What are the most widespread African diseases?

What do you know about African diseases? What of them are the most widespread and deadliest? Read the article to find out!

African disease

Diseases are a thing that will be a part of human life forever. Unfortunately, Africa is one of the regions of our planet which has the most numbered quantity of patients. Due to war, famine, lack of hygiene, poverty, and other factors – Africa suffer from the whole variety of diseases known in the world. Nevertheless, most of the illness cases can be prevented by proper education about medicine and hygiene. Despite all help from the Western world, African infectious diseases continue to grow and mutate into some deadly forms which threaten not only the continent but the whole world itself. In the article, it`s presented the top list of most widespread African diseases.

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Syphilis DISEASE

According to African disease statistics, Syphilis is one of the greatest killers in Africa. According to the WHO, the boils of syphilis are causing plague and infection for around 13 million people every year. Around for million are people of Africa or Africa origins. Every year around 35 000 Africans finds their death due to this African sexually transmitted disease. According to the WHO, most suffered countries from the disease in Africa are Cameron, Zambia, Madagascar. Syphilis is usually transmitted via body fluids and sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine against syphilis. The only possible way to live with it – is to keep the syphilis symptoms at bay with help medicine.


Meningitis DISEASE

According to African disease statistics, meningitis kills over 174 000 people every year in Africa and more over 1 million get infected. Meningitis is a curable disease but, despite the efforts, it can reduce the quality of life for a patient even after recovery. Meningitis poses a high mortality rate even at the early diagnosis the possibility to die can be up to 10%. Meningitis is a seasonal disease and can be traced from December and June in a dry season. Kids suffer the most from the disease due to weak immunity system.  Also, meningitis in 90% damages the brain which causes headaches for the entire life.


Tetanus disease

It`s not a widespread disease but certainly one of the deadliest. It`s an epidemic of ignorance and carelessness. According to the WHO, every year the disease infects for 500 000 people in Africa, the half of this quantity dies every year. According to the African statistics, Tetanus is a cause of 14% of neonatal death. Fortunately, there is a definite tendency as a quantity of victims has been dropped since 2010 from 800 000to 500 000 people every year. Nevertheless, the death percentage of tetanus victims is still about 46 deaths on 100 infected. The most endangered countries are situated in Sub-Saharan Africa with anti-record of 84 000 persons in a year.


Pertussis infection

According to the WHO, whooping cough or Pertussis is the 7th most dangerous and deadliest disease on the continent. Every year doctors diagnose from 20 to 40 million cases worldwide, where 2-3% of cases are lethal, in half of the cases, the victims become infants under five years old. Unfortunately, more than 90% of whooping cough cases occur in Africa. In the same time, the disease can be cured, and children become immune to the disease after the treatment. Nevertheless, lack of medication and the poor situation in the developing countries of Africa make regression of illness spreading slightly possible.


Measles disease

It`s one of the most widespread diseases, especially during outbreaks. More than 30 million people suffer from the disease every year and 2% of them die every year. In 90% of cases, the dead comes after infants. Unfortunately, 50% of dead cases occurs in Africa region. According to the WHO, Measles is recorded as a disease which took away most of the infants lives in 2011. A typical measles infection is airborne and spreading of the disease during outbreaks might be similar to a wildfire. There is still no cure for measles. The only possibility to live longer with a disease is to fight with symptoms with the help of medicine.


Tuberculosis disease

Tuberculosis is one of the most ravaging diseases in Africa with almost 2 million deaths every year. There are over 8 million cases of tuberculosis register every year in Africa. According to the WHO, Africa poses over one-third of all disease victims in the world. The percentage of dead people from infected is pretty high and quantified more than 60 deaths in 100 patients. Unfortunately, there is no cure for tuberculosis and due to the high possibility of spreading, the patients must stay within hospital facilities for all life to not threaten people around. Nevertheless, the proper immunization and avoidance from contacting with people infected with a disease is a certain secure method of coexisting.


Diarrhea disease

It`s commonly widespread disease in Africa. It may also be known as a disease of unwashed hands. Due to poor hygiene in the Africa countries, there are more than 4 million cases every year and about half of them die. The most shocking are that the disease usually selects young for dying. Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse due to water pollution which is 25% of diarrhea cases. The high rate of malnutrition is a cause of diarrhea in infants. Despite efforts of the WHO, the quantity cases of diarrhea in Africa continues to grow, especially within borders of the poorest and suffered countries.


Malaria disease

One simple bite from a mosquito can have lethal consequences for a healthy man. According to the WHO, more than 500 million people suffer from malaria worldwide, around 1% of them die every year. Unfortunately, more than 90% of cases occur in Africa, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where more than 10% of patients meet their death. As many other lethal diseases, malaria can`t be cured. The condition full spreading range is massive. It can commonly be transmitted via mosquitos but also via human fluids. Especially, via blood and sex intercourse. Similar to previous cases of a lethal disease, the most common patients are children.



It`s most preventable disease but still it holds one of the top 10 African conditions. It`s number one African sexually transmitted disease. According to the WHO statistics, around 65% of individuals with HIV live in Africa. Unfortunately, the disease is incurable, and the only way to keep it at bay is through the constant medical surveillance. Unlike many other lethal diseases, AIDS can`t be transferred to air and mostly come with sexual intercourse. That`s why it can be prevented by using simple methods of contraception.


Pneumonia disease

The simplest, if it compares to other diseases in the list but still the most widespread and common disease in Africa. According to the WHO, the pneumonia is responsible for 90% of death from diseases in Africa and take away more than 800 000 people annually.

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