What are the most unusual ways to use lemon peel?

What do you know about how to use lemon peel? What are the unusual ways to use lemon oil, lemon juice, and peel? Read more in the article!

Lemon peel

Lemon peel can be used in many ways as it`s a natural helper given us by nature. You would be surprised how many lemon beneficial properties you will have. This product can be used in almost every place and almost every form of lemon juice, lemon oil or lemon peel. Check the list of different ways for using lemon peel in this article.

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Lemon seasoning

Seasoning made of lemon peel. You would need to grate lemon peel to get an excellent spicy addition to many dishes. It`s required to store this seasoning in the freezer.

Lemon pepper

Lemon pepper. It`s a spicy mixture made of black pepper, salt, garlic, onion, turmeric and lemon peel. It is used for cooking of various dishes, especially good with grilled fish and meat, grilled. If you need to prepare this seasoning, you would need just to grate all elements mentioned above, mix them all together in a bowl, then dry them up.

Candied fruits

Candied fruits. Prepare a favorite childhood treat easier than it seems. It is necessary to cook pre-soaked lemon peel in sugar syrup, and then dry them up.

Lemon sugar.

Lemon sugar. Many people love tea with lemon. For them, there is a new recipe: grate lemon peel, put it in a plastic container and fill with sugar. Lemon Sugar is also used for making of various cocktails.

"Freshener" for fruit. If you do not like how sliced bananas and apples quickly turn black, you would like to avoid this and permanently preserve the "festive" appearance of the fruit by sprinkling with lemon juice out of the lemon peel.

Lemon-olive oil

Lemon-olive oil. If you have a wish to give the usual olive oil a light pleasant scent of lemon, use the following advice. Cut the lemon peel into small pieces and put it in a jar with oil. Let it be stored for two weeks (from time to time it`s needed to shake the jar). Then strain the oil through a strainer, pour into a bottle and use for cooking.


Limoncello. It`s a fantastic Italian Liquor with unforgettable flavor. You would be glad that it`s quite easy to cook. For making one bottle of Limoncello, you would need patience. You would need for ingredients: spirit, lemon peel, sugar, and water. Firstly, combine 120-150 gram of lemon peel with 500 ml of spirit and close them into a jar for two weeks. One fortnight after, you would need to clean the spirit from the lemon peel. Simultaneously, you would need to prepare a sugar syrup with using 500 ml of water and 100-150 gram of sugar. Chill it up to the room temperature and combine with the lemon spirit in one bottle. Place the bottle in the refrigerator for a day and then you have a perfect Limoncello!

Lemon Ice

Lemon ice. Lemon peel or lemon slices can be original decoration and tasty addition to a variety of drinks if you freeze them in the water in the molds for ice.

Lemon additive

"Additive" for cane sugar. If you put a little lemon peel into a box of brown sugar, it will not damp.

Lemon cream

Lemon cream. Perfect for biscuits, as well as ice cream and other desserts.

 In the house

 In the house

Cleaner. Lemon is an excellent cleaner and disinfectant. To cook it you would need the peel of lemons and vinegar. Lemon peel should be put in a jar, pour the vinegar into it, cover and leave for two weeks. After 14 days, strain the resulting infusion, diluted with water (50 to 50) and you are ready for cleaning the house. Insect Repeller. Ants can not tolerate the smell of citrus, so to get rid of them, pour the lemon juice on your floor, windowsills, and other places where they are hiding. Lemon also effective against cockroaches and fleas.

Lemon bleach

Bleach. Lemon has natural bleaching properties. To get cotton things looking whiter and fresh plus get rid of some types of stains (e.g. rust), add citric acid to the washing machine before cleaning procedure. Freshener for a refrigerator. Lemon peel absorbs unpleasant odors, and in return "gives" a pleasant citrus scent.

Shredder of scale

Shredder of scale. From time to time, metal teapots, as well as heating elements cover with scale. However, from it is very easy to get rid of the scale. To do this, you would need to boil a kettle with citric acid and lemon peel. After that, it should be washed good and boiled again.Cleaning of the microwave. Many housewives are already familiar with this procedure: take a bowl, designed for cooking in the microwave, fill it half full with water, add a few drops of lemon peel and stock it into the microwave for 3-5 minutes at maximum power. The water boils, on the walls of the stove you would witness condensate water vapor, which then need to be wiped with a towel. You will get rid of dirt together with the condensate.

Lemon on fire

"Firewood." Dry lemon peel is a perfect tool for lightening the fire. It can be used instead of paper for lighting the fireplace or fire ignition. The Shredder of odors from a chopping board. Onions, fish, garlic, odors from these and other products are very corrosive and can "absorbed" by the cutting board for a long time, especially if the cutting board is made of wood. You will easily get rid of unpleasant smells from the cutting board if you clean it with a lemon peel.

Lemon clean

Sachet. This is a scented cushion, designed to deodorize clothes and repel moths. Take a cotton bag and fill it with dried lemon peel, cloves, juniper, cardamom and other spices and herbs up to your taste and the pleasant aroma of your things is provided. Cleaning the blades. Knives were not used for a long time can be covered by the coating. To get rid of it, sprinkle sea salt on a blade, and then rub it with the lemon peel. The knives will be as good as new.

Beauty and health

Beauty and health

Lemon Scrub. Lemons are rich on alpha- and beta-hydroxyl acids, which perfectly remove dead skin cells. Moreover, lemons help fight acne, pigmentation and other problems on the skin. Scrubs prepared by lemon peel are a great refreshing and cleansing agent. In many recipes online - you can choose the one that suits your skin type. Cleaning and whitening of nails. Manicurists recommend a simple recipe for nail care: squeeze half a lemon juice in a small cup of warm water and dip your fingertips into it for 3-5 minutes. After the bath clean the nail plate from lemon peel.

Lemon and nausea

The remedy for nausea. If you feel bad, and creeping nausea, hold a slice of lemon in your mouth for a moment and the malaise will retreat. Dry skin of elbows. Lemon peel is effective to combat dry and darkened skin on the elbows: you would need to lubricate the elbows with cream and rub in the lemon peel juice, and then, after 10-15 minutes, rinse it with water. Then again lubricate it with the cream.

Lemon peel

Lighten age spots. As it was already mentioned, the Lemon is a natural bleach and from ancient times it has been used to fight with pigment spots and freckles. To do this, the lemon juice should be applied on the problem areas, leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Lemon tonic. Lemon is a perfect tonic. Tonic prepared on its basis can cleanse, disinfect and refresh the skin. Typically, the lemon tonic is made of mineral water and honey.

Lemon peel

Fresh breath. Lemon juice and peel diluted in water can be used for disinfection of mouth and getting rid of the malodor as citric acid kills bacteria. However, after that, you would need to rinse your mouth with water if you do not desire that remnants of the citric acid corroded the enamel of the teeth. Aroma bath. If you add to water a few drops of lemon essential oil in addition to the foam, the procedure of bath taking will become not only hygienic but also therapeutic. These baths are perfectly relaxing, as well as help in the fight cellulite and excess weight.

Lemon health

The remedy for dandruff. The recipe is simple: rub the hair roots with lemon slices 1-2 times a week, then wash your hair as usual. Warning: lemon peel dries your hair and head, so this method is not suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin. Inhalation in colds. Lemon essential oil has many healing properties, one of the applications is an inhalation during colds. Dissolve the oil in a ratio of 2-3 drops per cup of water and breathe over the mixture for 5-7 minutes.

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