What are the best vaginal dryness home remedies?

Are you suffering from vaginal dryness and to feel ease as soon as possible with the help of home remedies? Read the article and find out which herbs can help you.

Is it a problem?

Women of any age can suffer from vaginal dryness, but more often this problem occurs in those who have menopause. This infirmity is often accompanied by burning and itching in the vagina. Herbal remedies may help to cope with this trouble.

In most cases, this ailment is the result of lowering of oestrogen levels in the blood. With ageing, the reduction of oestrogen production can result in the axil dryness, and its sides will become less resilient.

Some women can suffer from vaginal dryness during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. The reasons for a decline in oestrogen levels can also be smoking and autoimmune disorders.

Not in the mood

Since the unpleasant complaint is sometimes a sign of the presence of other health problems (eg, infectious diseases), when it occurs it is very important to consult a doctor. Standard means for the medication of this ailment are oestrogen ointments and water-based lubricants. However, in many cases, different herbs are not less effective. It should be noted that the effectiveness of most of them has not been confirmed scientifically, and before you use them, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor first.

Herbal teas, baths, douches are very important assistants in the medication of this ailment. Taking into account the individual characteristics, a woman will be able to avoid unpleasant symptoms taking into or making such herbal baths:

  • Self-made tampons of a sterile bandage, soaked with liquid oil solution of vitamin E will help to remove dryness and strengthen the sides of the axil. Combine the content of the capsule with 10 teaspoons of boiled refined sunflower oil, dip a tampon in the mixture and place for 5 minutes in the vulva. It can be used for lubrication of the mucous membrane until symptoms disappear.
  • Bath with a decoction of motherwort relaxes the nervous system, relieves the itching and discomfort: boil 60 g of motherwort for 2-3 minutes. Let it infuse for half an hour, strain and add to the bath. Take such baths at least once a week to make dryness sensation disappear.
  •  The next mixture is used, if the dryness has arisen due to menopause. Take two tablespoons of the ortilia secunda, pour two cups of water, bring it to a boil. Then it is necessary to infuse decoction for one to two hours and drink for three times.

Also, these herbs can help to deal with vulva dryness:


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Pueraria montana, or kudzu

During the conducted research in 2007, women received capsules of kudzu extract daily for 24 weeks. All patients had significant relief of vaginal dryness and the improvement of the vaginal tissue.


Soybeans contain substances with similar properties to an oestrogen isoflavones. It is believed that because of this it is an effective remedy for this disease. For the treatment of vulva dryness, it is recommended to include in the diet more soybean food.

Solve the problem

Wild yam

Ointments, which include the extract of Dioscorea, are often referred as natural oestrogen sources. However, there is no scientific evidence that it can really raise the level of oestrogen or eliminate vaginal dryness.

Do not forget to consult the doctor before self-treatment. Please, do not neglect your health.

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