What are the causes of weak erection?

What can you do with the weak erection? What are the causes of weak erection in men? How to get the strong erection? Read the article to find out!

It`s a problem for many men especially in their forties. Moreover, causes of weak erection can be totally different. For men not having the ability of performing sexual intercourse is not only physical problem, but also moral and psychological. Therefore, there are thousands of reasons to not bump into sexual dysfunction. From the psychological side of view, even if a woman knows about the problem of her partner and acknowledge it, by her piece of advice she can only make things worse. Moreover, men tend to hide this problem and never discuss it with women. Therefore, the fair sex needs a patient in this matter of reasons of weak erection. Here you would like to see some answers to the question of week erection problems.

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Alcohol destroys not only brain cells, but also may become a cause of weak erection. By abusing alcohol, you may destroy your potency to impress women. Alcohol destroys cells of blood and brain cells which can be responsible for getting some straight to your penis. Therefore, it becomes weaker, or it can last not for long, so the ejaculation is provided swiftly, and a lady is not impressed. According to University of California researches, men who drink more than 50ml of alcohol per day may at least twice greater chances for weak erection.

Junk Food

Hamburgers and Coca-Cola are main favorite products of every MacDonald lover. Nevertheless, abusing of junk food can provide a person a risk of weak erection. The problem lies with cholesterol that is contained in this kind of food. Cholesterol blocks blood streams, therefore make your potential weaker. Moreover, using too much junk food can lead to the misbalance of hormones in the body. Therefore, it causes not only sexual dysfunction, but many other problems connected with cholesterol. In the drastic circumstances it can lead to the block of blood stream to the brain.    


Being a big guy can be not only a big plus to a man, but there are also some disadvantages for big guys. One of the disadvantages is impossibility to perform a sexual activity. It lies not only within the love of food and eating instead of facing real problems. The obesity can be provoked by many problems including genetics. Nevertheless, mostly a man himself is guilty for eating too much food. The cure is simple, eat less get some time to visit a local GYM and hard work gathered with patient. So, if you desire to illuminate one of the causes of weak erection, the only option for you may be starting to eat healthy.


Sometimes, there is too much GYM for one person. Therefore, people who prefer to become bodybuilders have a tendency of using steroids. Unfortunately, using steroids may have dire consequences. Without them you can rarely become the Mister Olympia, but you should know the price of using such medicine. One of the main functions of our testicles is providing testosterone to our body. Our brain is not stupid, if it can get much more testosterone from the outside, then why it should use the production of its own testosterone? The brain needs a balance of testosterone, therefore, it gets rid of inner testosterone and causes a weak erection.

Too much sex

The men`s tool can`t work all time. There were cases when the men were raped and lost their ability to perform sex intercourse. So, you need to be patient and attentive to the weak erection. Sometimes, if your soldier does not desire to stand still, it means that the soldier is tired and need some rest. The healthy sex can be performed three times a week. More extensive exercises in sex can be possible for men in their sex peak. It`s around twenty-three twenty-five years. The matter is not in quantity, but in quality of performance. Therefore, try to get some rest for your penis and you will make your woman happy.

Not enough sleep

You may be a hard worker and workaholic, but it also works against you. When you get rest or sleep, your body recovers from the long day of doing something. Usually, our body and mind needs from six to eight hours of sleep. Let`s us count what would happen, if you sleep not enough hours, like one hours less. In one week it would be seven hours, almost the whole day of not sleeping well. In one month it would be thirty hours, it would be more than four days without proper sleep. Therefore, try to imagine that one hour of not sleeping is like one mm minus to your erection. Minus three centimeters of not sleeping enough!

Not enough exercises

Too much exercises with using steroids is not a good sign. No exercises at all and eating junk food together with obesity problem is also not good for strong erection. Therefore, you would need to calculate a modest regime for your training. During physical exercises, our body use more testosterone and, therefore, use more power. This power grants you the ability to get the strong erection and give a pleasure to your lady.  Moreover, with physical exercises you can last longer in a bed. Therefore, try to use much more exercises, but without using any illegal supplement or steroids. Healthier sport in your life – more pleasure to your lady.


It`s illegal and very bad habit in all circumstances. It destroys your body from the inside kills everything that you are. It also causes the weak erection or quick ejaculation. Therefore, it`s needed to be stopped momentarily. If you have the drug addiction, then you would need to visit a local doctor and tell him about your problems. With drug addiction, you rarely can surprise a woman. The narcotics destroy various parts of your brain. It also destroys various parts of your body. So, by getting drugs, you get more problems in your sexual life. For drug addicted person, it`s needed to return to a healthy lifestyle in no way.

Age problem

It`s clearly known for every man that in their forties they may experience some problems with weak erection. Therefore, it`s needed to keep a healthy lifestyle and eat less junk food especially in this period of time. Men at this age may not be young, but they can perfectly perform sexual function if they keep look after their health. It also means get enough sleep, see a doctor for regular examinations, eat healthy, regular GYM is also needed. Therefore, if you continue to live by book of the healthy lifestyle, you may not experience the problems with erection in some kind of way. Moreover, you can perfectly surprise your woman at any time you desire.


Nicotine kills not only your lungs but also kills your penis. It blocks the bloodstreams in your body so that you can experience the weak erection. According to various studies conducted in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Addicted smokers (People who smoke more than one time a day) can experience a sexual dysfunction up to ten times more than men who do not smoke at all. Light smokers (who smoke no more than one cigarette a day) may experience the weak erection at least twice more often than men who do not smoke at all. Therefore, the cause and decision are simple, more smoking – say Hello to weak erection.

