What are the best sore throat home remedies?

There is even a joke: if you treat a runny nose, it will last a week, not to treat - seven days. Something similar can be said about the treatment of the throat at home, if you have a simple pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx) and there no danger of developing into a more serious disease.


Pharyngitis is called an inflammation in the throat. It starts with inflammation, discomfort, dryness, sore and sore throat.

Pharyngitis is acute or chronic, is excited by viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergies. The throat may develop even from excessive dryness of the air.

Chronic pharyngitis is caused by:

  • individual features of the structure of the pharynx and gastrointestinal tract;
  • renal, cardiac, pulmonary insufficiency,
  • endocrine disorders, diabetes;
  • a lack of vitamin A;
  • smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • allergies;
  • prolonged exposure to dust, chemicals, hot, dry air or smoke.

But most likely, it is still cold.


Do not hesitate. Microorganisms multiply in the mucous membrane of the throat, especially with weakened immunity. On the first day of illness you feel a slight tickle, and the next day great pain starts, the throat is red and inflamed. Better to crush the disease in the bud. Fortunately, alternative medicine has a huge arsenal of tools to do this.

Rinse and lubrication

If you have a little tickle in the throat, for the treatment it will be suitable to use fluid calendula or furacilin - safely and efficiently. But firstly, gargle with baking soda. It will remove excess mucus and strengthen the action of furacilin.

Useful so-called "sea water" - a solution of a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of soda and two or three drops of iodine per cup of water.

Sage honey

A tablespoon of sage and plantain, calendula, thyme or chamomile per liter of water should be boiled a quarter of an hour. Add a tablespoon of honey and a little citric acid. You can not only gargle, but drink a little.


Alcohol tincture of propolis

«Light» remedy, if chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis, is not enough. If you constantly have a sore throat, propolis treatment will be more effective.

Forty Drops of 10 percent solution dilute in 60 grams of water. Gargle twice a day for half an hour before meals. At the same time spot the nose with five drops of the same solution. The procedure is not the most pleasant, but effective.

If the inflammatory process has gone far and developed a sore throat, you need to mix equal parts tincture of propolis and glycerin. And lubricate mucous membrane of the pharynx and larynx with a wool wound on the pencil, - several times a day.

Vodka with salt and pepper

Water down in half a glass of vodka, two large tablespoons of salt. Stir until dissolved. Liberally grease glands with the help of cotton swab. The procedure lasts three hours, six times every thirty minutes before bedtime. Typically, this is enough

It has long been a proven recipe for a sore throat - vodka with pepper. High and low temperature has the same local impact - dilates blood vessels, causing blood flow, and thus the immune cells. Short-term exposure to cold makes the blood and lymph systems to run faster and immunocompetent cells strenuously restore the affected area, destroying the pathogens that cause inflammation.

Therefore, an unexpectedly powerful one-time effect of stress may be just due to cold vodka, and even drunk in the cold.



The same grass as for rinsing, natural essential oils, as well as potatoes are used. You should cook, mash, add soda (a teaspoon is enough). And breathe over a saucepan, being covered with bath towel or blanket for 10-15 minutes.

Steam itself remarkably warms the throat, and natural antimicrobial additives destroy microbes. You can use a household inhaler. Inhalation will help with cold as a whole.


Vietnamese balm "STAR" is pretty good for healing sore throat. You can use it as compress, you can simply smear the neck at night.

Potato compress is fast. Three tubers should be boiled, then – mash right in the peel, add a tablespoon of baking soda. Use gauze and wrap around the neck. Go to the bed. Keep long - until the compress is cool. Sore throat usually disappears after two or three treatments.

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Foot baths

Where feet and where the throat? However, the impact on reflex points on our feet can greatly help with pain in the throat.

Proven remedy is a bath with mustard before going to sleep. It is necessary to pour into a bowl with hot water dry mustard and put there feet for ten or fifteen minutes, not forgetting all the time carefully pour boiling water. At night put on woolen socks.

Mustard powder can just be put in the thick socks and after that go to bed with at least a thick blanket. Properly warmed legs increase blood circulation, what will affect, among other things, on the throat.

foot bath

For the general strengthening of the body

Curing throat at home must be accompanied by reception of bracing means. First of all vitamins - in the form of drugs or foods (lemons, oranges, black currant, raspberry, wild rose).

And, of course, the best means to stimulate the immune system, fight colds and general pain in the throat, in particular, remain a honey and other bee products. It is well-known fact about benefits of warm milk or tea, to which honey is added. The milk can be admixed even with a teaspoon of baking soda and butter.

And it is better to strengthen the effect of honey with antibacterial substances, which are contained, for example, in onions and garlic.

Onions with honey and apples

Grate onions and apples, mix with honey - everything in equal proportions. Take two or three times a day for two or three teaspoons.

onion apple

Radish with honey

Cut a groove in radish with a knife. Put a tablespoon of honey to give it brew. Drink three times a day after meals. Taste is disgusting to vomit spasms, but the action is excellent. So this a drug but not food. Every child knows that the drug is not required to be delicious!

Ginger tea

From the Chinese medicine a prescription of pharyngitis treatment in the initial stage with ginger came to us.

Cut the root of a plant into thin strips, add water, and cook on low heat for 15 minutes. Cool it to body temperature and strain. Add honey and lemon juice. Drink two or four times per day. If you do not want to bother - just drip in black tea ginger oil.

The best remedy is a healthy lifestyle


The frequent sore throat is a sign of poor lifestyle choices. The absence of proper nutrition, fresh air, exercise, as well as smoking, frequent alcohol usage lead to microbes penetration in our body, attacking primarily the mucosa of the nose and throat, causing snot and phlegm.

Rigid vitamin diet (vegetables, fruits, honey, fish, oil) in just a week, is able to return the body's ability to destroy the disease.

If you can’t quickly get rid of a sore throat with simple home treatments, then you have another disease that is not associated with the common cold and in need of a professional diagnosis. Yes, and purulent tonsillitis needs medical supervision. It is better to leave the Internet, close your computer and go to the hospital! Is not to be trifled with your health.

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