What are the most common health issues among women?

What are the top 10 most common women's health issues? Every woman should know about them to protect her health! Find them out in this article!

health issues

Women health is a very delicate question. Nigeria is making extra care provision for women nowadays. However, it is time to investigate the topic of the stress women experience deeper. The reason is that women still have many health problems in spite of the Beijing Declaration, which was signed in the 1995 and Platform of Action.

Below you will find ten most common health issues which women face.

1.    Cancer

This health problem comes first on our list. The major type of cancers which affect women are cervical and breast cancer. According to recent statistics, half a million women die from breast cancer and the same amount of women dies from cervical cancer each year. If they start treatment early, it is possible to stay alive and healthy.


However, the majority of cancer cases occur in low or middle-income countries. Usually, there is no possibility here to do screening and prevention, so women are very rarely treated well. Also, the vaccination against human papillomavirus is low in supply in such countries.

2.    Reproductive issues

About one-third of all health issues for women is related to reproductive and sexual health problems. It mostly occurs among girls and women in developing countries. The reason is unsafe sex.  222 million of women don’t get the contraception services which they need, and it is important to provide them with it.

 Reproductive issues

3.    Maternal health

In spite of the fact that massive improvements took place in care during pregnancy and childbirth in the past century, many women in rural areas are not benefitting from it. Only in 2013 year, about 300 000 women died from complications in childbirth and pregnancy. So it is necessary to have access to family planning and medical observation.

Maternal health

4.    HIV

Young women are the carriers of the new HIV infections for already 30 years. Too many young women can’t protect themselves against sexual infections and can’t get the treatment they need.


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5.    Other sexually transmitted infections

Women have a higher risk to be affected by STIs because of their body structure. Yes, HIV is the most dangerous, but except HIV there are many other infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. It is also important to treat and diagnose them in time.  Syphilis causes over 200 000 stillbirths and early fetal death every year. Also, it is responsible for the death of more than 90 000 newborns worldwide.

sexually transmitted infections

6.    Violence against women

The frightening facts say, that today one in three women under fifty has experienced psychical or sexual violence by a partner or by someone else. This affects the physical and mental health of ladies.  Health workers must be attentive to violence and provide support to people who experience it.

Violence against women

7.    Mental health

It is proven that females are more vulnerable to suffer depression, anxiety and somatic complaints than man. Depression is the most common issue among women, which can lead to death. Thus it is important to give them the confidence to seek assistance, which will protect women health.

  Issues of young women

8.    Issues of young women

The health of adolescent girls requires special attention since they face many reproductive and sexual challenges – from STIs and HIV to pregnancy. About 13million of the girls under 20 give birth every year. Young mothers struggle from complications during pregnancies and childbirth, which usually lead to death. Additionally, unsafe abortion usually results in an instant or future complications which may cause death.

  Issues of young women

9.    Morning sickness during pregnancy

Almost every woman suffers from morning sickness, some kind of nausea, during pregnancy.  In fact, nausea can affect women at any time of the day, not just morning. Usually, it occurs during first months of pregnancy. We can’t say that this is a disease because it is temporary and will pass for sure. Nevertheless, it is extremely discomforting.

Morning sickness during pregnancy

10.    Menstrual cramp

Every woman from the age of 12 knows what it is. Menstrual pain can vary between women, so not all of them experience intense pain. However, for some of them, it can be really painful especially for the first two-three days.

 Menstrual cramp

 Ladies start to take a pain reliever, do basic exercise or apply hot bottle therapy to ease the pain. Doctors advise women with very intense pain to stay at home these days.


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