What are the causes of insomnia?

What do you need to know about most frequent insomnia causes and symptoms? Why is insomnia dangerous for you? Find the answers right here in the article.

causes of insomniaInsomnia is a disorder that makes your life tough. The first insomnia fact you should be aware of is that scientifically speaking insomnia is a state of health when a person finds it hard to either fall asleep or stay asleep even after getting some sleep.

Insomnia is usually accompanied by a few of the following symptoms. First, you might experience difficulties when going to sleep. You can spend much time just lying in the bed trying to get some rest, while you just cannot fall asleep. Moreover, the second symptom is that you might wake up in the middle f the night out of a sudden, and not fall asleep afterward. The person with insomnia is more likely very early in the morning no matter how late at night he went to bed. Finally, you can feel tired after you wake up the regardless of for how many hours he was sleeping.

the causes of insomnia

There is not just one type of insomnia. The first one is known as primary insomnia. This kind of insomnia happens to a person that only has sleeping problems only and no other health issues. Meanwhile, the other insomnia type occurs when a person suffers from a health problem or even several ones, and these issues cause insomnia as a result. Among the health problems that can lead to insomnia are cancer, asthma, heartburn, depression, etc. as well as general pain and medication that one takes in the view of certain health problems.

Another insomnia fact you should know about is that insomnia can be either short- or long-term. Short-term insomnia can last from one day to a few weeks, while long-term one is when a person experiences sleep problems from three days a week to even more.

The causes of insomnia are numerous, and they depend on the type of insomnia one has. In the case of short-term insomnia, it can be resulting from a serious stress in one’s life. In case a person cannot control his or her emotions, the central nervous system gets so overwhelmingly tired, that it causes sleeping problems. That is why things like change of place of residence, the death of a dear close person, loss of a job or family issues like divorce or separation can result in loss of sleep or insomnia.

insomnia causes

Among the other insomnia causes is a discomfort one feels in an emotional or physical area. If you cannot switch your focus from a thing that steals your comfort and calmness, you are more likely to have insomnia. So be careful about that! The next short-term insomnia cause is a shift in your sleep schedule. This shift often occurs if you move from place to place with a great time difference. This phenomenon is also known as a jet lag. Moreover, if you work night shifts, and you are now switched to day shifts, you are more likely to suffer from the change, and this stress for your body is likely to result in insomnia.

Short-term insomnia can also be caused by the lack of comfortable sleep environment. If you do not have your own room, or you have a new-born baby in the house, you will not get enough sleep without wakening up. This can be a cause for your insomnia. Finally, another cause for insomnia can be taking certain kind of medication that can interfere your sleep either in the day or night.

the insomnia causes

Long-term insomnia can have its causes. Its causes can be a deep depression. In case you feel depressed and cannot deal with the issue yourself, please make sure to contact a psychologist to get help. Otherwise, the feeling of being stuck in a problem which you cannot solve yourself can cause long-term insomnia when you do not get regular sleep from three to seven times a week. This can be dangerous to your health, as sleep is essential. Moreover, a person that lives in constant stress is more likely to have insomnia. Therefore, watch out to deal with the aspects in your life that lead you to feel constantly exhausted or stressed.

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Long-term insomnia can also be caused by uncomfortable sleep environment. That is why sleep professionals recommend having healthy and comfortable conditions for sleep. Choose a more expensive and professional mattress and get special blinds on your windows in order to have complete darkness during the night when you try to sleep. Make sure to sleep in a quiet surrounding. In case you have constant noise at home, get plugs to use them while sleeping.

insomnia effects

Other professional state that one of the causes of insomnia is pain experienced during one’s sleep. This pain can disturb you, wake you up or cause discomfort that will make your sleep unhealthy or even cause you having no sleep throughout the night. Consult your doctor if you feel pain; secondary insomnia can be cured in case the source of pain is cured as well.

Taking all said above into consideration, insomnia is a complicated issue. However, do not pains, it can be treated. One of the insomnia treatment secrets is that there is a special sleep hygiene that should be used no matter whether you suffer from insomnia or not.

The first thing you should remember when trying to overcome insomnia is that it is always helpful to go to sleep at the same time every day. No siestas during the day - save the desire to sleep until your night sleep. When you divide your sleep “sessions” between day naps and night sleep, it makes you sleep less during the night. The next thing that will help you deal with insomnia is sticking to healthy lifestyle instead of drinking gallons of coffee and smoking. Both of these things are used to wake you up, therefore, cutting them out of your diet makes you want to sleep less.

insomnia facts

Staying in shape is also helpful when fighting against insomnia. Do not be surprised, but your body needs discipline and exercises is one of them. However, be careful and only do your exercises three or four hours before going to bed. Otherwise, your body will be too energized to fall asleep when you decide to have some rest. As a part of this recommendation on how to fight insomnia, specialists also highly recommend not eating fatty or heavy meals before going to bed. Your stomach will not let your brain fall asleep, as it needs time to digest the food you put into your body. That is why you should eat at least four hours before going to bed. Nevertheless, you can have a fruit or something light as a treat.

Do not just rush into bed when it is your time to sleep. You need to take some time and relax and stabilize your emotions that you get throughout the day. You can try reading a book before going to sleep (however, do not choose a detective story or you will get too excited to fall asleep). You can turn on some light music or the sound of nature. It is fantastic to fall asleep when listening to the sounds of sea waves and picturing yourself lying on a beach under millions of stars. Amazing, is not it?

Moreover, make sure to eliminate all the insomnia causes before going to bed. Thus, if you feel pain, take medication. Consult your doctor and see whether the medication you take on a regular basis do not disturb your sleep. Turn off all the sounds in the house or take ear plugs to isolate from the noises all around. Use the blinds to eliminate the light coming from outside. If you feel that the air in the room is too hot, use an air conditioner an hour before going to bed in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for your sleep. In addition, you can try using air humidifier in order to make your sleeping process as comfortable as possible. The air humidifier also makes these calm monotonous noises that can be helpful when trying to fall asleep.

facts about insomnia

Specialists also encourage people only to use their bedrooms for having sex or sleeping. If you work in a bedroom, you can still associate the room with your work, while you need to use it as a room where you go to relax and have some rest. Do not confuse the main reason this room is in your house.

If you still experience difficulties when making yourself sleep a little bit, you can get up and something monotonous like reading or listening to something, However, these activities should be relaxing and not energizing for your body. Otherwise, you will not reach your goal. And finally, consider having a diary where you will write down all the things you need to do the following way. This will prevent you from thinking over the next day routine and will make sure your brain is not stressed or occupied with things. Your main goal right now is to get enough of healthy sleep, so focus on that.

Looking at everything highlighted above, insomnia can be caused by numerous things like emotional or physical discomfort, pain, uncomfortable sleep conditions, stress, life circumstances, jet lag, etc. Nevertheless, it can be treated by following a special pattern of things also known as sleep hygiene that includes healthy habits that you should learn to do before going to bed and throughout the day. Follow these easy steps to get enough sleep every day instead of feeling exhausted and irritated at the dear and loved ones. Stay healthy!


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