the third of our life sleeping, so it's very important to use this not short time with a benefit. Let's see the main pros and cons of all sleeping positions. 

Sleeping on a back 


  • It's the most valuable position for every night sleeping. The doctors even recommend it to those who had back injuries as it is the only one pose which reduces back pain. So if you have any troubles with your spine, and you want to sleep well, choose this position.
  • People who prefer this sleeping position have fewer wrinkles. Due to the fact that your skin isn't touching anything, and it is totally relaxed, the wrinkles just have no chance to come out on your face. So this kind of sleeping will help you to stay young longer. 
  • Sleeping on back lets to prevent the heartburn. Besides, this position is good for a heart itself as the load for the whole cardio system is the equal. 
    sleeping on a back


  • Exactly in this position the snoring is the noisiest. To reduce it use a special pillow or a fabric roller. 

Sleeping on your side 


  • A “fetal position” is the best way to fall asleep for those who have insomnia. This curled up pose subconsciously brings us back to the feeling of full protection we had years ago in mother's maw. So the dreams in this sleep position will be the calmest and sweetest. 
  • It's the perfect pose for the ones who suffer from loins pains. 
  • Sleeping on the right side is a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases. 
    sleeping on a side


  • It's dangerous to sleep in this position for those who have problems with their spine. In this case, the doctors recommend adding a small pillow under the knees to create the best sleeping position. 
  • Sleeping on a left side is a big load for your heart. 
  • A permanent contact with a pillow adds the wrinkles on that side of your face on which you sleep more frequently. 

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Sleeping on a stomach


  • This sleep position is good for digestion. Of course, if you don't eat right before going to bed (what is unacceptable for good rest). 
  • The doctors recommend this pose to the patients with spine traumas to unload it, but only adding a pillow under their stomach.  
  • It's easier to fall asleep on a stomach, so they consider this position as the most comfortable. 
    sleeping on a stomach


  • It's the worst position for cervical vertebrae, because a neck is curled too much time. Moreover, it impedes a healthy circulation of blood into the brain. 
  • Sleeping on a stomach may provoke problems with breathing, especially, the disorder which calls sleep apnea. 
  • This pose may also stimulate the problems in sexual life both of men and women. During lying on a stomach, the pelvic organs are under the pressure of body's weight. It disrupts blood circulation in those very areas. 

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