What are the causes of miscarriage?

What do you know about miscarriage? 50% of women experience it at least once! To find out more shocking facts about it check out this article!

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Finding out you are pregnant is mostly perceived as good news. That’s why it’s usually shocking and devastating to experience miscarriage.

Even though most of the time there is nothing you can do about it it’s still necessary to be aware of possible side effects and the process itself. Sometimes the doctors refer to it as the spontaneous abortion.

You might find the choice of the words a little bit confusing but the term miscarriage actually describes the loss of the fetus before week 20 of your pregnancy.

Did you know that according to the statistics, almost half of the pregnancies end up in miscarriage? Sometimes the girl wouldn’t even know she was pregnant.

But if you are pregnant for more than 20 weeks it’s probably not going to happen to you.

Miscarriage symptoms

In case you are scared, check out the symptoms of miscarriage! In case you are constantly bleeding without any obvious reason you are most likely having a spontaneous abortion.

Another symptom would be a severe pain in your abdomen. Even though these symptoms can be a sign of any other sickness it’s necessary to contact your doctor immediately.

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Miscarriage causes

One of the most common causes of miscarriage is genetic problems. Most of the time it’s not the fault of the mother though.

It can also happen because you got some kind of infection that the fetus was not capable of defeating. Another reason why you can experience such a thing is some health problems.

Moreover, if your immune system is not strong enough for you to have a baby, that might also be a reason for miscarriage. 

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You have more chances to suffer from it if you are older than 35/have some serious sickness or have experienced the same problem before.

How can I diagnose and treat it?

First of all you need to go to the hospital so that your doctor can perform a full medical examination. There are two kinds of miscarriage. One of them is full and it basically means that there is nothing left in your uterus.

In this case you don’t have to receive any treatment. In case there is still something in your uterus you will surely need at least examination. The doctor will decide whether additional surgery is required.

Most of the time doctors go for curettage (D&C) procedure. A lot of women prefer it to the actual surgery. After that you will have to take more tests to find out whether everything worked well or the second procedure is needed.

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However, it usually goes really fast and it already proved to be effective. You don’t need to worry about it. It’s very important to go to the hospital so that you don’t have to face more problems afterwards.

What is more, it will be a great idea to take all kinds of tests – blood and genetic. This way you will find out if there is any chance that the same thing will happen again later in your life.

There are several kinds of tests women usually need to go through. Don’t be scared. There is a chance that this examination will help you prevent the catastrophe when you will actually want to deliver a baby.

The signs of miscarriage

The most common signs of miscarriage are plentiful bleeding and pain or discomfort. If it bothers you on a regular basis you should immediately talk to your doctor.

Even if it’s not miscarriage you are dealing with, it’s definitely not a good sign.

Will I be able to get pregnant?

There is a stereotype that a girl won’t be able to get pregnant just because she has experienced miscarriages before.

Well, there is a chance you will lose your fertility but it’s really small so don’t worry about that if it’s your first case. However, if it happened to you at least 3 times you might want to check if everything is alright again.

The doctors say that if you experienced it a few times it means something i working not the way it should. The most common solution that can be suggested is to stop the attempts to get pregnant and use the birth control.

black women sick

It might sound terrible to you but your health is very important. Therefore, if you are just not able to conceive, don’t try to change it because it’s not going to work.

Do I have to wait after miscarriage?

No one can provide you with the exact answer. The only person who can make predictions about it is your personal doctor. Sometimes women have to wait at least 2 months before trying to get pregnant again.

Moreover, even if there is no danger for you, it’s still important that you go through some sort of treatment – even if it’s just vitamins or hormones.

And it is a good choice to wait a little bit because you might need time to think about your decisions and possible consequences.

For instance, some women might decide not to have kids at all after they experience miscarriage. You might also want to talk to the psychologist if you are blaming yourself for it which is certainly not right thing to do.

Take your time and think about your own needs and desires. Having a baby is a very responsible step so think twice before you do it.

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