What are the causes of anxiety?

What do we know about anxiety disorder? How can you treat such kind of disorder?

causes of anxiety disorder

What are the causes of anxiety disorder? What hides anxiety disorder from people? It can be quite an obvious problem for many people that this kind of disorder is an everyday basis. They can`t control it, and they just live with anxiety disorders all the time. They are not the only ones who suffer from anxiety disorders day and night. Their relatives and friends also suffer from their disorders. Still, they do understand that they love these people and they should understand their problems. The cause of anxiety in sports might be a real problem for many people around. It`s especially problematic for people for whom sport is a main source of income.

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Everyone can feel anxiety

Everyone can feel anxiety at different times of the year or day. It can be a normal emotion. Moreover, many people might feel nervous when meeting with certain circumstances in life. You might probably feel anxious and nervous if you need to do some task at work or you need to make an important decision in your life. Anxiety disorders might be a completely different situation for you to live up. They can provide you a real problem which includes managing the problems of your everyday life. This type of disorder can cause a serious mental illness. These people may always feel that something is wrong with their body and their life. They feel it constantly; it`s not like they can`t make a decision over their life or they can`t manage their life. It means that they have no control over their emotions. They can`t manage these feelings and have a constant desire to take back this control, but their emotions and mental distress can`t allow them to do that. It`s not that simple for them to take control over that emotions.  They keep coming back and have much greater influence on life.

What are the types of anxiety disorders?

What are the types of anxiety disorders?

Causes of the disorder. Kinds of disorders. Panic disorder.

People with this type of disorder always have a feeling of terror that can strike quickly, repeatedly and without any notion.  It causes anxiety panic attacks which can include palpitations, chest pain, sweating and feeling of choking.   You can feel that you are about to have a heart attack or just going crazy. People in panic act irrationally; they have a desire to be saved from panic and get some space. Therefore, they can easily provide disturbance not only to themselves but also to other people.

Social anxiety disorder and causes of anxiety disorder

It can also be named social phobia. It means that a person suffering from this can have problems with everyday social activity. It also includes overwhelming problems about self-conciseness and connecting it with everyday social situations. The center of the worries might be some social events where a patient can feel anxiety from overwhelming pressure of society. It means that the patient can surrender to the panic attacks. This person can not bear judgment from other people. It can cause panic attacks from this judgment or general anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder and causes of anxiety disorder

Special phobias

Anxiety disorder might cause intense fear of something. It can include many phobias around anxiety disorder. These phobias might be quite different from one or another, but they seem to have something in common, like general anxiety and panic. These phobias can be quite problematic for people to bear them. Moreover, it causes problems not only for the patients but also to their relatives and friends. They have to watch these persons and help them as they need this help. Nevertheless, it`s quite painful for them to monitor the behavior of some individuals.

Top of phobias caused by anxiety disorder

Top of phobias caused by anxiety disorder

Ablutophobia – It`s of fear cleaning everything with water. It means that a person who suffers from this kind of disease has a fear of cleaning, washing, and bathing. Therefore, for this people, taking any hygienic procedures can be a quite stressful situation. It means that every washing procedure can be for them as a step to an active volcano.

Aerophobia – it`s a very simple phobia. Every one of us can feel anxiety when we are on the height. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we start panicking, If it`s not a plane crash, of course. Still, people who suffer from Aerophobia can always have a type of anxiety for today.

Barophobia – it can be translated as fear of gravity. These people can feel anxiety by just walking on our planet.

Claustrophobia – one of the most popular fears for humanity. According to different researches, this kind of phobia is on the top of the most common phobias in the world.

Chrysophobia – you might not hear about this phobia in the news, but it`s also one of the phobias that you can find in Asia. It`s a fear of orange color, people in Asia associate this color with death. Therefore, many people of Asia have these fears.

Anxiety disorder

Coulrophobia  - it`s a general fear of clowns. It does not mean only evil clowns. Every clown can be a cause of anxiety for a patient.

Cynophobia – Do you like dogs? For some people, dogs can be quite scary. That means that they can`t take them and fear to pet dogs. It`s quite a disturbing situation for some people.

Decidophobia – Did you have a time when you couldn`t choose whether you desire to make one decision or not? For some people, making a decision can be connected with certain fears, like fear of making decisions. They just can`t decide, and avoid making any decisions. It means that they have some problems with managing their lives.

Eurotophobia – it can be quite a problematic phobia for men and especially problematic for women. It`s a fear of women genitals.

Erythrophobia – if you feel anxiety because of the red color, then you have this kind of phobia.

causes of anxiety disordera

Gamophobia – sometimes it`s hard to make somebody marry you. You would need months and years to develop some feelings to a man or girl. Then you need to make a perfect plan for your proposal. Nevertheless, for some people, it`s painful as they have anxiety for marriage and weddings. It`s hard for them to live through any wedding ceremony. They just can`t have a simple marriage.

Gynophobia – It`s a fear of women. Some men just can`t like women at all, they just fear them and feel anxiety if they are near to them. For these men, it`s quite hard to find a partner that can understand the fears.

Hoplophobia – if you fear firearms, then you are expected to have this kind of phobia.

Hypnophobia – it`s a fear of sleep, people who have this kind of phobia just can`t sleep well all night and usually fear extremely tired.

Sexophobia – as it implements from a name, the person might probably have problems with sex. Cause it`s quite an intense situation for them to see sexual organs or participate in sexual activities.

Spectrophobia – if mirrors are your cause of anxiety, then you might need to look after spectrophobia.

causes of anxiety

Tetraphobia – it`s a fear of number four. It might not be quite obvious to people in the West, but for Asia, number four symbolizes death. Therefore, you can see that in some buildings of Asia, there is no floor number four or flat number four. Therefore, some people in Asia have this kind of phobia.