Bad environment

If you live near a plant or unhealthy production, then expect to have some problems not only with lungs, but also with someone under your belly. Unfortunately, too much pressure from the environment may greatly affect the circumstances of your sexual behavior. Therefore, you would rarely have any kind of sex in too polluted zones. Weak erection work against you in that spheres. Nevertheless, we are people and can adapt to any environment. Therefore, even in better environments there still could be possibility for bad erection. Nevertheless, if you live in some place like this, then try to use your vacation or holidays and get some fresh air without pollution.

Bad climate circumstances

If you can`t adapt quickly to climate changes, that it would be your problem for bad erection. Too cold climate is definitely not the best condition for any kind of erection, if you did not grow up there. In other case, too hot climate can also cause sexual dysfunction for a man. Therefore, if you like traveling and sensitive to change of climates than try to adapt to it first. After that, you would need more for getting your men`s health to normal. Just do not worry about some circumstances in your life, try to adapt to the climate first. When you come to a completely different climate, try to illuminate sex for some time to perform it better with double strength.

Not enough food or poor nutrition

The key to the man`s heart lies through the stomach. Therefore, ladies should feed their men with good food. If you are starving or not getting enough, then do not expect much from your friend below the belly. For production of hormones and semen, a man would need to be treated nicely in many ways. Especially in food circumstances.  It`s the main reason why men have a strong erection. Not much fuel, then expect nothing for performance of your man. Just try feed it regularly and nicely. No man can perform true sex without any kind of nutrition. If a man is healthy and well fed, then a woman can expect no weak erection.


You may expect that sometime in sad mood a man can`t perform any kind of sex games. If something goes wrong with work or problem with relatives, men can be angry and sad. Therefore, expect weak erection from his side. He may not be in mood at all. Therefore, a woman should find a solution for helping of illuminating negative emotions. You may start not with sex, but with food, then relaxing massage, then foreplay, just show him that you need him, you desire him and want him sexually. It`s not easy for women to take leadership in sex games, but if you do not desire to get weak erection from your husband, boyfriend or just a man for one night, then you should take charge.


It`s not a question about the beautifulness. It`s a question of women emotion and reaction. A man should be a man in any case. Therefore, you should act accurately and tricky to help him to illuminate weak erection. He would follow you anywhere, but if you start your sexual foreplay with some kind of shouting how bad he is, then expect weak erection. In other case, he can just have sex with you for some kind of “mission accomplished”. His answer would be like this: “What do you want, woman? You had what you wanted!” In the same time, if you like to tell constantly that you have a headache and do not desire sex, then expect that one day your man will not want sex with you.


A human body consist of eighty percent of water. Men`s friend also consist mostly of water. There are no bones in a penis, but you can definitely break it. If you have problems with water supplies, then expect to have a bad erection. You would need to filter it. Everything should be filtered. Instead of just water, try to drink some tea or juice. It would get more vitamins to your body and as a result more power to your friend. Milk is the main product of men`s sexual potency. Therefore, try to add some milk in your nutrition. Eggs would also be perfect example of nice weak erection illumination tool. Add some more eggs to your nutrition habits.


Nobody desires to have sex under pressure of something. Any kind of stress may lead to a weak erection. Nevertheless, some kind of men act better under pressing circumstances. They may just do it with more passion. Although, according to California University studies, more than sixty percent of man can provide much weaker erection under stress and pressing circumstances. Therefore, you would need to add more relaxing and healthy lifestyle to your life. Avoid stresses and you would get stronger erection. According the California University researches, this kind of habits for men can serve as the protective element. Like if you are in stress, you should concentrate on self-preservation first and sex later. It works for sixty percent of men. For others, it works like, if you are under the stress, then you need more sex to expand and preserve population.

No meat diet

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, then you might have a problem with weak erection. Unfortunately, for men, being a vegetarian also means lower potency. The truth is that you would find more testosterone and iron elements in meat rather than in any vegetable. The evolution made us this kind of animals, we should eat everything to be healthy not only mentally, but also sexually. Therefore, it would be a problem for men vegetarians and especially vegans, who does not eat any food made of or produced by animals, like milk or eggs. If you desire to illuminate the weak erection, then try to stick to the meat. It does not mean that you should consume only meat!


It`s nice that a man can perform sexual functions during any kind of illness. Still, it would be obvious that potency is weaker when a man is ill. It all works very obvious, during fly our body fights against disease and sexual intercourse would be treated as secondary option. This mechanism was given to men by Mother Nature, you can produce strong offsprings from weak body. Therefore, if you desire to illuminate weak erection, then illuminate any type of symptoms for your flu. You would obviously need some kind of rest and get healthier. Try to get some rest in a bed if you desire to provide a real sex performance to your lady for the night when you get healthier.

Serious problems

It still lies in the sphere of medicine, but there are more problems somehow.  You would need to complete a full medical check to understand the true reasons of your weak erection. It`s not easy and not every man desires to acknowledge the problem. Nevertheless, if a man desires to perform good with women, and he understand that problem lies very deep, then doctor is a must see person. The man shouldn`t be ashamed of such a problem. In 99% of cases it is curable. Therefore, it could be just minor issue, and a man would need nothing more than balance the nutrition problem. Nevertheless, if there is any sign of much serious problems, a person should see a doctor.

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