Toxiphobia – Can you eat food quietly and feel secured all day? Well, people who suffer from this kind phobia can`t eat their food calmly. They have a fear and anxiety that they are going to be poisoned. It means that they have to check every meal they have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thanatophobia – we all be dead one day. It`s natural to fear death, but for some people, it can be extra natural. They think nothing but death. It`s impossible for them to live a normal life and do not think about death at all.

What are the causes of anxiety?

What are the causes of anxiety?

It depends on the anxiety disorder. Still, the general symptoms of anxiety are next:

  • The feeling of panic, anxiety, and fear are the main signs of anxiety disorders.
  • Cold or sweaty hands or might be feet are other signs of anxiety.
  • Problems with sleeping. If you have bad dreams and have trouble sleeping, then you might get one of the signs of anxiety.
  • Shortness of breath can be another sign of any anxiety.
  • Inability to save calm and stable mind. Always panicking.
  • Tingling of hands and feet. Inability to stay calm or control actions during anxiety.
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle tension
  • Dry mouth

What are the causes of anxiety disorders?

What are the causes of anxiety disorders?

It`s hard to determine the exact cause of anxiety. Nevertheless, anxiety disorders cannot result as a part of a personal mental weakness or poor upbringing. According to the science researches, any mental illness can be provoked by a combination of factors and not only one of them. This combination often includes brains changes and environmental changes. It can be quite simple as like other anxiety disorders and mental illness, it`s often included with problems of brain functioning circuits, like regulating emotions. According to some studies, long-lasting stress conditions can perfectly change the way nerve cells communicate with each other. It leads to problems with any information connected to the brain functionality and problems with regions of the brain that are responsible for emotions. According to some studies, different people with different anxieties have different parts of damage in brains. In additions, anxiety disorders can perfectly be reasons for ruining of families. If both parents have a similar disease, then there is a certain chance that their child also will have some similar problems with anxiety. It also increases some problems with heart diseases and cancer. Certain environmental factors can also be triggers for anxiety disorders. If people have inherited disorders, then it can be quite a chance that these people might have similar disorders with parents.

Causes of Anxiety Disorders. How can they be diagnosed?

Causes of Anxiety Disorders. How can they be diagnosed?

If you have some symptoms of anxiety disorders, then you would need to check a doctor. The doctor begins his examination with asking of your medical history and start performing a physical examination. It can be possible that you should live through a series of lab tests. It will include some diagnosis of anxiety disorders. The doctors may provide some series of test to evaluate your society disorders which will show some ideas of what kind of medical illness you have.

If any medical illness is found in you, then you might be referred to a specialist, it might be a psychologist or psychiatrist. It can also be any other specialist connected to the treatment of mental illnesses. Psychiatrists and psychologists are specially designed for asking you a lot of questions. They desire to interview you for any anxiety disorder that you might get.

Doctors base their diagnosis according to the symptoms and duration of that symptom from a patient. It also includes some problems with daily functioning and attitude-behavior of other people. Doctors indicate if some disturbance and symptoms can have a large influence to the anxiety disorder.

How can you treat anxiety disorder?

How can you treat anxiety disorder?

Causes of anxiety disorders might be different. Nevertheless, it also means that treating methods for anxiety disorders might also be different. Fortunately, medicine does not provide the same methods of treatment every year. It has been made much of the progress connected with the treatment of anxieties.  It also includes treatment for people with mental disorders. Still, the exact treatment approach can be differing from disorder to disorder. Next therapies are the most wildly used for a treatment of anxiety disorders:

  • Relaxation therapy – it means that a patient is needed to be placed in the circumstances where he or she will be totally relaxed and feel no urge for anxiety.
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes – If a patient has a desire to change something in his or her life and leave the anxiety forever, then it`s needed to be made some changes connected to the life. Anxiety can`t leave a person who does not desire to change.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy. It`s the main type of psychotherapy that includes stages when a person learns how to react to the different environment and different parts of the life. The person should try to learn how to recognize certain stages of anxiety within the body and how to react to this stages. It also includes changes in reactions for these circumstances. Usually, it can be divided into several stages, which includes recognizing a problem by a patient and illuminating a problem and anxiety by a patient.
  • Psychotherapy – It`s a type of response to the certain mental illness. It`s one of the first steps for your doctor to treat your anxiety. Unfortunately, it can be sometimes harmful as it`s needed to dig deep into your subconsciousness. Usually, the causes of anxiety disorders can be found somewhere in the childhood. It means that you may need to live through childhood memories again. It`s needed if you have a desire for dealing with the disorder.
  • Medication – Drugs can be perfect remedies that can illuminate symptoms of anxiety. Still, you need to be careful and understand that these anxiety measures have limits in time. You don`t desire to live the whole life taking pills. It means that you need to use a combination of different medicine.

Causes of Anxiety Disorders. Can you prevent anxiety disorders?

Causes of Anxiety Disorders. Can you prevent anxiety disorders?

You can`t prevent anxiety disorders as it`s not a question of somebody`s will. Nevertheless, you can easily control some symptoms of that disorders.

  • Stop consumption of products filled with caffeine. It means that you should reduce your daily portions of chocolates, energy drinks, cola, coffee and tea.
  • You may ask your doctor to give you some herbal remedies, which can help you to work through your mental state. It means having herbal tea and relax for some time.
  • You need to ask for some counseling and support if you feel anxious quite often.
  • Sport can be another good remedy for anxiety. It can give you some clear thoughts upon your problems.

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